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How to resize image


Sometimes it happens that you need to resize the image. The reason for this can be many factors. Firstly, the higher the resolution of the photo, the larger its size, and such files can be problematic to store on the device. Secondly, if you need to take a photo via the Internet, problems can arise, because some file hosting sites have the maximum allowable size limit for the photo.

That is why in the article we will talk about how to change the resolution of a photograph. This may come in handy at a computer, so let's get started.

What is permission?

First of all, let's look at what permission is. And the term is basically simple: resolution refers to the number of pixels vertically and horizontally.

As you know, the more photos have those same pixels, the larger its size. However, in our time there are innumerable programs that can reduce the image, thereby reducing its size and without losing quality. Well, now let's talk more about how to change the resolution of a photo.

I would also like to say that if the number of pixels decreases relative to the original value, the photo will not lose quality, but if you increase the same value, the difference will become noticeable.

Method number 1. Paint

Everyone is probably familiar with the Paint program. But despite its small number of functions, it is able to help in changing the resolution of the photo.

So, let's say you have a photo with a resolution of 3,000 by 4,000, and you want to reduce this number by half. To do this, Paint opens. You can use the search by calling it using the Win + Q keys. There, immediately click on “File” and select “Open”. In the explorer that appears, indicate the path to the desired photo and click "Open."

Here is your photo. To change its resolution, click "Resize". This button is located on the top panel next to “Select”.

Now a small window has opened, in which first of all it is necessary to choose in what sizes the size will be changed. There are two options to choose from: pixels and percentages. We select the first. Now you need to check the box “Keep proportions”, this will prevent the case when the photo is narrowed or flattened.

Now you can start resizing. Since we initially wanted to reduce the photo by half, we enter the value “2,000” in the “Horizontal” field. You probably noticed that the “Vertical” field was filled in by itself, this is because the “Keep aspect ratio” checkbox is checked ".

Now click OK and we can safely save the photo in a new size: “File - Save”.

This was the first way to change the resolution of a photo - in Paint, now we move on to the second.

Method number 2. Adobe PhotoShop

Now move from small to large, more precisely from Paint to PhotoShop. Of course, these are two image editors, but they are nothing alike, but this approach will not radically differ from the previous one.

So, we begin to understand how to change the resolution of a photo in PhotoShop. First you need to open it. Right after that click “File” and then “Open” and pave the way to your photo.

Now click on the "Image" item on the same toolbar. In the list, select the line “Image size. ". Or you can just press Alt + Ctrl + I.

In the window that appears, immediately check the box "Save aspect ratio." And in the “Dimension” column, select “Pix.” In the drop-down list. Now feel free to resize the photo.

After this, it remains only to save it, but this must be done in a slightly different way. Click File, then Save As. "And select the BMP format. This will preserve the image quality as the original.

Now you know how to change the resolution of a photo without losing quality using PhotoShop.

As you may have noticed, you do not need to know much to change the photo. Each of the above manipulations can be performed by everyone, but in the end you will get what you want: the photo will change, but the quality will remain the same, and the file size will noticeably decrease. We hope the article gave you an answer to the question of how to change the resolution of a photo.

How to resize photos in paint

All versions of Windows have a Paint program. We launch it and press the menu button in the upper left corner. Select the “Open” item and find the photo that you want to edit. We load it into the working area. Next, if you need to crop it, select the appropriate item in the top panel of the program. Using the cursor, determine the area of ​​the photo that you want to leave. We trim and save the result.

The second option - select the "Select" function. Select the desired area of ​​the photo and press the key combination Ctrl + X (cut). Next, open the Paint program again. In it, the working area is empty, move the cursor there and press the key combination Ctrl + V. A fragment of the photo is inserted into a new Paint document. If the white background of the working area is larger than the inserted photo, you can reduce it using the same cursor. The result obtained is successfully saved.

There is a third option - when you need to reduce the photo to certain pixels. Select the "resize" item at the top of the program.

Next, a small window will open where you need to enter the exact numbers in the width and length of the photo. Enter, click “ok”, the size of the photo has changed. Save.

Windows 7 has Picture Manager. She is very similar to Paint. Run it and select the "File" in the upper left corner. Click on "Find Pattern". We find a photo. Next, select the “Image” item, there are two processing options - “Crop” and “Resize”. You need to use them the same way as with the Paint program functions. We change the image and safely save it on the computer.

Method 1. How to resize images in Microsoft Paint

  1. Find and run MS Paint. It is preinstalled on all versions of the Windows operating system. Start> All Programs> Accessories> Paint:

  1. Drag the image into the Paint window or use Menu> Open (Ctrl + O).
  2. In the main menu of the program, find the “Resize” item and select it:

  1. The panel for changing the size and proportions of the image will open. You can specify the value in pixels. Do not forget to check the box "Keep aspect ratio." Otherwise, the image will be deformed:

  1. To increase the size of the picture, click the "OK" button and save the photo.

  • If you cannot set the desired size of the photo without stretching it, you can use the Crop tool to remove unnecessary edges. How to do this is described in paragraph 3,
  • To quickly open a photo, right-click on it and select "Open with Paint" from the context menu
  • It is best to save the image in the same format as the original.

Method 2. How to resize images in MS Photo Gallery

  1. If Microsoft Photo Gallery is not installed on your computer (Start> Photo Gallery), you need to download and install it as part of Windows Essentials 2012,
  2. Launch MS Photo Gallery and find your image file,
  3. Right-click on it and select "Resize ...":

  1. Select a ready-made preset: Small 640 pixels, Medium 1024, Large 1280, etc.

  1. Click "Resize and Save." After increasing the size of the image, the image will be placed in the same folder, the original will also remain in it.

  • If you need to set the exact image size, select the “Custom” item in the drop-down menu and set the size for the larger side of the photo,
  • To resize multiple photos at once, select them while holding down the Ctrl key.

Method 3. How to resize images in Photoscape

You can increase the size of the picture in Photoshop. Or use Photoscape for this.

  1. Download Photoscape and install it. Run the program,
  2. Go to the “Editor” tab and find the photo you want to change:

  1. At the bottom of the image is the “Resize” button, click on it.
  2. Set a new photo size. Make sure the “Keep Aspect Ratio" option is enabled and click the "OK" button:

  1. Save the edited image.

  • If you need to resize multiple images, use the Batch Editor tab. Add a folder and resize all the photos in it,
  • If you do not know the exact size, you can set a “Percentage” of the original size.

Method 4. How to resize an image in IrfanView

  1. Install IrfanView - a great tool for viewing and increasing the size of the picture,
  2. Add a photo by dragging it to the program window, or by clicking the first button in the toolbar:

  1. Go to the “Image” tab, select “Resize / Proportion” (Ctrl + R),
  2. Set the new size in pixels, centimeters, inches, or as a percentage of the original image:

  1. Save the image.

  • You can use standard sizes: 640 by 480 pixels, 800 by 600 pixels, 1024 by 768 pixels, etc.,
  • To maintain high quality photos, make sure the DPI setting is set to at least 300.

Method 5. How to resize images online

  1. To increase the size of the picture online, go to the PicResize website.
  2. Click the Browse button to select a photo. Click Continue:

  1. Select a percentage of the original image, for example, 50% less. The tool displays the size of the image on the output. Alternatively, you can enter the exact size by selecting the “Custom Size” item in the drop-down menu:

  1. Then click “I’m Done, Resize my Picture” and wait a moment,
  2. After that, you can view the new image. Save it to your PC or publish it on social networks:

  • You can increase the size of a picture from the Internet without saving it to your computer. Just change “From Computer” to “From URL”,
  • You can limit the image size to a specific value, and the tool will automatically adjust its quality,
  • With PicResize, you can also batch resize images. From the Tools menu, select Resize Bulk Photos, add several files and resize the images.

We hope that our tips have helped you successfully complete this task.

This publication is a translation of the article "How to Resize an Image: 5 Easy Ways", prepared by the friendly team of the Internet project

How to resize photos using programs

There are many high-quality programs from third-party developers. It is especially worth highlighting:

- Image Resizer,

- Movavi photo editor,

- Adobe Photoshop CC,

- PIXresizer,

- Fotosizer,

- BImage Studio and others.

Most of them are free and are freely available on the Internet. The download and installation process will take from 5 to 30 minutes. As an example, consider Image Resizer.

We find it using a search engine, download it, install it on a computer, run it. A program window opens in which you need to click on the Add Files menu. Then select the desired photo and go to the Settings section.

In the settings, enter the desired size and click Run. A photo with new dimensions is saved to the desktop in a folder specially created by the program. Done!

Download Image Resizer -

How to resize photos via online services

As well as third-party programs, there are many online services on the Internet that offer to crop a photo or change its size by entering pixels. The most popular and frequently used ones are:









We will consider service in more detail. We go to the site and click on the Resize tab.

Next, click the "Select File" button. We find a photograph on the computer, upload. Next, enter the desired width and height in pixels. Choose the type of resizing. If necessary, make additional settings, select the format of the future image and click "OK".

A new page opens with information about the photo. There are two options - either open the photo for viewing (if you don’t like something, you can Go Back), or download it. Done! The photo has received new dimensions.

In general, the use of these methods is very simple. The main thing is to follow the prompts and enter data in the required fields. The output will always produce a high-quality image with the desired pixel parameters.