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Lifehacks for teens: what to do today to live life for your pleasure


One of my duties at work is to deal with the teenage children of my employees so that purposeful, creative and moral people who can achieve success grow out of them. And then one day they asked me a question that made me think.

Before I announce the question, I will try to explain to you how it is sometimes difficult or even unbearable in all this educational work for teenagers with me. Imagine a person in the list of values ​​of which one of the first places is self-discipline or self-control. In addition, this person has not been a teenager for a long time, almost does not remember what it is, and only knows from smart books about the difficulties of the puberty associated with active brain restructuring.

No, I do not think that entertainment and fun are completely unnecessary, but I have a special look at them, and for happiness and success in life, this is a secondary or even a third-rate affair. With all this, my wards with pleasure come to our meetings and actively participate in them. Amazing people!

But even once they could not stand it and asked: “We are no longer children, but still not adults and not even youth. If you do everything that you tell us, then when to have fun, to meet for games and socializing? ”“ Indeed, I thought, will I take away these children from my children? ”I took a timeout to give an answer. It should not look like a rule, but should help everyone make their own decision. What does each young man have to understand in order to find balance on his own?

Simple arithmetic of life

Suppose that our youngest reader is 15 years old and will finally come out into an independent life at 25, and he will live up to 70 years. That is, he has 10 years of a more or less carefree life, and then 45 years of household, family, career and other worries.

Our hero spends these 10 years on games, parties, extreme sports and generally lives for his pleasure. Of course, he is a good son, friend, brother, a good student, he graduates with honors from the university and gets a well-paid job. But not more. Most likely, it turns out that the choice of work was dictated by the size of income or prestige, but not by his dreams, inclinations and preferences.

I know from experience that if a young man makes efforts to just be “good,” and spends the rest of his time on a sweet life, then he has absolutely no time left to think about his vocation, his dream and preparation for such a difficult, but very diverse and exciting life.

Eventually: A person shines with the prospect of giving the most productive years to an unloved job, perhaps a wrong life partner, or throwing from one port to another without finding a haven.

Our hero in these ten relatively carefree years is very different from other peers. Take the maximum. He does not go to parties and discos, does not play video games, his head is not full of members of the opposite sex. During classes, whether at home or in an educational institution, he is as focused as possible. In his free time, he tries to understand his inclinations and preferences, studies various professions, tries to earn money, plans his time, additionally teaches foreign languages ​​...

In addition to the fact that he voluntarily deprives himself of all the “joys” of adolescence and youth, he becomes the object of ridicule and frank mockery. However, I am sure that the motive for such bullying is fear and envy.

Eventually: our hero is adapted to this life. He can earn what he really likes. Perhaps he sits in the office of a well-known IT corporation and creates amazing products. Perhaps he remotely works as a designer, traveling around the world. In any case, he does what pleases him.

In addition, he is not afraid to change or lose his job. Ten young years, when the rest had fun, he plowed, investing in the future, and now he has 45 years ahead, when he will live for his pleasure, do what he likes, and still get paid for it.

Personal experience

My life was not so smooth and perfect. She was like the first option, and even worse, because I was neither a good son, nor a good student. And one of the reasons is that I have never come across such articles. At some point in my life, I increasingly began to encounter such materials and, when a critical mass was reached, I decided to change everything.

I left an unloved job that brought me good income, but was meaningless to me. I had to live without a salary for about a year, since I was learning what I want to do. There was everything, but the whole Sky was interested in my fate, and today I am provided with a cause that I love and which I am ready to do day and night. I am happy and satisfied, but if I had spent my youth intelligently, all this would have happened much earlier and less painfully.

Organize your life

Understand, if we want to get somewhere, we need a map. And if we want to achieve something, then we need a plan. This is not just a plan of the day, it can be a plan of a life of four levels. Of course, it will change over time, but in any case, you will always choose the direction. Now that you have the rear in the face of your parents and grandparents, it's time to put it in search and throwing, in order to find yourself and yours.

Learn to work

Whoever says anything, every achievement is worth the effort. Even in your favorite business or hobby, efforts are needed to reach heights. Learn to work intellectually. A person with a developed intellect will find a way out of any situation, while maintaining optimism and pep. Learn to work physically. Do not run away from trips to the country, and even better, take under your "patronage" a plot that you will spend from sowing to preserving the harvest. This will teach hard work, perseverance, determination, teach many lessons and help shape practical thinking.

Take care of your health

I know that in youth it seems as if your health is enough for your children, grandchildren, and even a little will be left to great-grandchildren. But if you do not treat him carefully, then even you will not be enough. Remember that health is not only good health, but also an attractive appearance. Intellectual and spiritual health must also be taken care of. Be critical of what you watch, listen and read.

Follow advice and live your mind

Listen to what adults and experienced people tell you. Especially listen to those who have achieved a lot or have changed their lives for the better.

For example, I practice following the advice of such people word for word and letter for letter. But time passes, and I begin to analyze what can be changed so that this advice is suitable for me and my life. Sometimes I understand that the advice does not suit me at all, and discard it. But such conclusions can only be drawn after steadfast adherence to advice. This will make you wiser, more discriminating, and over time you yourself will begin to understand the value of a symbiosis of advice and personal experience.

In the meantime, in front of you lies a rather complicated, but fascinating path of accomplishments and achievements. How to get through it is up to you. Bon Voyage!