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French cheese bun, peerless guzhi recipe


Saturday, May 28, 2016

Guzhery is usually called a variety of unsweetened custard rolls, in the composition of the dough for which there is cheese. As a rule, they are prepared in the form of small portioned balls or with one pie in a round shape with a hole. Fragrant cheese guzhira can be served with wine or first courses. If you wish, you can fill them with cream cheese, slices of red fish, caviar, salad - you get just an amazing snack.

From the indicated amount of ingredients, you will have 15-20 medium-sized custard buns. In order for the result not to disappoint and homemade cheese baking was a success, strictly follow the step-by-step recommendations and use only high-quality products. Have a good experience, friends!

Cooking in steps:

The recipe for cheese custard rolls includes wheat flour (I have the highest grade, but I can have the first one), milk (of any fat content), drinking water, chicken eggs (I have 3 very large ones), butter, and very little salt. You can take absolutely any cheese (such as Russian, Dutch, Poshekhonsky, Suluguni and the like) that melts well. But it will be even tastier and more aromatic if you use aromatic cheese (Parmesan, Gruyere).

We take a small saucepan (preferably with a thick bottom) or a saucepan, pour milk and water into it.

We put butter in the same place (the best is soft, so that it melts faster, but it doesn’t matter), a pinch of salt and put everything on fire.

Let the liquid warm up and the oil completely melt. We bring everything to a boil, not forgetting to stir so that the milk does not stick to the bottom.

Now, stirring the mass in a circular motion, we fall asleep in the pan IMMEDIATELY ALL FLOUR. This is important - so there will be no lumps in the custard dough.

Constantly kneading and do not remove the dishes from the fire (below average), we should get a completely homogeneous and smooth dough. I would say that in the process of brewing a thick and dense lump of dough is formed. Now we need to dry the dough (another 2 minutes on a fire below average), for which we constantly knead it with a spatula, wait until a thin crust of dried dough forms on the bottom of the dishes. In this case, the lump itself will begin to lag behind the walls and bottom of the pan. This is also important when preparing custard dough for eclairs and profiteroles.

That's it - the process of brewing the dough is completed, it needs to be slightly cooled. To do this, it is most convenient to shift the lump into other dishes, which should be cooled in advance.

With a spatula or a whisk, break a lump of dough so that it quickly cools to a very warm state (not hot!). If you start to introduce chicken eggs into a hot dough, they can curl up and fail.

Now one (!) We introduce raw chicken eggs into the choux pastry. After each, knead the dough very carefully with a spoon or spatula to achieve uniformity. I use 3 chicken eggs in this recipe, larger than average (75-80 grams each). You may need from 3 to 6 eggs - it all depends on their size. That is why after adding a third or fourth egg to the dough, focus on the consistency of the resulting mass. If you understand that the dough is still too thick and difficult to mix, add another egg. But not all at once, but break it into a bowl in advance and add a little. You may need the whole egg, or maybe a third or half. It is important to stop in time, otherwise the dough will be too thin.

Since the consistency of the choux pastry depends on many factors (for example, the quality and humidity of wheat flour, the size of eggs), you should understand what to expect as a result. The finished custard dough should be completely smooth, shiny and be without lumps. It is neither thick nor liquid - it slides off the shoulder blade with a heavy, wide ribbon. If, for example, you make the choux pastry too thick, it will not only be difficult to put it out of the cooking bag, but the products themselves will not rise well, they will be too dry and hard. When cooking too much liquid dough, the gujers will spread out on the baking sheet and will not be able to keep their shape.

Cheese bun with cheese: the invention of French chefs

In a simple street cafe on the outskirts of Paris and a Michelin-starred restaurant in the very heart of the French capital, you can taste those peerless muffins of gujura.

In their appearance and texture, French guzher are very similar to eclairs, but inside they are not so hollow (empty). Rather, their “inner world” resembles a puff with a piquant taste.


  • Raw cow's milk - 2/3 Art. + -
  • Premium wheat flour - 2/3 tbsp. + -
  • Butter - 50-60 g + -
  • Hard cheese - up to 100 g + -
  • Raw chicken eggs - 2 pcs. + -
  • Vegetable oil - 1 tsp. + -
  • Black pepper - 1/4 tsp. + -
  • Salt - to taste + -

How to make delicious french fries gujers at home

The ideal dough for this unusually delicious snack baking in its consistency should resemble a thick custard.

Spread it on a baking sheet most conveniently with a confectionery syringe with a wide nozzle, but a teaspoon soaked in water can also be.

  • We put on a fire a stewpan with a thick bottom, pour the milk.
  • Add the prepared oil to it.
  • At the stage of boiling milk (do not forget to interfere with it!) We reduce the intensity of the fire and introduce the entire portion of flour at once.
  • Mix the contents of the stewpan very intensively for 1-1.5 minutes.
  • The dough will literally be homogeneous before our eyes, it will acquire a light yellowish tint and the desired density.
  • We remove the saucepan from the stove and, continuing to mix and knead it, we will introduce the eggs one by one: they knocked one, mixed with the dough until smooth, then only added the second.
  • In a homogeneous mass of yellow color, pour cheese and spices crushed on a coarse grater, leaving a third to decorate the rolls on top.
  • Once again, mix everything so that there are no lumps.
  • By this time, the oven should already be preheated. We cover the baking sheet with culinary parchment, coat it with vegetable oil.

  • We spread the dough with small balls on a sheet, leaving a distance between them of about 5 cm, so that when baking, the buns do not stick together.
  • The baking and drying time of baking is about 20 minutes.

5 minutes before readiness, you need to open the oven and sprinkle each browned ball with the rest of the cheese.

The Simple Secrets of Perfect French Buns

  • Even the simplest pastries do not tolerate negligence, and even made from tender custard dough. The main dough is not to overdo it on fire, so that it does not burn!
  • Milk or water may be used as a liquid base for guzhi. The quality of baking will not differ much from this.
  • The amount of flour and liquid in the dough is approximately the same.
  • As soon as the liquid with the oil dissolved in it begins to boil, remove the pan with the base for the dough from the stove. By adding flour, you can again send it to the fire, but it should be minimal.
  • Salt is added taking into account the salinity of the cheese.
  • Brewing the dough, do not stop interfering with it! It is most convenient to do this with a silicone spatula.
  • The number of spices and spices is a matter of individual taste. If you plan to serve français rolls with meat, then it is advisable to add dried basil and ground nutmeg to them.
  • How much cheese to put and which one to use, everyone also decides for himself. But it should not be more than a test.
  • French snack pastries are ideal and will keep in shape if the baking sheet with raw balls is sent to the oven preheated to 200-220 degrees, and then the temperature is gradually reduced to 180 ° C.
  • Served with french fries guzhuery hot. Cooling down, they lose their taste and a pleasantly audible crunch.
  • French guzhery can, if desired, be filled with salted cottage cheese, seasoned with chopped herbs, grated garlic and favorite spices. This appetizer can be served not only as a complement to the main dish, but quite independently instead of sandwiches for tea or coffee.

Googers are not the only delicacy that Parisian culinary men have presented to the world. Knowing how to bake and serve French buns with or without cottage cheese, it will be easy to surprise guests with knowledge of the subtleties of European cuisine.

At the same time, you will be able to please their original universal home-made snack, which will be on the table at any banquet or buffet table.

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