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How to write an essay on the topic My city: tips and tricks


So I’m constantly thinking about how to start writing, what’s all the same better, writing about real locality, cities, etc. or fictional, some kind of Kirasevo, etc ?!

readers answer this question!

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It is more interesting to read about the real area, but I personally did not dare to write like that. I was afraid that someone I knew would read it.

_that was the same garbage! I’m writing, but from my acquaintances there are a lot of readers and it’s not convenient, I have to think up! But how do you say the city of Moscow, and there are many suburbs, towns! You can take the name of the suburb, etc.! Save the name, and the terrain of the building, etc. do your own!? ____________________________________________________

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Well, personally for me, it’s not so important whether the described street / locality matches the real one or whether Bobruisk is in reality. The main thing is that it was fun and realism was present.

realism is nicer to read.

You can write about revenge or people :)

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Is it like with Freddy Krueger (I hope everyone knows who?) Did it work?

Fellow travelers are not chosen, they are selected.

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Freddie Krueger was the name of the boy who offended the director of "A Nightmare on Elm Street" at school :)))

Fellow travelers are not chosen, they are selected.

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On the contrary, I’m interested in both reading and writing about the real area, but if both the author and the reader know the place being described, they present it more clearly, the imagination adds details that are really present in that place.

Everyone agrees with mine, that's good! real so real.

I’m more interested in reading (and writing) about something real. And if you do not want to indicate real names and titles - you can simply describe. Or, as Burke did, for example, change the names a little. Thirty - Chelyabinsk 40, Pyshtym - Kyshtym, etc.

In principle, no difference.

BUT, for example, I’m not particularly oriented in Moscow, I was there three to four times. And I begin to get bored when the author describes in detail such as "I was driving along such and such a street, turned to such and such a street, drove a number to the house and wrapped it in the nooks and crannies near the bread stall" there is certainly no one who often happens to be on that street certainly admire accuracy, but not everyone else.

It is very difficult to write about real cities, but this is a thankful task.

Firstly, the story is dressed in travel, impressions, and besides, if there is a photo - aptitude is generally super.

The photographs on the table are a map and there’s not just a note, but an easy novel.

I ride myself - any city is good.

Fantastic, I won’t lie - they are also good if you see them clearly.

But, the choice is always up to the reader

I’ll join Jamir’s kamment, except that I add that it’s very bad for the people to describe what they didn’t see, I personally can only come up with four or five places on the move and they will never be original, in which case it’s much easier not invent and paint in detail something existing.

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There is one BUT. When you write about real places, very often the details that seem obvious to you are spontaneously omitted. If you imagine this place very well, this does not mean that its description may be limited to 1-2 sentences for the reader. I realized this mistake when a year later I read "from my early" one story.

Instead, you can do it more cunningly, create a kind of compilation of objects. Such a collage from familiar places. A very striking example is locations in the call of Pripyat: a heap of various buildings, structures, remarkable objects on a minimal area. And since I also draw a little, then for myself I do schematic sketches so as not to miss anything.

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Not really. It is one thing if the description of any particular city is, for example, Moscow or St. Petersburg, where there are such memorable places. like Red Square, St. Basil's Cathedral or the Admiralty Spire and Nevsky Prospect.

Quite different are cities that for the most part are similar - Novosibirsk and Novokuznetsk, for example.

Or if I describe Tel Aviv and Haifa, then the significant difference will only be for those who really lived there. And for those who have never been there - what's the difference? Both cities in Israel, both near the sea.

Here in such an acceptance

I am for real places. And I myself write this way, expanding the plot specifically on them, and it is more interesting to read about them - the effect of even greater realism is created, it is interesting to find out in descriptions of the places where I myself have been.

The smallest details (such as the nook and crannies of a bread stall) are not particularly needed - only if they have any significance for the plot.

And on the contrary, even if the names were originally invented, the details are built on real places.

Fellow travelers are not chosen, they are selected.

It’s worth writing about the area that is familiar to you, which you can visualize to the smallest detail. So come out more vividly. If the imagination is so well developed, then you can describe fictional cities. And if not, then it’s better to abstain.


This is the first part of any work. An essay on the theme "My city" is no exception. The introduction should be small in size, but after reading it, everyone is obliged to understand what will be discussed further. You can write something like this: "Each of us has our own hometown. This is the place where a person was born and spent his childhood. And let many people then go to other cities to look for their place in the sun, but here they always they’ll be happy to return. After all, here is their house, memories and, of course, painfully familiar streets. For me, this is my hometown of N ".

Such an introduction makes it clear that later on in the text the author will tell about where he was born, and also share his feelings and emotions with the reader. This will be enough, since the main topic will be revealed in the main part.


An essay on the theme "My city" can be written in any way. This direction for the essay gives the author complete freedom of creativity. As an option - the essay "Autumn in my city." It can look like this: “I love my city. It is always beautiful, but this place looks very special in the autumn. We have many parks that are comfortably located between whole tree alleys. In October and November, a real fairy tale reigns here. From the trees golden, crimson, brown, brown and scarlet leaves begin to fall, falling asleep all around. They rustle very nicely underfoot. Sitting on a bench, you can see autumn leaves shining through the leaves that have not fallen from the trees. I often come here in October Watching such landscapes, I understand why poets sang the fall. "

In the same vein, winter, spring or summer can be described. This is left to the discretion of the author. The main thing is that the topic should be finally revealed.


Many students have a question: how to finish the essay on the theme "My city"? Well, some have difficulties with the beginning of the essay, while others care about the end. In fact, everything is simple. It is only necessary to summarize all of the above. The main thing is to make it so that the reader does not have a feeling of incomplete text.

A paragraph written in this spirit will be an excellent conclusion to the essay: “Almost everyone loves and appreciates their hometown. Although many in their youth do not understand this. But then, returning to their native land, they realize this. It becomes warm in my soul, before I see with my eyes pictures of past years, childhood, youth. Seeing a certain place, you involuntarily remember what was connected with it. And I’m almost sure that if I have to leave, I will experience the same thing, returning here to my native and beloved city "

So it is quite possible to complete the essay. Many people finish the composition on the theme “My City” in different ways, and this is one of the good options.


Finally, a couple of tips on writing an essay should be given. The composition “My favorite city” will be easier to compose if you first outline a short plan with keywords. For each conceived paragraph - a line. Looking at such a plan, you can remember what else I would like to say in the essay. And it will not be possible to miss any important thought.

Do not forget about the use of artistic means of expression. Of course, you do not need to go too far with them. Otherwise, the text will be overloaded, and such a reading is very difficult. But the “dry” essay also should not be. In general, if you remember these basic rules, then you will be able to cope with the work much faster.