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How to remove red eyes from pictures on iPhone and iPad


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In this article, you will learn how to eliminate the red-eye effect that appears due to a flash in the Photos app on iPhone.

Before shooting

To avoid the negative effects of the flash, you should increase the lighting at the shooting location. If this is not possible, those who are photographed need to look away from the camera and flash. If you do not look at them at a right angle, the red-eye effect will be minimal or not appear at all.

Photographers in photo studios usually put lighting devices so that their light does not interfere with taking pictures and is not reflected in the eyes and lens of the camera. You can also try this method.

How to remove red eyes from photos on iPhone and iPad

Find the desired picture in the gallery and click the button "Change" in the upper right corner. The photo will open in a special editor.

An eye-shaped icon will appear in the upper left corner - press it and touch each of the red eyes with your finger. To make it more convenient, the picture can be enlarged. When finished editing, click Done in the lower right corner and save the photo to the library.

In previous versions of iOS, red eyes could be removed using the Magic Wand tool, however on iOS 11.3.1that we used in this manual, this method does not work.

Now you know how to remove red eyes from photos using the Photos app on iPhone and iPad.

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How to remove red eyes in a photo using the Photo application on iPhone and iPad

It is worth noting that the location of the menus and icons may vary depending on the version of iOS.

Method 1

1. Run the application A photo, open the desired frame.

2. Press button "Edit"located on the top panel on the right.

3. The red-eye effect is one of the most common, so the button to eliminate it is placed on the front panel. It is located at the top left and looks like a crossed eye.

4. Alternately, we tap on all the hated red circles in the original picture, watching them disappear, changing to more natural colors. For a more accurate "eye contact", the image can be slightly approximated.

5. Do not forget, at the end of the procedure, click on the “Done»In the bottom menu.

Method 2

1. Repeat p.p. 1 and 2. instructions above.

2. In order to remove the red-eye effect as quickly as possible and use automatic photo enhancement with it, use the “Magic wand".

The result of our manipulations is perfectly presented in a couple of shots above. As you can see, we got rid of red eyes with one touch and improved the color characteristics of the photo.