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How to quickly get rid of a headache


Headache is familiar to everyone. It can be a reaction to fatigue, lack of fresh air, a consequence of abuse of alcohol-containing drinks. In some cases, the condition occurs without any prerequisites, it is considered a medical norm, and therefore it is best to get rid of a headache in such cases without tablets. Simple ways to alleviate the condition at home will help in most situations, especially when you need to quickly get in shape.

Why does my head hurt?

Almost always, a painful condition is caused by vasospasm. There are no nerve endings in the brain, so the most important organ in the human body is rarely affected during migraines or situations similar to it. The basic principle of how to recover from a headache is to relieve vascular spasm, restore normal blood circulation so that the meninges that feed the gray matter itself cease to feel discomfort.

Find out the cause of the headache

The main conditions for malaise:

  1. Overwork. Before getting rid of a headache, think: what is your body signaling about? Very often, a symptom indicates excessive loads, most often in combination with a disturbed regime of the day, when you are forced to go to bed well after midnight, and wake up with an alarm clock to arrive at work at eight or nine. You can search for ways to quickly get rid of a headache as much as you like, at home or in the office, with or without pills, but if you don't set up a regime, then all your efforts will be wasted. Unpleasant sensations will return.
  2. Nervous tension. It is characteristic for people subject to emotions, nervous breakdowns. It is important for them not only to be saved from a headache, but also to establish spiritual harmony - together with a psychologist or through meditation at home. This condition is not dangerous to health, since psychosomatics is a prerequisite, but the patient is no better off from this. It is important to discover the cause and find an approach to correcting unpleasant manifestations.
  3. Migraine. Scientists still do not know why they are persecuting some people - often without any connection with traumatic events or fatigue. Modern science tends to consider migraines to be a genetically determined and yet incurable disease. Good news: it is not life threatening, migraine does not go into cancer, does not cause a stroke, people with chronic attacks live up to a hundred years. Bad: it will not always be easy to protect yourself from a headache, you will need to learn this on your own, at home, in nature, on a trip, in the workplace.
  4. High blood pressure. This condition can be situational - after alcohol, during stressful situations, as a result of a flight to another time zone. However, it is necessary to monitor high blood pressure, especially after 35-40 years, think not only about how to quickly get rid of a headache, but also about the general condition of the body. It is recommended to visit a neurologist.
  5. Intracranial pressure. But this cause of headache is more likely for children and adolescents than for adults. With age, as a rule, it is compensated, but it inflicts serious discomfort for babies up to a year, younger students. Due to constant malaise, the child becomes lethargic, school performance suffers. Any parent and close relative should be able to help a baby without pills at home.

Headache is a condition that cannot be ignored. Be sure to find the reason if discomfort occurs more than once or twice a month and you know for sure that this is not after alcohol. Serious and life-threatening diseases, such as meningitis, encephalitis, early stages of epilepsy, benign or malignant brain tumors, are sometimes hidden behind the usual malaise. However, one should not immediately suspect the worst. It is enough just to conduct an examination, make sure that there are no serious diseases, and then you can solve problems yourself, learn how to quickly get rid of a headache.

Headache Methods

The way to deal with a situational ailment depends on the cause. If you know for sure what the main organ “crackles” after alcohol, the approach will be one, if you are not completely sure about the source of ill health, it will be different. It is useful to know all the methods, applying one or the other depending on the situation.

Taking a shower will help get rid of a headache

Types of Cephalgia

  • Stress or pain from tension is the most common type of cephalgia. It is a dull, aching pain that girdles the head. A person has a feeling of squeezing the upper part of the skull, as if he had put on a too narrow headgear. The tension of the muscles of the forehead and eyes is also felt. Often in the evening, soreness manifests itself more intensely.

Usually stress cephalalgia causes stress, overwork, prolonged stay of the head in an uncomfortable position.

  • Sinus GB - often accompanies inflammation of the sinuses. The areas of the forehead, eyebrows, nose and the area under the eyes begin to hurt. Any sudden movement of the head intensifies the pain. Also appears temperature, swelling of the face, nasal congestion.

If allergies become the cause of sinus GB, antihistamines can help. Otherwise, treatment of the inflammatory process of the sinuses is required.

  • Migraine is a chronic neurological disease that is often transmitted genetically, most often through the female line. Despite many years of research, scientists find it difficult to determine the exact mechanism for the appearance of migraines, but one thing is clear: such a headache is not associated with injuries, brain tumors, and changes in arterial / intracranial pressure. Migraine can provoke stress, overstrain of a nervous and physical nature, the use of hormonal drugs, the use of alcoholic beverages and certain foods, lack / excess of sleep, change of weather and climatic conditions.

GB with migraine is very pronounced, pulsating in nature, mainly spreads to one half of the head, captures the eye, jaw and neck. Often accompanied by photophobia, sensitivity to loud noises, intolerance to strong odors, nausea, dizziness.

Quickly getting rid of a migraine headache without medication is not always possible. Some people relieve an attack with aspirin, paracetamol, citramone. However, in many cases, the selection of medications by a specialist is required.

  • Cluster GB - 80% of the people who sensed it are men, and the causes of the appearance are not fully understood. What helps with cluster headache, only doctors know, and even then not always. This mysterious GB occurs most often at night and captures the eye area. In this case, the eyes become sensitive to light, redden and tear. Attacks can be repeated for several days, and then disappear for a long time.

Separately, cephalgia manifested after operations under local or general anesthesia should be noted. Doctors consider this a normal phenomenon and recommend that patients rest more and drink enough fluid. If the pain is too intense and lasts longer than two weeks, you should seek medical help. Often, normal life without a headache occurs after taking analgesics (Analgin, Baralgin), antispasmodics (No-shpa) or anti-inflammatory drugs (Diclofenac, Nimesulide).

How to eliminate cephalgia without medication

Despite its effectiveness, modern medicines are still products of the chemical industry with many contraindications. If cephalalgia is not related to trauma, migraine or a disease like a stroke, you should know how to get rid of a headache without pills.

Inhalation of GB of tensional type helps inhaling the smell of lavender or mint. Peppermint oil or gruel from the leaves of the plant can be gently rubbed into the temples, occipital and parietal region.

This is what will help with a headache that appears due to stress, allergies and colds. To prepare a compress, moisten a towel in cold water or wrap ice in it. Then attach it to the forehead and temples.

Ice without a towel is not recommended: a sharp spasm of the vessels can provoke even more severe pain.

Using a warm heating pad or shower, you can fight with GB, the cause of which was a violation of blood circulation caused by cervical osteochondrosis or muscle spasm. The effect of heat on the cervical zone allows you to expand blood vessels and resume normal blood flow.

Do you know that in the heating season in modern apartments there is an acute shortage of oxygen? Hypoxia provokes hypertension, and usual ventilation of a room or a walk in the fresh air can help in such situations. If you can’t visit the park, you can at least go to the balcony and breathe deeply for 10 minutes.

Often, from a tensive headache without pills and all sorts of procedures, a normal sleep helps. The main thing is that the room should be sufficiently humid and cool air.

It has long been known that there are points on the human body whose stimulation can correct violations in the functioning of internal organs. How to get rid of a headache using massage? Everything is simple. You need to know which points to massage.

  • The area on the hand where the thumb and forefinger meet. To determine the desired point, you need to spread your fingers to the side and press on the tendon. The onset of soreness indicates that you are on the right track. Intensive massage should last at least 5 minutes.
  • A point above the bridge of the nose between the eyebrows. By pressing on it, you need to quickly massage with your index finger.
  • Dimples in the area where the eyebrows end. At the same time make circular movements with index fingers on both sides.
  • Earlobes. Massage or perform quick compressions until a sensation of warmth appears.

You can also give yourself a massage of the whole head, as if you were washing your head with shampoo.

Pain medication

Non-drug methods of eliminating cephalgia include the use of drinks and food.

How to quickly get rid of a headache caused by dehydration on a hot day? That's right, drink plenty of fluids. It is better if it is plain or mineral water. Sweet carbonated drinks, tea and coffee to drink to replenish the fluid is not worth it, because they cause even greater thirst.

Due to its high concentration of vitamin C, lemon is also a headache reliever. It is not for nothing that connoisseurs of how to get rid of a headache after drinking alcohol are advised to drink lemon water from a hangover. You can also attach a lemon peel to your forehead.

Ginger root is a real lifesaver for home treatment of tensional pain. This product is used to brew tea. Ginger has an anti-inflammatory property, relieves spasm of cerebral vessels.

Waking up in the morning with cephalgia, eat a few slices of apple, seasoning them with salt and washed down with warm water.

Another popular method is the use of almonds. A handful of nuts can reduce pain in less than 20 minutes.

Cinnamon is a long-standing ingredient in warming drinks and seasoning that can cure headaches. From the cinnamon powder and water you need to make gruel, which then apply to the forehead and temporal region. With such a compress, you should remain in a horizontal position for half an hour. Then rinse the cinnamon paste with warm water.

All of the above treatments for cephalgia do not always work. Recall that a headache can indicate the development of dangerous diseases. Therefore, you should not delay a visit to the doctor if:

  • GB appeared along with high pressure,
  • GB is accompanied by nausea, vomiting, dizziness, impaired vision and hearing,
  • GB lasts a long time and does not decrease after taking painkillers.

2. Contrast shower

A variant of the previous method of struggle.

  • migraine,
  • with a hangover
  • during attacks of the IRR,
  • children with increased intracranial pressure.

If you or your child is not used to sharp contrast, it is not necessary to replace boiling water with ice water and vice versa. It is quite enough to alternate barely warm and very warm water, the procedure is carried out for ten to fifteen minutes. This time should be enough to establish blood circulation.

3. Stimulation point Tang Yin

You can believe in Chinese medicine or not, but it is almost five thousand years old and the Chinese are in no hurry to refuse it. And not without reason there are almost two billion of them!

Tang Yin Point

The indicated point for combating headaches is located in the area of ​​the "third eye" - that is, on the nose between the two available. For the desired effect, you need to massage the area for ten minutes, if possible, using sharp objects. If you do not have acupuncture needles, the usual point of a pencil or pen is suitable. There will be a trace of stylus or ink - but it is not difficult to wash it off.

4. Neck massage

In children with intracranial pressure and adults with osteochondrosis, characteristic of every second office worker, pain and spasms of blood vessels occur because the blood flow is squeezed by the cervical vertebrae.

It is not difficult to alleviate the condition:

  1. Put your hands on your neck.
  2. Slowly begin to massage the collar area.
  3. If it hurts, be patient, it will soon become easier.
  4. The procedure should last from five minutes or longer.

Additionally, you can sign up for therapeutic massage courses. They allow a lot of people to get rid of unwanted symptoms for a long time.

5. Essential oil

Essential oils are a great way to deal with various ailments. Aromatherapy is one of the most promising areas of medicine, adherents say that with the help of odors you can even get rid of serious diseases. True or not, it's hard to judge, but headache can be overcome. You will need lemon, lavender or peppermint essential oil.

  1. Drop two to three drops on a cotton wool.
  2. Put a few fleece next to you.
  3. Breathe in the scent of essential oils for up to twenty minutes.

Gradually, you will feel relief right up to the complete elimination of the malaise.

6. Chocolate bar

Chocolate helps with headaches

A common cause of migraine in schoolchildren, students, and office workers, workaholics is a banal lack of blood glucose. If people suffering from type 1 diabetes have a lack of sugar manifested by trembling, clouding of consciousness up to a coma, then healthy people are not afraid of such terrible consequences. But a hungry brain will still demand its own. It's time to forget a little about a healthy lifestyle and diet and "feed" the starving "gray matter".

7. Walking in the fresh air

What are we breathing? That's right - dust, stale air, at best, that produces air conditioning. All this is far from the concept of "freshness."

Go out into the street - not just on the highway or crowded avenue, but preferably at least in a park or square. Take a walk for about forty hours. Fresh air will provide oxygen and saturate the blood with the most important element.

8. Strong tea or coffee

Only if you are prone to hypotension. It is worth remembering that low blood pressure, in contrast to high, is not a disease, but sometimes it can be a symptom of vitamin deficiency, iron deficiency anemia and other ailments. However, there are perfectly healthy people who simply have chronically low blood pressure and headaches because of it. They can be advised to "be treated" with strong tea - it is better not from bags, but natural, very good if oolong. Or using natural coffee.

9. Ear massage

Another exercise in the field of Chinese medicine is also very effective. According to the philosophy of acupuncture, all the areas “responsible” for the body are located in the ears, therefore massage improves blood circulation and enriches the blood vessels of the brain with oxygen. It really works, tested by many headache sufferers.

10. Room with dim lights

In combination with soothing music or complete silence - depending on individual preferences. This is how many people get rid of migraines, sudden spasms of cerebral vessels or other unpleasant conditions. It will take about half an hour or forty minutes to recover, but this method works in the vast majority of cases. By the way, about music: there are no definite recommendations. Classical helps someone, and hard rock helps others. Depends solely on your preference.

Headache - an unpleasant condition that can spoil the evening, the whole day, the mood of the patient himself, his friends and relatives. Therefore, it is important to know the most basic methods of eliminating an unpleasant condition, so that you can always be able to bring yourself or a loved one into shape.