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Wedding Styles: Photos and Decor Ideas


The classical wedding ceremony is elegant, elegant and beautiful with that beauty that will be relevant even after years. Invitations decorated with calligraphy are suitable for her, on which a restaurant or even a castle will be indicated as the venue, and at the end of the holiday the newlyweds will definitely cut a multi-level cake.

2. Romantic garden

Such a wedding is simply fragrant with flowers. The venue for this event is usually a well-kept garden or a country estate. For design, romantic images and bright colors are used. The basis of floristry is mainly made up of peonies, garden roses, sweet peas, greens and small wildflowers.

Emphasized minimalism, impeccable taste, exquisite details and the embodiment of the most daring fantasies - this is what the urban style is. The main concept of such a celebration is to avoid the standards inherent in a classic wedding. The design welcomes bold experiments and unexpected decisions. An art gallery or loft-style room is a great place to hold such a celebration.

The main features of a rustic wedding are the charm of lightness and negligence, which makes it so special. The use of natural materials and elegant details allows you to create a touching and romantic atmosphere. Usually such weddings are held on farms, in nature, or even in sheds, which are decorated with chandeliers hanging from wooden beams, and greens tied with twine.

Such a wedding is suitable for a tropical island or a seaside hotel. In a word, for those places where the sea breeze rubs the hair of the newlyweds at the moment when they pronounce the words of the oath. In order to make this theme recognizable, the decor uses characteristic details: driftwood, shells, corals and flying, light fabrics. The best decoration of such a wedding is a panoramic view!

What are the styles of weddings?

The modern world of festive fashion is full of amazing and unusual wedding themes. For example, one of the most popular wedding scenarios is the Russian style of wedding, in which the newlyweds try to revive forgotten traditions and rites. A colorful and interesting event will surely remain in the memory of not only young people, but also each guest individually.

Popular styles of celebrations in 2019 include:

  • Classic wedding style,
  • Rustic style celebration:
  • Rococo,
  • Renaissance theme
  • Themed weddings on films,
  • Wedding styles in favorite shades and much more.

In the thematic articles on our website you will find interesting information about each style, a useful bonus will be the useful recommendations that have been tested by thousands of brides from different cities of the CIS and colorful photos of wedding styles. Find everything important in one place - isn't that what the bride needs in pre-wedding preparations?

Rustic, boho, provence and more wedding decoration

Before you begin to think about the details of designing a thematic wedding, carefully consider not only the theme, but also the wedding scenario in the style of the upcoming event. After all, even the smallest detail is able to smash down the general idea if it does not correspond to the given topic. Here are a few examples of how the seemingly similar styles differ.

Themed wedding in Provence style:

  1. The basic palette is pastel shades. No bright colors!
  2. Vintage furniture about french villages
  3. Delicate greens and an abundance of floral decorations - a must!
  4. Emphasis on small areas of fabric, such as napkins, with floral prints, in peas or cage.
  5. Lace, ruffles, crocheted decoration details.

Wedding Style - Boho:

  1. The wedding dress is always made from natural materials, the legs include low-heeled shoes or wedges,
  2. Natural colors that are found in nature,
  3. Ethnic motifs in the design. The main thing is not to overdo it!
  4. Celebrating the event is better to transfer to nature, emphasizing the unity of the wedding style with the environment.

Rustic wedding a lot of similar details from the above topics, but he stands out with a number of important details:

  1. The color scheme of the wedding - natural calm shades,
  2. The design must have the presence of natural materials: wood, moss, cones, flowers, greens, branches and even wild berries,
  3. It is better to choose a bouquet from wildflowers. Or make them extra notes,
  4. The clothes of the young are as comfortable as possible and made of natural fabrics.

About how to properly approach the design of your favorite style, read below in the articles.

How to choose a wedding style 2019

It is important for every bride to understand that you should not chase a fashionable wedding. At the celebration, it is young that should be comfortable and cozy in the first place. Actually therefore, wedding styles 2019 are so diverse in themes and even financial investments.

When planning a celebration, style and theme of a holiday, always rely on your wedding budget. It is about him that you should take care from the first steps of pre-wedding preparation. Having an idea of ​​material possibilities, you can choose the styles of wedding decoration.

Next, consider the taste of each side. The bride and groom have an equal word, because this day is especially important for each of them. Discuss every little thing so that no unpleasant surprises arise during the ceremony.

For example, the boho wedding style is perfect for romantic and airy natures, and for lovers of rigor and restraint we recommend a classic wedding event.

Remember, the wedding program, design, and even the scenario of a bachelorette party and a bachelor party, must correspond exclusively to the taste of the young. It is so sad to realize after that the moment was missed to organize a truly perfect wedding for yourself and your loved ones.

Themed Wedding Ideas

The most diverse options for theme weddings have long been waiting for you on our pages! Funny and funny, touching and romantic - we will try to pleasantly surprise every couple, because the ideal style of wedding design will help to reveal the taste and personality of future spouses.

More and more newlyweds are showing interest in original themed weddings. It can be a ceremony with a nautical theme or immersion in a vampire saga ... All in order to make the holiday stand out and stay away from standard cliches.

6. Bohemian

Boho-style weddings are a mixture of the spirit of freedom, romanticism, a rich color palette and lush, wild flora. The use of seemingly incompatible things in the decor, such as oriental carpets, crowns and flower chandeliers, gives out gypsy roots in the Boho style. Eclecticism, hippies, hand-made, folk and eccentricity - all this is characterized by the style of such a wedding.

Such a holiday is suitable for a bride who presents herself at her own wedding as a diva. Crystals, massive compositions and metal are used in the design; pink, white and gold prevail in the color palette. A luxurious hall, a motorcade, crystal glasses, mirrors in massive frames, tall fruit vases, candelabra, silverware, expensive fabric ... In a word, all the attributes of a “sweet life” are appropriate here!

In this wedding, everything natural is used: in the design - organic materials, in color - beige, green, blue and white tones, in clothes - textured fabrics. Unity with nature should be felt in everything. In invitation boards with scorched text and in the simplest design possible, the decoration of which will be moss, shells, wicker baskets, reeds, ceramics, clay and even jute instead of satin ribbons.

Casual is a style of soul-free people that combines classic, romantic, sporting and folklore trends. This is an opportunity to play, because there are no strict rules in the dress code. Only at this wedding can you come in a jacket, sneakers and a stylish hat. The only condition is that the images should correspond to the theme of the wedding, and the color accessories of the dresses of the bride and groom should be in harmony with each other.