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How to get more favorites in your photo on DeviantArt


Here you can ask questions regarding the interface of the site, problems with work and other obscure things that do not allow you to live in peace. As they say, the more we can help the more.

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1. Describe your problem as detailed as possible.
2. If possible, be sure to attach a screenshot / screenshots or a link to the problem page.

IMPORTANT: We will not answer questions that are not detailed or do not accurately describe your problem. Please follow the description requirements. We will not repeat to you that you attach screenshots or links to your comment.

The topic answers only questions related to the work of the site

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Questions not related to the work of the site please write in this thread:

- Unlock 20 GB of memory storage (i.e. instead of 2 on standard membership)
- 20% discount on purchases in the deviantART store
- Publication on schedule.
- Bulk upload files to deviantART
- Premium Portfolio. Create a premium portfolio and use your own domain
- Attracting and tracking visitors to your site with additional statistics
- Ability to add background to diaries
- Ability to manage up to 10 groups
- Access to exclusive weekly prizes
- The ability to beta test the updated site
- Set print prices and earn more money with each sale
- Ability to change username once every half a year
- Google Analytics get traffic and audience information in your profile
- Ability to add videos * Available only in DeviantArt Eclipse, the new version of DeviantArt.
- quick help
- Icon next to username

In the usual membership, these functions and privileges are not included.