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How to block YouTube so that the child does not enter the site?


Today we’ll try to understand how to block YouTube from the child. There are many ways to do this. It is best to pay attention to each option. After all, no one allows you to 100% protect children from unwanted information on the network. Therefore, it is worth understanding the implementation of each possible path. It is not as difficult as it may seem. The best tips and tricks on how to protect your child from YouTube are presented below. Even a novice user will be able to master them.

Safe mode

The first method helps to use special YouTube filters. It does not completely protect the child from watching videos. Instead, the hosting includes protection against unwanted videos by age category. A very good way to protect children. But how to block YouTube from the child? To do this, do the following manipulations:

  1. Log in to your account on the site.
  2. Scroll to the bottom and look for "Safe Mode" there.
  3. Click on this button and check "On".
  4. Click on "Block Safe Mode".
  5. Save the changes by entering your account password.

So easily and simply you can get rid of unnecessary problems of ensuring the safety of a child on the network. The disadvantage of this method is that available videos appear according to the recommendations of users, and among them there are only videos without restrictions. This method does not fully protect children from unwanted frames on the network.

By the way, so that this option works at 100%, do not forget to disable the ability to privately / anonymously view pages in browsers. The procedure will have to be repeated in all your Internet access programs. By the way, all of the above steps will also have to be done anew. The proposed method only affects the application where it was activated. How to block YouTube from a child? There are several more methods.

Full lock on computer

Any site can be banned from viewing on a computer. True, only on a specific machine. Therefore, if you have several PCs, the process will have to be repeated on each. At the same time, neither you nor your child will be able to use "YouTube". But at any moment, a knowledgeable person is able to correct the situation. How to block YouTube from a child on a computer completely? There are some simple steps towards this idea:

  1. Go to My Computer.
  2. Find the C Windows System32 drivers there.
  3. In this folder, go to etc.
  4. Open the hosts file in Notepad.
  5. At the end of the document that opens, write the functions: and
  6. Save the changes.

Accordingly, now in all browsers, YouTube will refuse to work. Both the mobile version and the regular one. To regain access to the site, you need to edit hosts again. It will need to erase 2 previously written functions. Nothing difficult. Therefore, especially smart and inventive students can deal with this phenomenon in 2 accounts. Such a decision will not deter children too much.

Tablets and Phones

You can block “YouTube” from a child on “Android” or on any other gadget in several ways. You can choose the appropriate method yourself. As a rule, if a child uses mobile Internet, he has no idea about how to block sites. Therefore, parents are able to successfully use some tricks. Firstly, on “Android” you can lock “YouTube” in the same way as on a computer - by turning on “safe mode”. Secondly, the hosts file is also available here. Therefore, you should pay attention to the method of manually blocking the site completely.

IPad and more

But the possible methods do not end there. If you are thinking about how to block YouTube from your child (iPad or any other gadget - it doesn’t matter which one), use a mobile antivirus. Now many programs to protect information have a special lock function. Access to any site may be terminated. In order to use this option, you will have to install an antivirus (it is usually paid) for the phone. And then visit the section similar to the "URL Filter". Enter the address "Youtube" and save the changes. Do not forget about the mobile version.

Now it’s clear how to block YouTube from a child on a tablet or any other gadget. It is not as difficult as it seems. But the above options are not the only ones. There are several more ways to block. True, they are used primarily for computers. For example, you can use special locks. They are installed by separate utilities, and then block the specified sites. For example, download OpenDNS for yourself (any similar utility is suitable). This software is perfect for home use. To answer how to block YouTube from the child, do the following:

  1. Download and install OpenDNS.
  2. Launch a browser and use it to open your modem configuration.
  3. Log in to the settings system.
  4. Visit in the opened LAN or Internet window.
  5. In the DNS settings, specify the Open DNS server. To do this, write there: and
  6. In the installed utility, visit the settings and select "YouTube" in the "Manage individual domains" item.
  7. Save the changes.

On gadgets with iOS, you can use another very interesting way to solve our task. There is a built-in function here. It’s called “Blocking”. To activate it, do the following:

  1. In the gadget, open the "Settings" - "General" - "Lock" section.
  2. Click on "Activate."
  3. Invent and type an access code (password) for the operation.
  4. Go to Advanced Content.
  5. Open the "Sites" - "Always block." Section and write here all the addresses of "YouTube".
  6. Check the box next to "Block adult sites."
  7. Go back to the beginning of the "Block" menu and select there in addition "Block the installation of applications."
  8. If you have a YouTube app, uninstall it.

That's all. But this is only for iOS operating systems. There is no such option on Android and it cannot be. Therefore, there will have to use the previously studied methods.

User opinions

Now it’s clear how to block YouTube from the child. Testimonials from parents indicate that almost any of the above methods are relatively easily exposed by modern children. Therefore, it is impossible to say with confidence that blocking the site will help protect the child from unwanted videos.

The most effective is the inclusion of "safe mode", as well as the use of antiviruses to implement ideas. All manipulations with the hosts file are now known even to children. Therefore, it is not worth hoping that the child will be safe on the network. If desired, he will independently unlock, and then "notice the marks" for himself. Therefore, it does not always get to ban "YouTube" to view. No way gives confidence that the child will not bypass the system and will be content with a lack of access to the largest video hosting.

Block YouTube site through hosts file

The hosts file contains some indications of the behavior of the Internet connection when setting the specified site address. This method is called a “connection stub”. It is important to understand that each site is hosted and has its own IP address, DNS address and domain name. The method works according to this scheme: we change the IP address of the domain we need to any that you specify, in our case is a local address that does not lead anywhere, but you can specify any.

Thus, when calling the site entered in the file, it will be redirected to another address, in this case, to the local one.

Likewise, problems with using applications using an Internet connection are avoided when you do not need it at all, for example: launching games offline, working with image processing programs that require registration, etc.

To block a site through the hosts file, you need:

  • Go to the path C: Windows System32 drivers etc,
  • Find the hosts file and click open it using notepad,
  • Paste “” and “” at the end of the text without quotes (each on a new line),

  • Save the changes.

Sometimes this solution does not work right away and requires clearing the DNS cache of the computer in order to produce it:

  • Press Win + R,
  • Enter cmd command,
  • At the command prompt, enter ipconfig / flushdns.

Using parental controls in Kaspersky Internet Security

This solution is great for many users due to its great functionality, in addition to restricting access to the YouTube site, you can limit the amount of time spent on the computer, running applications, and restrict access to sites with certain content. To use this method, you must have a separate user account. This option will not work around, at least for the child, therefore it is predominant:

  • From the main window of the program, click on the “Parental Control” button,
  • Then select the user you want to manage and click the “Enable” button next to him,
  • Then from the main program window, go to settings,
  • Select the “Advanced Settings” tab,
  • In the list, click on "Parental Control",
  • Specify the account of interest and click "Configure",

  • Go to the "Visit Web Sites" section and check the appropriate boxes.

Blocking a YouTube site using the BlockSite extension

A fairly simple solution to block any site. The disadvantage is the ability to simply remove the extension and thereby get rid of the lock, but this requires some knowledge.

The extension has the ability to set a password and to remove a site from the list of blocked ones, you must enter it. It is also important to install this or similar application for all installed browsers.

To block YouTube using BlockSite you need to:

  • Enter the site address in the line and add it to the filter.

Now, when you go to these sites, a window opens with information about blocking the site.

For greater reliability, it is better with administrator rights to block the ability to install other browsers on the computer.

Block YouTube with a Wi-Fi router

Not in all, but in most routers there is a parental control function, which we will use. All routers are different, but they work approximately according to the same scheme, therefore, for example, consider Rosstelecom.

  • Enter the IP address of the YouTube site, now it is,
  • Enter password, default is admin,
  • Next, go to the Settings tab,
  • Then “Parental Controls” and “Filtering”,

  • Select “Exclude” and add it to the list.

The advantage of this method is the reliability and lack of notifications by which it would be possible to determine the reason for blocking access to the site.

If you still have questions on the topic "How to block YouTube so that the child does not enter the site?", Then you can ask them in the comments

Method number 1: setting the age.

In your YouTube personal account, you can indicate the age of the child. All content on video hosting is marked by this criterion. Your baby will not be able to see what he should not see.

The system will automatically filter videos on site. Just a couple of actions - and you can not control the child at every step.

When starting a non-childish video, a page will be displayed to confirm the age. It looks like this:

Method number 2: the button "Report"

To use this option, you must first log in to the site. If you find a video that contains violent scenes, eroticism and other adult shots, immediately report to this content. YouTube will review your complaint shortly. The video will be deleted or banned for showing to persons under 18 years old (depending on the situation).

Method number 3: browser plugin

If you use the Chrome browser, download and activate a special plugin called Video Blocker. It allows you to quickly block dubious content. You will need only a few simple steps.

  1. Click on the “Install” button,
  2. Confirm action
  3. Activate the plugin,
  4. Go to YouTube video hosting, find an unwanted video. Right click on its title,
  5. Select the “Block videos ...” command.

The plugin may continue to block similar content on the channels. But it happens that a specific blogger posts negative videos. Let's see what needs to be done in this case.

How to block a blogger on YouTube forever?

Consider another way to block a YouTube channel from children. Log in to your child’s account. Find the channel of the author you want. Select "About Channel". Click on the “Flag” icon, block the blogger.

Watching videos from this profile will be absolutely safe, but these settings do not apply to other accounts.

Blocking the channel and video on the tablet and smartphone (Andro> How to block YouTube on the android from the child: download official mobile applications on the smartphone. It can be Dr.Web, AdGuard and other analogues. Go to the application and configure it so that separate programs Worked at your discretion.

How to block YouTube from a child on an iPhone: download and install a mobile antivirus for iOS. Perform the same manipulations as in the previous paragraph.

Now you know how to block YouTube on the phone from the child. Thanks to this, he will be able to watch content suitable for his age on YouTube.