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How to easily chop coconut at home


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Coconuts are very tasty and fragrant, especially if they are fresh. However, you can think about whether to buy a whole coconut if you think that to open it you need a drill, saw and other special tools. Fortunately, you can open the coconut with the help of improvised tools that are probably available in your home. You can warm the coconut in the oven, as a result of which it softens, and it will be enough to hit it on a hard surface so that it splits. If you don’t have an oven on hand, you can chop coconut with a wooden or metal hammer. After that, you can separate the pulp with a knife and a potato peeler.

Popular ways

After buying an exotic walnut, a question pops up about how to properly open a coconut at home. The fetal shell is thick and very strong, and it cannot be dealt with without dexterity and working tools. Often people, having bought a coconut, do not imagine what to do next - to break, cut, chop or try to cut.

Before chopping coconut, drain the milk juice. Coconut liquid can be drunk immediately, or used for cooking. You should not count on a full glass of milk, it is very small in ripe (brown) coconut.

Holes are punctured in place of three spots. Dark dots are pores leading to the seed. The peel in this place is more malleable, so punching holes will not be difficult. Two holes are enough to quickly release the liquid: fresh milk will merge through one, and the second nut will be filled with air.

There are several ways to divide a tropical fruit into parts. If the aesthetic side of the issue is not so important, then you can let the coconut break by hitting it on the asphalt. But there are other more reasonable ways, for example, to saw with a jigsaw, to break with a hammer, etc.

Chopped with a cleaver

To cut coconut, you need a large and strong knife. For these purposes, a sharp cleaver for cutting bones or a machete is suitable. Cutting is carried out as follows:

  1. Take a coconut in your left hand.
  2. Inspect the seam that passes between the holes of the nut. Go through it until the middle of the coconut.
  3. Tap the blunt edge of the knife (not the blade) in the middle, turning the fruit in the palm of your hand.
  4. Continue to rotate and knock until the coconut crack.
  5. If everything is done correctly, then the nut will split into two equal halves.
  6. Now you can take “hemispheres” and pick out delicious pulp.

If after opening the flesh of coconut exudes a sour smell, it is better to throw this product along with the juice. It is impossible to use it, it is spoiled.

With holes

You can cut the fruit in the place of existing holes. To open a coconut quickly you need:

  1. Put the nut on a hard surface. Cut more conveniently on a cutting board.
  2. Insert the knife into one of the punctured holes.
  3. Forcefully hit the handle so that the blade goes inside.
  4. Gently turn the knife by the handle and break the fruit until it fully opens.

When cracking a coconut, the crack may first open and then close again. Care must be taken not to pinch your fingers.

With a hammer

This method is feasible if the person who will open the coconut has sufficient physical strength. To smash coconut with a hammer:

  1. Place the nut in a strong plastic bag (wrap with a towel or cling film),
  2. Put it on a concrete floor.
  3. Strike hard with a hammer or other suitable object.
  4. Get the drupe from the bag.

As a result of these actions, the peel will crack into fragments of irregular shape.

Heat in the oven

If you don’t have the right tools, determination or sufficient physical strength at hand, you can open the coconut due to exposure to temperatures. To do this, you need:

  1. Preheat oven to 180⁰.
  2. Perforate the coconut and drain the milk. If this is not done, the fruit will explode when heated.
  3. Put the nuts in a deep form and put in the oven for 20 minutes.

After heat treatment, the coconut peel bursts. The pulp in this case is easily removed from the shell.

How to open green fruits

Such coconuts are young (immature). The density of their peel is similar to a pumpkin, which means that you can open the nut with an ordinary kitchen knife. It is enough to cut one of the poles, like a cover. That's all. Inside, you can insert a straw and enjoy drinking coconut juice, which is very healthy. If you regularly drink a cup of this drink, you can improve metabolism, thyroid function and increase immunity.

Pulp extraction

It will be easy to separate the flesh if the coconut is chopped into several shells. The easiest option for extraction: insert the knife blade between the peel and the copra, shake the tool to the sides and remove the piece. Then pick out another one. And so on until the whole core is removed. You can pre-chop the pulp to pull it out in neat, even slices.

Things will go faster if you use the following life hack:

  1. Keep the whole coconut in the oven at a temperature of 180⁰. 15 minutes will be enough.
  2. Tapping the whole shell surface. This will allow the pulp to separate from the peel already inside the fetus. Elongated fruits need to be tapped for longer.
  3. Peel a thin brown skin like a potato. Any knife or peeler can cope with this task.


Opening a coconut is a problem that everyone who buys this fruit faces. Due to the strong peel, the risk of damage to the pulp is possible. Coconut butchering must be approached thoroughly, armed with a knife, hammer, screwdriver and patience. Step-by-step instructions and practical tips will help with this.

How to chop coconut quickly

In most methods, you need to pour the excess liquid from the coconut. This is done very easily. Find three holes on the fetus that look like eyes and a smile (see photo). You need to make holes in them to get rid of the liquid.

Further actions depend on what tools you have at hand and how much time you are willing to spend on opening a coconut at home.

Hammer and screwdriver

  • Take a screwdriver and, in turn, hammer it into each of the coconut holes with a hammer (watch the video to understand how to do this). Get rid of excess fluid.
  • After the liquid flows out of the coconut, start hammering on the surface of the coconut, turning it. You need to walk around the perimeter of the nut.
  • Keep knocking and soon you will see how cracks appear. And then the shell itself will fall apart in half.

Tip: the liquid that remains after opening the shell can be drunk, having previously filtered.

Mini saw, screwdriver and knife

  • Start sawing the coconut peel, then rinse it under the tap to get rid of the husk.
  • Take a screwdriver and walk along the diameter of the coconut, inserting the tool in those places where the shell began to diverge.
  • As a result, coconut is divided into 2 parts. Cut the fruit with a knife over a bowl so as not to spatter the table.

Choose coconut

In order not to miscalculate with the maturity of the fetus, choose the heaviest coconut. When the nut is fully ripe, it will fall to the ground due to its severity. The thickness of the peel is always the same on all coconuts, so if it is heavy, then there is a lot of pulp inside. Look at the shell:

  • no cracks
  • no mold
  • without dark, strange spots, especially in the area of ​​three small depressions,
  • smooth villi on the surface of the skin, without fractures, bald patches, dents,
  • light brown shade, too dark coconut - overripe, dried up,
  • the place of attachment to the tree is solid, when pressed, do not fall through, otherwise the nut may be rotten.

Shake the coconut. A lot of fluid inside - the nut is green. The ripe the coconut, the less milk it contains. Water during ripening turns into pulp. After opening, separate the pulp from the shell. In ripe coconut, the filling is airy, tender, and well removed. In green - it holds tight, it is difficult to pick out.

Is coconut spoiled

To find out the truth from the seller about the freshness of the delivery is a difficult question. Therefore, feel free to choose a coconut, buy and be sure to keep a check. It is easy to check the freshness of coconut before and after opening:

  • milk should not harshly, smell bad,
  • the white mass is moving away from the shell,
  • three “eyes” of coconut - attachments to a palm tree, should not be soft, otherwise the fruit has already begun to rot.

How to, easy to open coconut at home

At home, eating coconut is easy. In many households there are:

Choosing a suitable tool, we prepare a place for splitting:

  1. Any surface will do. But it is better to cover it with a cloth so that the nut does not slip, rolls from side to side.
  2. Rinse the fruit thoroughly with a brush under running water. When opening the particles of dirt, peel fibers will fall into milk, on the pulp.
  3. Be carefull. During opening, the item may slip, injuring hands, other parts of the body.

How to crack coconut

The liquid inside the nut is no less dainty than the pulp. First open the coconut without spilling milk:

  • Arm yourself with a drill, an awl, a corkscrew, a nail, a hammer.
  • Find three marks on the surface - these are places where the coconut attaches to the palm tree, feeds through them.
  • Use a convenient tool to make holes.
  • When the coconut opens, hear a sound like opening a bottle of sparkling water.
  • After the sizzle, pour the juice into a container. Just put a straw in a nut, enjoy delicious milk.

With two knives

  • Take a narrow-blade cleaning knife and make holes on the side of the coconut where there are cavities.
  • Pour all the juice into an empty container.

Tip: it’s better to prepare a larger bowl or cup, in case there is a lot of liquid in the nut.

  • Get a heavier knife (suitable for a cook) and start banging on the shell with the flat side of the blade. Movements must be neat and unhurried. In this case, you need to rotate the coconut with the other hand.
  • After a couple of minutes, the first cracks will appear. Keep banging the knife and turning the coconut until there are more. Then boldly open the nut.

Tip: for clarity, you can draw a straight line with a marker passing in the middle of the coconut.

Hammer with a nail

The simplest and most affordable way is to open it with a hammer with a nail. Take a small hammer, and a nail - with a diameter of no more than the places where the nut is attached to the tree. The nail is easily replaced with a drill of the same size. The process consists of the steps:

  1. Lay the coconut on a non-slip surface with the three “eyes” facing you.
  2. Attach a nail to one of them.
  3. With a clear blow, hit the nail with a hammer. Beats do alternating, with small time intervals. Angry drumming is not worth it.
  4. Gradually, the nail will enter the hole, then retract it.
  5. Make holes on other “eyes”.
  6. Do not twist the fruit too sharply, so as not to pour out a transparent treat.
  7. Carefully drain the liquid into the prepared container.
  8. Draw an imaginary strip between the holes and the bottom of the fetus.
  9. With the flat side of the hammer, strike in a circle in an imaginary strip.
  10. After a few laps, the coconut will crack easily.

Option with a towel and without

This method is only suitable after coconut milk is already drained. Walnut is wrapped in a thick towel. Holding the tail from the towel with one hand, strike with a hammer. After we unfold the towel, collect parts of the shell with pulp. Instead of a towel, someone got the hang of using a bag. It is easier to collect coconut parts from an ordinary plastic bag than from a towel.

Beat with a hammer and without a towel. It is enough to apply one powerful point blow to the fetus to form a crack. Then along the crack easily push the peel to the sides.

We are armed with a knife

One of the easy options for quickly opening coconut at home:

  1. Put the nut in your hand, as convenient.
  2. Take the knife in the other hand.
  3. Just as with a hammer, a nail, mentally draw a strip along the fruit, resembling the equator.
  4. Start methodically tapping this strip with the back of the knife, slowly rotating the coconut in your hand.
  5. When the first crack appears, insert the knife blade into it and chop the casing.

We open the coconut exactly in half

Often, various crafts are made from the walnut shell. Therefore, it is important to open the coconut correctly, evenly, without chips, cracks, bumps. To do this, fit:

  • drill,
  • rotor
  • nail file
  • hacksaw.

Coconut Opening Stages:

  1. Drain the milk in a convenient way.
  2. Use a marker to draw the desired split line.
  3. Arm yourself with an existing tool.
  4. When choosing a saw, note that you need a vise. Pinch the coconut. Saw straight along the line. In the absence of a vise, clamp the nut with any convenient option.
  5. The choice fell on a drill? Then make holes along the drawn strip.
  6. The distance between the holes is not more than 1 millimeter.
  7. Tap coconut on a hard surface. It will easily crack even in a strip.
  8. The more often you drill holes, the smoother the split will be.

To open a coconut will help a conventional oven:

  • Remove fluid from the fetus.
  • Preheat the oven to 200 degrees.
  • Place the coconut on a baking sheet, place in the oven.
  • After a quarter of an hour, the peel will crack (no cracks - hold longer).
  • After a split, pull out, cool.
  • Tap coconut with something; it will open quickly.

It is important to remember that a fetus with milk inside must not be put in the oven. When heated, the liquid will boil, and the nut from the vapors will simply explode. The result is a spoiled fruit, an oven, a kitchen, and sometimes health.

Opening coconut is only at first glance difficult. Having at hand some recommendations, tips, it is easy to chop coconut at home.

With a hammer, screwdriver and towel

  • Drain the coconut liquid by making holes in it.
  • Wrap the coconut in a towel to make a triangle. Hold the edge of the makeshift envelope firmly with one hand and hammer with the other hand until the shell begins to break.

Tip: be careful and not rush when working with a hammer. Otherwise, you risk hitting yourself on the arm.

Hammer and nail

  • Attach a nail to one of the coconut “eyes”. Using a hammer, carefully make a hole in the shell. It is important - correctly calculate the strength and do not overdo it, otherwise you will hammer a nail into a nut and not open it.
  • Pour the liquid into the bowl.
  • Take a hammer in one hand and a coconut in the other. Knock in the middle of the shell, gently turning the nut.

Hammer after freezing

  • Put the coconut in a plastic bag and leave it in the freezer of the refrigerator for 12 hours.
  • Pull out the nut and start tapping on it with a hammer. Remember to twirl the coconut for maximum impact.
  • When a large number of cracks appear in the shell, brush the coconut with your hands.

Using an oven or microwave

  • Dry the coconut by making holes in it and draining the liquid. Important - in no case do not skip this step, otherwise the fruit will explode in the oven.
  • Heat the oven to 190 ºС. If in a hurry, you can use the microwave.
  • Put the coconut on a baking sheet and leave it inside for 10 minutes, and for the microwave - for 3 minutes in medium mode. After about this time, the first crack should appear. If the shell remains intact, continue to “bake” the nut.
  • Remove the coconut from the oven and let it cool for 2-3 minutes. Then wrap in a kitchen towel or rag.
  • Put coconut wrapped in cloth in a trash bag.Lift the bag with the nut and strike with all its force on a hard surface (even concrete). Do this until you feel that the shell has begun to crack.
  • Separate the inside of the coconut from the shell with a knife with a narrow blade. You should have a flesh of coconut in a brown peel. Remove it with a peeler or sharp knife.

It’s not enough just to chop coconut, you still need to get the edible part from the shell. The easiest way to make out a nut at home is with a knife. Press them on the pulp and cut it, and then turn the appliance counterclockwise. Repeat several times, moving along the entire diameter of the fetus. When you're done, shake the coconut over a jar or plate.

Note: 8 questions about coconut

1. Is it possible to cut coconut with bare hands

Most people cannot do this, so it’s better not to even try so as not to get injured, this exotic product is too massive. Just recall that the fall of an exotic fetus on a person can cause serious harm to the back, neck, shoulders and head, and in rare cases, can be fatal.

2. Is it possible to open coconut with teeth

Hardly. You risk losing your teeth, and then seriously investing in their restoration.

3. Will the fruit break if thrown on a stone

Perhaps if the stone is big enough. This is how monkeys “chop” coconuts. But we advise you to use this method only as a last resort. Yet at home it is difficult to find a suitable cobblestone.

4. What is the name of the liquid inside the nut?

Coconut Water. In turn, milk made from coconut pulp. To do this, you need to wash and grind it in a blender, and then strain.

Source: polynesiancultural YouTube channel

5. What else can you cook with coconut

  • Coconut shavings, which can be used as an additive to various dishes or decorate desserts.
  • Coconut is also made from shavings butter.
  • Coconut cream.

6. How to determine the freshness of coconut in water

It should be thin and sweet, and not thick, resembling butter in texture and unpleasant in taste.

7. What should be in an open nut

Only white flesh. If you see mucus or dark spots, and also smell bad, take another coconut. Most likely, this one has already deteriorated.

8. How much and how to store open coconut

Inshell fresh coconuts - until 4 months at room temperature.
Grated coconut can be stored in the refrigerator in a tightly closed container or bag until 4 days, frozen - until 6 months.