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7 apps to help you find your Android phone


Here you can download useful programs for Android for free without registration and SMS.

Google Docs is a tool for convenient work with electronic documents of common formats on Android. The application has a library of templates, a step-by-step view of the file’s change history, integrated search and the function of opening files stored in the device’s memory or on an SD card. The editor is distributed free of charge, without any restrictions.

Twitter is an Android phone or tablet program made specifically for the popular social network Twitter. The application allows you to view and add entries, share your photos and follow the news.

Facebook (Facebook) is a useful program for communicating on Android using an Internet connection in one of the most popular social networks in the world. This official application from the developers of the social network "Facebook" will help you to always be in touch.

Uber is a program for Android, the purpose of which is to help drivers and passengers find each other in a minimized time. This is a modern taxi service, giving you the opportunity to instantly go from one place to another. Now you do not need to call numbers or look for a bus stop. With Uber, you can order a car by pressing a button. Payment is made in a manner convenient for the client: in cash or with a bank card.

Waze is a social navigator for Android phones and tablets, with which you can get up-to-date information on traffic jams, accidents and other hardships, communicate with other drivers, save nerves, time and fuel.

VKontakte is a program designed to communicate with family, friends and acquaintances in the popular social network VKontakte, created specifically for phones running on the Android operating system.

Instagram is a program for editing your photos and giving them a more colorful look with various actions and a large selection of functions, thanks to which you can use all your imagination to give a very colorful design to any photo.

SHAREit is a useful program for high-speed data exchange using the Wi-Fi network on your Android phone or tablet. Many users probably still remember the time when sharing files between two smartphones was possible only with the help of an archaic and incredibly slow infrared port. The Bluetooth protocol, although it has much greater bandwidth, is also far from ideal. And therefore it is quite clear why Wi-Fi is preferred on modern smartphones.

Viber for Android is a useful program that provides convenient communication with other users of this application and has a wide range of functions: sending text messages, photos, videos, as well as making calls completely free. All these actions are performed using your phone number.

YouTube (YouTube) is a useful Android program that allows you to view and add video clips on This is a great way to have fun, because now "YouTube" will be available to you anytime, anywhere. The program is also suitable for a tablet on Android.

Google - the official application from the company of the same name Google, which turns the smartphone into a complete tool for searching for information on the network. It can be used directly from the main screen, automatically launching the browser when entering a request. This software is also used as a component of other programs - keyboards, virtual assistants using speech recognition.

BlaBlaCar is an Android application that brings together a lot of people who want to find travel companions and good friends. Thanks to this program, any driver with available seats in the car can also find passengers. It will be useful to fellow travelers who need to get to a certain place quickly, without unnecessary expenses and in a pleasant company.

Skype (Skype) is a very popular and well-known free program for communicating on Android via the Internet. With this useful application you can chat with friends and call them from anywhere in the world for free.

Shazam is a useful program for Android, which will help you in a matter of seconds determine the name of any music, wherever you are and wherever it sounds. The main thing is to manage to launch the Shazam program on Android while the music you like sounds, and click on the search button. The result will not keep you waiting!

Wikipedia Mobile is the official Android client for the Wikipedia online encyclopedia. With its advent, access to this vast knowledge base has become easier and more convenient than ever. Thanks to its functional interface, many options and settings, it has become one of the best implementations of the Open Source standard and has served as the best proof that free content can also be very high quality.

ZEDGE Ringtones & Wallpapers is a cataloger program for various files with which you can change the appearance of the smartphone operating system. It allows you to find, download and install on your phone background images, ringtones and notifications, icon packs. In addition, the application has its own store of games for smartphones from well-known game design studios.

Building level Waterpas is an application for calculating the inclination or angle of the surface with the accelerometer built into the gadget. Implemented the function of manual calibration of the Android sensor to minimize the possible error in the calculations. A prerequisite for the correct display of the indicator is a flat plane.

Yandex.Taxi is a program that allows you to order a car with a few clicks on the device’s screen. Now the client does not have to wait for the dispatcher’s response to create an application, choose a car class, find out the cost of the trip.

1. Bitdefender Mobile Security & Antivirus

The Bitdefender Mobile Security & Antivirus package includes a lot of things: an anti-virus screen and scanner, application blocking and privacy protector, as well as a built-in anti-theft module. The application allows you to remotely track your smartphone through the BitDefender web service.

But a much more interesting feature is the management of a smartphone using SMS. This is very useful if the attackers who stole your smartphone disconnected it from the Internet.

Send a special message, and the smartphone will inform you of its location via SMS, turn on the siren or erase all data. In addition, you can force the smartphone to quietly call you, so that you can hear what the abductors are talking about.

If attackers change their SIM card, BitDefender will notify you of this and will inform you of the new number.

BitDefender is an extremely functional application, but you have to pay for it. It can be tested free of charge only for 14 days.


Viber (Viber) - a popular messenger for phones and tablets running on the Android operating system. In use, the application is similar to Skype. Using Viber, you can exchange text messages, photos, videos, make calls completely free to other users of this application.

Shazam 9.40.0

Shazam is a program for Android devices that helps you find a song from the first notes or words. This program is a godsend for music lovers. Remember, everyone had this situation - they heard a song or a melody on the street, on the radio, on TV or from the window of a passing car and you can’t forget, it doesn’t leave your head

AliExpress 7.8.3

AliExpress (AliExpress) is an application for your Android phone or tablet, with which you can trade online from anywhere in the world. Using AliExpress in Russian, you can always be directly connected to the main Chinese platform for purchases or sales on the Internet. Any information about discounts, promotions will be available to you.

Zello walkie-talkie 4.65

Zello walkie-talkie is an application that was created to miraculously turn your Android phone into a real walkie-talkie. This is more of an entertaining program that will allow you to talk with your friends, as if you are a secret spy, spending money only on paying for your Internet traffic. Everything is like a spy game - create password-protected communication channels

Google Play Market 15.8.23

Google Play Market (Google Play Market) is the most popular and popular application store for Android phones. Every day, the Google Play Store, aka the Play Store, is visited by many Android users in search of the highest quality and latest content of a diverse nature. On Google Play, all content is divided into categories, which is very convenient and makes searching easier.

Mamba 3.100.4

Mamba - The official app of the Mamba site - free dating for Android devices. The Mamba site is very popular, it is used by millions of people who want to make new acquaintances, maybe not only friendly, maybe even love or banal sex. The Mamba app for Android allows you to visit the site at any time.

Telegram 5.9.0

Telegram (Telegram) - a novelty in the market of applications for sending messages for Android phones, from the developer of the famous social network VKontakte - Pavel Durov. The main priorities of Telegram are high speed messaging and complete communication security. The application is absolutely free to use. Using Telegram for Android

BlaBlaCar 5.33.1

BlaBlaCar (Bla Bla Car) is an online service that unites drivers who are ready to take companions with them, and passengers traveling along the same route with these drivers. The main advantage of the BlaBlaCar application is a significant saving of money. You will get to any settlement cheaply and comfortably and you don’t have to bother with buying tickets. The application is very easy to use.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus

Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus Moreover, Kaspersky Anti-Virus is optimized for stable operation on Android devices of all types. The application has several advantages: wide functionality, maximum efficient operation, minimal load on the system resources of the device.

Google Play Games 2019.06.11077

Google Play Games - a game application from Google for phones and tablets with the Android operating system. Games are not the last place in the life of a modern person. It brightens up leisure and harsh working days. Therefore, Google developers are serious about developing applications for game content. Google Play Games is vivid proof of this.