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How to understand that a guy likes you


Parting is hard enough to endure, but dealing with the mixed feelings that grips you when you meet or hear from your ex can be even more difficult.

There are many different ways that you and your ex can go after you split up: you can remain friends (not recommended if you want to bring the former back), become the worst enemies, civilized acquaintances, or even reunite again, but just like sexual partners.

By the way, depending on how your relationship ended, the idea of ​​being together again may come to your ex's head.

How to behave and not look stupid if you want to return your man? Does he want this?

If you think that the former wants to return love, check it by reading 10 clear signs that reunion is possible:

1. You cannot find out anything about his personal life

If your ex still loves you, then there is a chance that he will avoid getting to know another ... or at least not let you know about it. Why does the former not want you to know about his personal life? Maybe because he is afraid to hurt your feelings, or he is worried that the news about this may be a push that will also return you to the dating site.

Simply put, if your ex is trying to keep his personal life a secret, then it may be because he subconsciously wants you to return.

2. He does things that clearly show that he misses separation

If your ex, updating his status on social networks, writes phrases such as “my life is so empty,” or “I want her to be here” (in principle, she does everything that directly says that he wants to get you back), then I think he wants you to come back.

Make sure that he leaves a reminder of your relationship on the pages of social networks. Most likely, he hopes that you will see them, miss him, and also want to return him back.

3. He calls for no reason

If your ex wants to return you, he will call more often than an ordinary friend. In fact, sometimes he can even call if he has nothing important. If you notice that your ex comes up with reasons to talk to you on the phone, then most likely he is bored and wants to get you back.

4. He finds ways to still be with you.

If the ex still loves you, he will continue to behave in a very warm or flirty manner. If your ex speaks to you in a gentle tone or whispers something in his ear, then this is a huge sign that he wants you to return. You may also find that your ex has become very touchy, or is trying to acquire you voluntarily or involuntarily.

5. He likes to remember the past.

People who find it difficult after breaking up always talk about their feelings with their former partners. If your ex constantly calls you to talk about your past relationships, to understand what went wrong, or to remind you how much he loved you, then he is obviously trying to rekindle the spark and bring you back.

6. He tells how much he has changed.

If your ex calls to apologize for the mistakes he made in the relationship, it may be because he is trying to clarify something between you or in his mind. If, however, your ex calls to talk about how things could be different, how he changed or discuss issues from the past, then this is probably because he wants to give your relationship another chance.

7. He is always jealous

Depending on the degree of jealousy of your ex, it can be unpleasant, or, conversely, your heart can become warmer if you see that it acts in this way. For example, if your ex-husband is annoyed when he sees that you are flirting with someone - this is one thing, and if he is angry when you just talk to another person, then it's time to tell your “ex” to back out.

In any case, this is a sign that he is not indifferent, and probably wants you to come back.

8. He "accidentally" appears where you are

If you encounter your ex wherever you are, or see him where he has never appeared before, and this happens almost every day, then your ex can monitor your whereabouts. In this case, you just need to ask what he is doing here, and by his answer you will understand everything you need to know.

If it is obvious that he is here only for your sake, then it is easy to guess that the former is trying to return your life together.

9. He, drunk, calls you

Drunk drunk your "ex" suddenly called you? It can be funny if one single, innocent time happens. But if your ex calls you whenever alcohol is in his stomach, then this may be a sign that you are still on his mind and he wants to return you.

It is true that alcohol relaxes and removes many psychological prohibitions, but if your ex calls to admit eternal love, desire for sex or anger towards you, then it is likely that this is not just drunken nonsense. If he pours out his soul to you, then this is a pretty clear sign that he wants to bring you back.

10. He directly says "I miss you"

That means a lot. If your ex opens up for you and says he misses you, then he really wants you to come back! If an ex-man talks about how he misses talking to you or how he wants to spend time together, or if he expresses how warmly he thinks about your relationship, it may be time to start thinking about whether you want to return your love.

These signs are not so difficult to understand, as, for example, rocket science 🙂 Everything is elementary: if there are more than half of them, then he definitely wants to bring you back!

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Sincere mutual love is a great happiness, which everyone dreams of finding. Unfortunately, sometimes circumstances develop in such a way that a person gets into a network of his own illusions and begins to sacredly believe in a strong connection with the object of his passion, while he does not experience any exciting attraction in response. In this trap, girls and women often find themselves naive by nature or blinded by strong feelings. The result of such stories is always the same - liters of tears cried, a broken heart and broken vanity. But serious emotional suffering can be avoided! You only need to initially show attention and rationalism when communicating with a new chosen one. If love is unrequited and hopeless, it is better to realize this in advance and find the strength to retreat in yourself than to knock on the closed door for days and bring yourself to despair.

There are a number of well-defined signs by which any lady can understand that the man she likes does not make plans for a joint future with her, and counting on a long-term relationship is pointless. Consider the main ones.