Useful Tips

Dragon of the Edge


  • Sword
  • Bow and many arrows
  • Enchantment table and many bookshelves
  • Diamond Pickaxe (Enchanted)
  • A full set of armor (preferably diamond, but you can also iron)

First of all, you need to prepare for the storming of the Land. And for this you need an enchantment table. Therefore, beginners and amateurs of peaceful complexity can immediately abandon this dangerous raid. All crafting recipes on So, take the bookshelves and place them at distances from the table of 1 cube in 2 rows. As in the picture. Attention! you need a lot of experience to enchant! Enchant all weapons and armor. Do not forget the arrows.

Next, when you are ready to go (do not forget to take food), look for a fortress with the help of Eye of the Edge. When you find it, activate the Edge portal and jump into it.

When you get to the Edge, do not stand still, but constantly move and hide from the Dragon of the Edge. To kill him, you need to destroy all the crystals on the obsidian towers. Bow lovers can shoot at them at an angle, but if you do not know how to shoot at an angle. you will have to climb the towers with the help of blocks and destroy it manually.

When you destroyed all the crystals. You need to climb the highest tower and cut 1 cube down. Underneath, as in the picture. And then the dragon will not be able to throw you off the tower, and you will be able to fire from the bow, and in the most convenient way! When you almost killed him, do not lose your vigilance, as he will become more agile and maybe he will throw you off the tower, and this is inevitable death.
So shoot as accurately as possible and you will kill him.

After you kill him, he will begin to glow and a portal to the normal world will appear. Gather all the experience and you can go home. also you have a chance of the appearance of the Dragon Egg. But it does not carry any benefit in itself, it only teleports like Enderman. So you completed the game and credits appear. Good game!

Dragon rebirth

Arrangement of Edge Crystals for Dragon Resurrection

If you run out of dragon breath, or for other reasons, you want to fight the Dragon of the Edge again, then you will need 4 Crystal of the Edge. Place 1 on each side of the return portal. Do not forget to remove the dragon egg from the portal, otherwise it will disappear forever. The restoration of obsidian pillars and the resurrection of the boss will begin. The portal to the ordinary world will be disconnected.


The Edge Dragon is a huge black dragon with glowing purple eyes. This is the biggest mob in the game. Parts of his wings are dark gray. Like the wanderers of the Land, spiders and phantoms, his eyes and mouth are visible even in complete darkness, so that he can be seen from anywhere in the starting island.

The Edge Dragon at death explodes in the rays of purple light, flying vertically up to a height of 128, cracking (it gradually loses texture pixels and becomes transparent) and glows from the inside. A lot of areas of experience fall out of it, all of them together are able to raise a player who does not have experience to level 36. Part of the spheres enters the spawn in the Upper World through the portal. Of the following dragons, regenerated with the help of the Edge crystals, only 500 experience will fall, and the dragon egg will not fall.

After his death, a reverse portal with a dragon egg on top is also activated. Upon entering the portal, credits begin. At first they represent a philosophical conversation, and then the credits go directly. After viewing the credits, the player returns to the Upper World to the spawn point. Captions can be viewed again by going to the portal, as well as skipping using ESC. The player can return to the Land after defeating the dragon through the same portal in the fortress.

Dragon of the Edge in the ordinary and Lower world

When using the console command / summon ender_dragon you can summon one or more dragons of the Land in the ordinary and Lower world. He will not have health strips. It destroys almost any block when it comes into contact with it. Only those blocks that are found in the Territory are not destroyed: the Krai stone, obsidian and bedrock. Through them, he, as in the Region, just passes. In the ordinary world, the dragon will primarily seek to move to zero coordinates, so its accidental call on the server entails a threat to buildings with spawn. Flies at a very high speed and writes bizarre figures in flight. Upon reaching the zero coordinates, the dragon will hover over them, as above the return portal and attack the player using the same attack tactics: planning on the player, spitting acid and turning around when throwing projectiles. He always flies above the player, making holes in any heights he encounters, and when attacking him, he drills a moat throughout the terrain, sending all the mobs and creatures he meets into the air. If the player retreats underground, then he still follows him, making huge tunnels on his way. In the Lower World, the effect is the same, the dragon can break through any fortress with a hellish stone, and if it flies through the lava, it will leave a huge, unfilled hole there, which after a while will be slightly closed by a nearby liquid. If there are several of them, then they are a mortal danger for one player, regardless of skills and experience. If the player packs himself in blocks indestructible by the dragon, the dragon passes through them. It's useless. When killing a dragon in the ordinary or Lower world, the portal does not appear. Without the DragonPhase: 0 tag, the dragon simply hangs motionless in the air, immune to everything except the console commands and not interacting with the player in any way.

Edge Acid

First appearanceJE: 1.9

CI: 1.0.0 Old console editions: TU9

DropNot Network game ID? Save iddragon_fireball

With Update 1.0.0 for Pocket Edition, TU9 for Xbox 360, or 1.9 for PC, Edge Dragon spits Edge acid. It has a violet-colored texture of a fireball, like particles around the wanderers of the Land, and, the eyes and mouth of the dragon Land, the portal to the Underworld.

In the Xbox 360, acid sets fire to blocks, like Gast or Efre shells, but the fire has a purple texture. Unlike conventional Gast shells, a dragon ball cannot be reflected. Can destroy blocks placed by a player.

In the PC version, the acid after the explosion leaves a cloud of purple particles, causing significant damage. If you use a flask on it, you can get dragon breath. A direct hit by the Edge acid shell is deadly.

The pocket edition has red particles after an explosion.

Sometimes a dragon sits on a deactivated portal into the ordinary world and begins to spit out a stream of acid in front of him, sometimes spinning to change the "area of ​​fire".