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A living tree is a pleasant smell and a New Year's mood. But the holidays sooner or later end, the tree begins to crumble and cause inconvenience. Usually at this moment people take him out to a garbage container, falling asleep on the way to the floor in the apartment and the entrance with needles from dried spruce.

We will tell you how to get rid of the tree so as not to get out after this half day, and how you can use the tree to good use.

How to take a Christmas tree out of the apartment?

If your Christmas tree is small, you can completely pack it in a garbage bag or put it on a sheet, wrap it in cloth and fasten it with a rope or scotch tape.

If you have chosen a large tree, before you take it outside, cut or cut branches. This should be done as close to the trunk as possible. Put the branches in garbage bags and take them out with the trunk.

What to do with needles?

Even if you have completed the previous steps, a certain number of needles will still remain on the floor. They can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. But keep in mind that needles can damage it.

You can use scotch tape to assemble the needles. Putting it with the sticky side to the carpet, you can easily remove all the needles.

Christmas tree in a bag, needles removed. What's next?

Most of the trees after the holidays ingloriously end their lives in a landfill or incinerator.

There are much more useful ways to dispose of them. In some cities, at the end of the New Year holidays, volunteers organize the collection and processing of used fir trees. In the future, they are crushed and turned into wood chips using woodworking machines.

How can I use chopped spruce?

According to experts of the WWF Russia Forest Program, Christmas tree chips can be used as part of fertilizers as an alternative fuel for boiler houses and even as feed and litter for some animals. But it is important to remember that there should not be any tinsel and toy debris on trees that are being recycled.

Where exactly should the spruce be assigned to be processed?

In 2019, 473 points for receiving Christmas trees will work in Moscow. You can rent a tree from January 9 to March 1. All collected spruce will be sent for processing, and in the future they will be used for composting and soil production. A full list of collection points is on the official website of the Moscow Mayor.

How many people take the tree to such points?

Environmentalists note that while most people just throw out Christmas trees, and only a few think about environmentally friendly disposal. According to experts of the WWF Russia Forest Program, only people who are close to the topic of respect for natural resources hand over Christmas trees for processing. The reason for this is also because people receive little information about such promotions.

In addition, in Russia the processing system is still underdeveloped, in principle, adds Roman Pukalov, director of environmental programs at the All-Russian public organization Green Patrol. “Maybe the Kremlin tree will be fragmented, sulphated, pressed and made of ten clubs. But this is not Russian experience,” he says.

Maybe next year it’s worth buying an artificial spruce so as not to suffer from living?

Environmentalists insist: a living tree, brought home, deliberately dies. “At a waste incineration plant (where the spruce gets from the garbage container), it becomes an additional source of carbon dioxide and, perhaps, gives a little heat to the city. This is certainly a plus. But it would be better if it were not initially cut so that it remained in a small forest, ”said Roman Pukalov.

Artificial spruce seems to be a more environmentally friendly and economically advantageous acquisition, because you buy one product for several years. However, according to experts of the WWF Russia Forest Program, the disposal of such spruce has a much more negative impact on the environment than the processing of live spruce. Because recycling plastic spruce is quite difficult, and they practically do not decompose. Once at the landfill, they poison groundwater, and falling into incinerators - atmospheric air.

The ideal option, according to experts, could be a New Year's Eve out of town, where you can dress up a live Christmas tree, which grows on the site. If it is not there, you can always plant a tree yourself.

Another option is the composition of the branches. "If you thin out the spruce a little, it’s even good for the tree," Pukalov said.

For those who, in spite of everything, want a living tree, a fir tree in a tub can be a good option. “We have recently developed a network of nurseries of live Christmas trees in pots,” Pukalov explains. “They can be bought for about the same amount (as cut down - approx. TASS). Such a tree can be brought home for two weeks in the heat. Then "it’s necessary to remove toys from it and place it first in a cool room, and then bury it in snow. Until spring it will stand in the snow, then it can either be planted in the park, or taken to the forest, or buried in a summer cottage."

How to remove a living Christmas tree wisely and without garbage: 6 important tips

For several hundred years now, the main symbol of the New Year and Christmas has been the New Year or Christmas tree. And, of course, despite the huge assortment of artificial fir trees, we all want to dress up a real, living tree that rejoices us with its magnificent aroma for a long time after the holidays, giving us a fabulous atmosphere of New Year's magic. But, as you know, the holidays are coming to an end, and there is a need to free the spruce from toys and garlands in order to take out the New Year tree from the house. How to remove the Christmas tree to reduce the amount of garbage to a minimum - we learn from our article!

Why is it hard to remove a Christmas tree?

Any plant devoid of roots and nutrition will fade sooner or later. This also applies to the New Year tree. It gradually loses the ability to maintain branches, provide needles with nutrition, and loses its ability to photosynthesis. That is why, after some time, the needles turn yellow, dry, crumble and at the slightest touch with a hail fall to the floor! So, in the house there is excess garbage. It is not so easy to take out the tree - because of the sprawling branches, the tree is almost impossible to carry into the doorways, and when you try to do it all the same, it leaves behind a path of crumbled needles, dry small branches and bark. To minimize the amount of garbage, the tree should be removed before the onset of Baptism. It is also connected with a popular sign that by the Christian holiday the house should have been clean. As for the terms from the point of view of dendrology - a science that studies trees, the amount of time from the moment a tree is cut down to its drying usually does not exceed 2 weeks.

The simplest and most effective tips to help clean the Christmas tree and not bother

There are several ways to quickly remove the spruce and at the same time not to spend the whole day cleaning not only at home, but also the entrance from the scattering of small dry needles:

  • The simplest and probably weird way is to throw the tree out of the window, and then take it to the trash can. So you can avoid garbage in the entrance and on the territory. But there is a risk that your method will not be pleasant to neighbors and passers-by, because there is a possibility that a tree will fly into someone through a window or onto a balcony. In addition, you need to strictly control that the flying Christmas tree does not fall on a person who just walked past your windows. By the way, using this method, you free yourself from garbage outside the house, but not inside it, since the needles in the room still crumble when you try to push the tree into the window opening. Despite the fact that we talked about this method as a joke, many of our compatriots do just that, and, moreover, do not bother to take the Christmas tree to the trash! And the dried-up stick-trees stick out of dirty snowdrifts!

  • The best way is to pre-protect surfaces from crumbling needles. Lay old newspapers or paper around the trunk. Prepare large trash bags. Free the tree from the ornaments, and prun the pruners with branches to the very base, as close to the trunk as possible. Fold the branches in bags, scatter the needles together with the paper and wrap them in another garbage bag. Next, vacuum the place of installation of the tree and take out the garbage.
  • A small tree can be wrapped in bulk bags on both sides - bottom and top, without cutting branches. To do this, you need durable plastic bags that utilities use to collect autumn leaves. The joints of the packages should be rewound with tape and in this form, transport the tree to the garbage can. If you have a big bag that the Christmas tree can enter completely - this is generally ideal! Before installing the Christmas tree, simply lay the bag on the floor, curling its edges. So that the package does not violate New Year's beauty, it can be “camouflaged” with tinsel. After the holidays, it remains only to expand the package and drag it with tape or rope! No dirt, no debris, no needles on the floor!

  • Some propose using large covers for clothes to pack a Christmas tree that has expired. We wrap the tree, fasten the lock, and the fir tree is securely packed. But the bags for clothes themselves are much more expensive than ordinary plastic garbage bags.
  • Due to the fact that the Christmas tree can easily pierce a plastic bag, some suggest using an old sheet or a suitable fabric, for example, old curtains, to take out a dried Christmas tree. Spread a large old sheet or other piece of cloth next to the tree and carefully transfer the tree to it. Wrap a tree, tie the resulting “mummy” with a rope and boldly take it out to the street.

  • If the Christmas tree is very small (up to 1 meter high), it can be quite simply rewound with the most ordinary food wrap, which wise travelers use for home packing luggage - it is wider than a simple narrow film for food products. You need to start packing the Christmas tree from the bottom, moving upward, on the road "folding" the sticking out tarts closer to the trunk.

It is worth noting that even dried spruce can be beneficial. So, some give the New Year symbol for processing in the paper industry, and a number of zoos and animal shelters accept spruce to provide flooring in aviaries or even as food for herbivores.

What days is the tree cleaned?

And to begin with, many Orthodox Christians decorate the tree not on New Year's Eve, but after its advent, in the first days of January, just in time for Christmas. And they remove it only on another significant Christian holiday - Baptism, which is celebrated on January 19. But these rules, of course, are not clear and sticking to them is not necessary at all.

Chinese New Year

Some people keep the tree even longer in their home, and clean it only on the day when the New Year begins according to the Eastern calendar, and this often happens even in February. It is just about these people that we can say that they celebrated the year of that animal, under the sign of which it will pass. After all, all these traditions to attribute a year to one of the 12 animals came to us from China. However, few people know that the Chinese themselves begin the year about a month later than ours.

old New Year

Many residents of our country choose a different day for cleaning the New Year tree - January 14, that is, the first day of the New Year in the old style. And it’s not difficult to understand what determines this choice. By this time, the New Year holidays are already ending, not only in adults, but also in children.

There is even a long-standing belief that by January 14, the conifer standing in the house will completely exhaust its entire supply of positive energy.

In addition, many are already beginning to prepare for Epiphany, carrying out a general cleaning, and along with the accumulated garbage they take out the Christmas tree at the same time.

3. Exfoliating trunk

The fact that the time has come to remove the tree is also indicated by the delamination of its trunk. There is not even any mysticism. Neither a brownie nor another character is involved in this, the existence of which has not been proved. It’s just that if you don’t remove the tree after the beginning of the stratification of the trunk, then it will soon fall apart completely.

Do I need to clean the tree before Baptism?

But from those who are trying to understand when, after all, they should get rid of the holiday tree, one can often hear the question: “Do you need to remove the tree before Baptism or after it has come?”

And to answer this question, first of all, you need to turn to history and remember the pre-revolutionary era. As you know, at that time, until the Bolsheviks seized power in the beginning of the 20th century, every holiday was tied to the Orthodox calendar. And according to him, all the decorations in the house, including the main thing - the Christmas tree should appear before Christmas, and they should be removed before Baptism.

According to Orthodox traditions, on the last day before Baptism, the Christmas time ends, and by this time everyone was trying to remove from the house everything that symbolizes the New Year.

At the same time, it was impossible to just take the tree out onto the street and leave it there. After all, then wealth, luck and prosperity are thrown out with it. Therefore, the most superstitious inhabitants of pre-revolutionary Russia did not throw away the spruce, which pleased them for several weeks, but carefully chopped it and then burned it. Moreover, excess firewood in the Russian hut in the winter, and even during the Epiphany frosts certainly will not hurt.

What do priests say when to clean the tree?

Many, thinking about when to clean the tree, turn to priests for advice. After all, who, like them, knows the Orthodox traditions related to the most significant Christian holidays better than others. And in response from them you can hear that there is no difference when to install the tree and when to take it out of the house.

They, as a rule, argue that everyone must decide for himself how long a festive tree should stand in his house. It is best, according to the clergy, not to take signs or even church holidays, but family traditions.

Rules for dismantling an artificial Christmas tree

If during the New Year holidays an artificial tree brought joy to the whole family, then there should not be any great difficulties with its dismantling. It is only important to observe the four basic rules.

  1. Toys removed from the Christmas tree are put into a box depending on how much they weigh. The heaviest should lie below. And those that are easier, neatly fit on them.
  2. When winding the garlands, you need to be careful not to bend the wires much.
  3. So that after 11 months, when it is time to decorate the tree again, so as not to lose a lot of time installing it, you need to add branches of the same level together.
  4. It is better to put tinsel, serpentine and rain in a vacuum bag.

How to disassemble a living tree?

Things will be more difficult if the main New Year decoration in the house was a natural Christmas tree brought from the forest. After all, you need not just to remove all the toys from it, but to do this work so that many dried needles do not fall on the floor. To simplify the process of disassembling a living tree, you can do the following.

  1. Cover the floor under the tree with something.
  2. Remove objects that needles can dig into away from the tree.
  3. After that, you can take it by the trunk and shake it so that the weakest needles crumble.
  4. Now that the most durable needles are left on the tree, you can begin to remove toys from it.
  5. The tree left without decorations should be removed from the mount.
  6. Then you can take some kind of wide cloth and wrap it with a Christmas tree.
  7. Being wrapped, the tree is easily carried out of the house.

When there are no more Christmas trees in the house, all that remains is to remove the garbage remaining after it. It is best to clean the needles scattered across the floor with a vacuum cleaner. If there is no possibility to use such a device, then you can take an ordinary sponge in the kitchen, with which dishes are washed, stick 2-sided tape to it and walk around the room.

Many, in order to reduce the number of fallen needles, chop off spruce branches, wrap them in plastic film and take them out. However, you can wrap the whole tree, if, of course, its branches are not too wide.

From the foregoing, it is easy to conclude that you can disassemble the tree at any time. The main thing is to ensure that the needles do not dry out and do not crumble. And if there is an opportunity to admire the forest beauty for a longer time, then you should not neglect it.