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How to create a cartoon on a computer?


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Creating a plasticine cartoon is a great way to try yourself in animation. It will take a lot of time and effort, so be patient. You will also need a computer program for video processing, suitable plasticine or polymer clay for character figures, as well as materials for creating the background. In addition, you will need to think through the plot of the cartoon to the smallest detail. In plot planning, creating a storyboard will help you. Once the planning phase is complete, you can install the camera and start taking pictures. And when you shoot all the necessary material, you just have to edit it in the program to get the finished cartoon!

How to make a cartoon do-it-yourself

You must admit that among all children's activities: sports sections, walks, reading, video games, legos, etc., cartoons are in the lead. But what if passive viewing is replaced by active creativity? After all, your child can independently create a cartoon right at home! This interesting thing develops imagination, fine motor skills of hands and improves computer literacy. Show the child how to create a cartoon on the computer, and he will surely be carried away by it. Start with the simplest one - the technique of stop motion (stop-motion), "revitalization" of the figures. For the first experience, remove the Lego cartoon with the little men from the constructor. Then tell the young animator how to make a cartoon out of plasticine or paper, and then the creative will go on increasing!

Of course, it is important to choose a simple and understandable program. Movavi video editor will serve as a convenient application for creating cartoons and arouse interest in creativity. Follow our step-by-step instructions and create your own cartoon with your child!

Prepare the characters

If you conceived a Lego cartoon, select the necessary figures from the Lego constructor. For a plasticine fairy tale, mold the characters from plasticine, making them a wire frame for strength. Crafts made of paper, natural materials, figures from Kinder surprise or miniature dolls can also be used as heroes.

Make frame-by-frame animation

Now you need to shoot a series of photos where the characters will change position in accordance with the plot. It’s best to shoot with a tripod, but if you don’t have one, you can simply mount the camera so that the shooting angle does not change. For each simple movement of the characters you need to make at least 2-3 frames.

Add a photo and create a video

Press button Add Files and select photos for the cartoon. All selected images will be automatically transferred to Assembly table. To arrange photos in the desired order, simply drag and drop them on Video track. Next, you need to set the duration of the show for all slides. To do this, click Transition wizardas shown in the illustration and enter the desired value in the field Slide duration. For a cartoon, a duration of 100 - 300 ms is suitable.

Overlay sound

Press the button again Add Files and select the desired audio file. If necessary, you can trim the excess part of the audio. To do this, set the red marker where you want to cut the track, and press the button Cut, as it shown on the picture. Click on the unnecessary part and delete it with the button Delete on keyboard.

Save the finished cartoon

Click on the button Save, in the window that appears, select the video format and click Start. Congratulations, your cartoon is ready!

You are convinced that creating an animated film from photographs at home is easy. But that is not all! Want to move your heroes to a tropical island or to a parallel universe? No problems! To change the scene of a cartoon, it’s enough to take photos for it on a plain green or blue background and familiarize yourself with our instructions for using the Chromakey effect.

How did the idea come

I started creating cartoons when I was at university. Another Student Spring was approaching, and we needed to come up with an original issue. I really wanted to show something unusual, which neither the jury members nor the audience had yet seen. Then I remembered that as a child I loved to sculpt plasticine figures. It was my favorite toy. So I got the bold idea to show a plasticine cartoon. Moreover, in our country there is a rich tradition of such animation. “Plasticine crow” is known to absolutely everyone.

Modeling from plasticine Alexey Artemyev loves since childhood

In the administration, my plan was approved and even given me an office in the hostel for filming. There, I worked with my assistants for 6-8 hours a day. As a result, the cartoon "Plasticine Student" appeared. And I decided to continue to develop in this direction. There were many ideas then.

Gifts of the Magi

Cartoons for me are not work, but just a hobby, a hobby. For this, neither I nor my assistants have ever received any money. My main goal is to enjoy the process and, of course, to please and surprise the viewer, to make him think: “How was this done?” Watching such a reaction is truly priceless.

One two-three-minute cartoon can be shot more than a year

To date, my most significant work is the cartoon “Gifts of the Magi”. This is a free interpretation of the story of the same name by O. Henry. Two lovers want to give each other gifts for Christmas Eve, but they have no money. Then they decide to sell the most valuable things. A girl has her hair, and a guy has a watch. But ironically, a guy buys a hair comb as a gift for the money earned, and a girl buys a watch chain.

How cartoons are shot

Creating cartoons takes a lot of time and effort. One two-three-minute cartoon can be removed for more than a year. Actually the production of the cartoon consists of two stages: modeling and animation. Modeling takes much more time, but the animation requires tremendous effort, so it’s impossible to say unequivocally that this is more difficult.

The process takes place at a regular desk. Characters, objects, background - all this must be sculpted from plasticine. To take the “Gifts of the Magi” I needed over 20 kilograms of source material.

25-30 photos are required per second of the final video

The creation of the cartoon itself at first glance looks straightforward. All fashioned figures are arranged in a certain order, and a photograph is taken. Then the position of the figures changes a little, and the next photograph is taken. And so until you shoot the whole plot.

One second of the final video requires 25-30 photos. It is easy to calculate how many frames you need to shoot for a simple three-minute cartoon.

What's next

Unfortunately, now the time for creating new cartoons is sorely lacking. I devote all my time to work, and to engage in such a serious matter from case to case, in snatches, is impossible. And still I want to try myself in some new genres. In the near future - try to do plasticine photographs. These are such fashioned miniatures with backgrounds and characters.

There is practically no upper price limit for professional equipment