Useful Tips

Science of a business picnic: how a joint rest helps in work?


“What to take on a picnic from food and things?” - no matter how often you and your friends get out into the countryside, this question will surely arise involuntarily with you every time.

And then everything is classic: discussion, fees and, arriving at the place, you find that you forgot something (the most important, of course).

So that instead of a pleasant stay, we don’t have to figure out who is to blame and what to do, we suggest using our list and tips that will help make this picnic perfect!

1. Make the most detailed list.

You probably guess what to take with you on a picnic, but it’s better if it’s not an approximate list in your head, but rather specific one on paper or in notes on your smartphone.

When it is in front of your eyes, it will be easier for you to mark what is already there, and also to see if you have forgotten about something or need to buy something else.

2. Clearly decide who takes what

“Pasha is responsible for meat, and Kolya - for alcohol” - This, of course, is a good agreement, but, as in the first paragraph, try to be as specific as possible.

In order not to quarrel with friends instead of outdoor recreation, try to determine the amount of food, drinks and other things you need before departure, as well as what you need to take (it’s sad when a company of whiskey lovers suddenly gets alcohol vermouth).

3. Check the packaging for leaks.

Yes, nothing spoils the picnic as much as all your supplies, smeared with barbecue sauce or marinade or strewn with glass from a broken bottle. Therefore, if you are not sure about the reliability of the packaging, pack the product additionally in a bag or put in a container.

Glasses (if you want to drink from them, and not from plastic cups) also require additional attention on your part. And the bottles - the roads "to the nature", most likely, will not be flat everywhere - make sure that once you get to the bump you will not destroy all your strategic reserves.

1. Sunscreen

Lunch in the fresh air is a great opportunity to enjoy the warm breeze and sunbathing, but then evening will definitely come and it is possible that it will be spoiled by discomfort from sunburn.

Therefore, think about it in advance and do not forget to bring sunscreen with you. And if you and the company also sit under a tree or an umbrella, then the risk of suffering from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays will be even lower.

Family Sunscreen SPF 50
1 630 rub.

3. Insect repellent

Resting in the park or in the forest, you can meet new annoying friends: from midges to mosquitoes. In order not to spend precious time relaxing to fight them (you still lose) do not forget about repellent, cream or other insect repellent.

Important condition: if it is something that needs to be applied to the skin, then use this product after sunscreen, and not vice versa.

Aerosol from mosquitoes and ticks with andiroba oil
132 rub

4. Pure water (the more the better)

We already told you that wet wipes are not a panacea, or you and your friends should wash their hands before eating to avoid a number of troubles. And after a meal, situations may arise when the water is not superfluous. It’s better to take some H2O back with you to the city than try to find a clean source in the forest (good luck with this).

Here, too, everything is classic: no one is safe from the fact that in the midst of fun he definitely will not get a head / tooth / stomach or something else, and in case someone gets hurt, something will have to be done with it do. It’s better to think about it beforehand than to suffer later, agree?

6. Knife (preferably Swiss)

Even if you cut everything in advance or, sitting at home, it seems to you that the knife in nature will be superfluous - take it with you. He takes up a little space, and he will be able to help out more than once. Especially if it is a multifunctional model "for all occasions."

Multifunction folding knife
504 rub

7. Tourist thermal pad

A blanket or a blanket is good, but a tourist thermal rug rather guarantees that you will not feel discomfort from cold or wet ground, and also, as a rule, such rugs are waterproof, resistant to pollution and folded are very compact.

Tourist thermal pad
470 rub

8. Kitchen towels

Although wipes and water can easily cope with the task of cleaning hands and cutlery, towels are more versatile: they can wrap glasses in transit, cover food to protect them from sunlight and insects, and it’s more convenient to wipe your washed hands so as not to create Extra litter from disposable paper towels.

9. Set for barbecue (+ barbecue)

Specify in advance whether the installed barbecue will be in the place where you are going to go on vacation, so that in case of something you do not take up extra space in the trunk (which, most likely, will be clogged up with loading anyway). If not - pack what you will fry the meat on, first of all.

Grill Boyscout 61252
2 750 rub.

10. Bottle openers and corkscrews

The saga of opening a wine bottle with a fork, knife or stone can be a very funny and vivid memory, but to save time and reduce the trauma of your leisure time (including from the hysterical cries of "Where's the corkscrew ?!"), put this item in your masthead list.

Thor's Hammer Opener
428 rub

11. Cutlery

Whether it will be disposable tableware or a Chinese service is not so important, it is important that the number of items is equal to the number of people invited to the event and meets all your basic needs: drink, put food on something and eat it with something (spoon, fork, knife, chopsticks - underline as necessary).

13. Thermal bag

And two are better: one for drinks, and the second for products. Because the longer the road to the destination and the hotter the weather, the higher the chances that something will go bad on the road. And in this case, not only the palatability of the food, but also its safety will be at risk.

Cooler bag
970 rub

14. Game sets (and why not?)

Yes, by default we go on picnics to eat and drink, but who forbids adding a little mobility, taking frisbee, badminton or a kite with us? And after eating, you can play cards or some kind of board game.

Russian flag kite
802 rub

Board game "Game of Thrones"
3 490 rub.

Beautiful view, close people, an unforgettable day. and fuzzy pictures on the phone. Even flagship smartphones have worse camera quality than professional cameras, so if someone from the company has one, take it!

Canon EOS 200D Kit
29 950 rub.

1. Meat (or fish)

Shish kebab is the legitimate “king” of the picnic, and we have already talked about how to make it divinely beautiful. But since your vacation, you can very well “go against the system” (of course, if everyone else does not mind).

Instead of the usual pork or chicken, you can always try a new type of meat (for example, rabbit or ram), or even fish or seafood - who knows, maybe you will like it so much that you will start a new tradition?

The farther in the summer, the more fresh vegetables will be on the market - be sure to take them with you. And along with meat (or instead) try to cook them on the grill - we assure you that it is no less tasty!

5. “Pumped” water

And so that after a fun holiday no one was tormented by a hangover, do not forget to alternate the use of strong drinks with non-alcoholic - and better still.

Drinking water is useful both before and after the feast, and if you add lemon, mint or lime to it, then drinking it will be more pleasant, and the refreshing effect will be stronger.

7. Sweets (such as marshmallows)

You probably saw in the movies how in the evenings around the bonfire the heroes strung marshmallows on sticks and roasted them under a cozy conversation. Have you ever done that? Give it a try! By the way, special marshmallows are sold for these purposes, and finding it is not so difficult.

Raise your hand those who love to make salads in nature! If you, like us, are not among these enthusiasts, then solve this problem in advance. By the way, here you can also try something new - for example, a hearty potato salad or a salad with pasta.

Fresh and crispy, preferably: a French baguette or tortillas that can be broken and torn - this is much more convenient in nature!

This is an appetizer of chickpeas puree, which usually includes sesame paste, olive oil, garlic, lemon juice and paprika. An ideal choice for those who want something tasty, satisfying and healthy at a picnic (is that about you?).

He makes everything tastier. And it’s up to you to decide exactly how it will be - hard or soft, portioned or “head”. The main condition is that it is fresh and of high quality. However, like all other products on our list.