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What to do if the hole in the ears is overgrown?


Earrings in the ears today are worn not only by girls, but also by young guys. And if 20 years ago everyone was limited to one small puncture, well, or at most 2-3 tiny points, now it is extremely fashionable to make tunnels in your ears. However, over time, you may want to get rid of such an extravagant attribute, then ugly elongated holes will remain in the urine.

Is it possible to grow holes in the ears? And how to do it exactly?

Appeal to the salon

Today, ears are pierced in the most unexpected places. The hole is made not only in the lobe, but also on the curl of the auricle and on the inside of the cartilage. Also, salons are asked to make tunnels. These holes are 1-5 cm, sometimes more. They are made in two ways. A more correct method is to pierce a small hole and gradually stretch it to the desired size. In the process, the rim rings change from smaller to large. A more traumatic way is to immediately punch a hole of the desired size in the lobe. Typically, this procedure is performed for those who want to get the tunnels immediately.

And if the earlobe can be pierced at home, with a special disposable pistol or even a sterile needle, then it is not worth experimenting with tunnels and holes in other parts of the auricle. It is best to do them in the cabin: in appropriate conditions and ensuring the sterility of the instrument.

What happens to ear holes over time?

The problem with tunnels is that they look attractive only when special rims are worn in them. If they are removed, the lobes ugly ugly. Therefore, having such an ornament, it is very difficult to change the image from informal to business. That is why some of the people who once made tunnels decide to get rid of them. And they begin to think about how to quickly grow holes in the ears.

But it is not necessary to consider that only owners of huge tunnels need to solve this problem. In fact, many are interested in how to grow holes in the ears, and among them:

  1. Lovers wear large massive jewelry, which is why the holes take an ugly elongated shape.
  2. People who, for physiological reasons, have formed scar tissue in the form of bulging balls at the puncture site.
  3. Those who are unlucky with the salon, because of which the holes in the ears are not at the same level or at an angle, which is noticeable when you wear jewelry.
  4. People aged who have a hole in the auricle deformed.

How long will the hole in the ear grow?

How to grow holes in the ears? The first thing to do is remove the earrings. Over time, the ears will begin to overgrow. How much time is required depends on the physiological characteristics of the person. Someone’s holes are covered with a film in a day or two, and someone can walk for years, and his ears will not heal. Another important factor is how long the punctures were made. The timing indicators are as follows:

  • If you immediately insert jewelry after punching and then remove it, then after 5-10 minutes it will be problematic to insert the earring into the same hole. This is due to tissue swelling and narrowing of the canal.
  • Fresh puncture heals from 2 weeks to 1.5 months.
  • If you wear jewelry a couple of months after the puncture, the channel will be finally formed. But he can still heal - in 1.5-2 months.
  • If you wear the jewelry in your ear for 1 to 3 years, then the hole is pulled by a film over 3-6 months. However, the earring can still be inserted into such an opening without repeated piercing, but it will be a little painful.
  • Wearing earrings for more than 5 years makes spontaneous overgrowth of holes impossible. As a maximum, only a thin film can appear.

Also, many are interested in whether it is possible to grow ears without suturing the holes after the tunnels. For them, the same rules apply in many ways - if the holes are fresh, then they can heal on their own. True, most often such an ear has an ugly unnatural shape. The size of the tunnels is also of great importance - the more the hole is stretched, the less likely it is to grow on its own, without the help of cosmetic surgery.

Folk method

How to heal holes in the ears using folk methods? I would like to immediately note that there are no miracle herbs that can heal tissue instantly. But some recommend a very barbaric technique - to stretch the earlobe and pass the red-hot needle through the hole. The principle of operation is that the formed walls of the channel are burned, and the exposed tissues grow together. As a result, a tiny whitish scar should remain on the lobe, almost imperceptible to others.

But not everyone dares to try this dangerous and traumatic method on themselves, besides its effectiveness is in great doubt.

Creams for resorption of scars

The next method, how to remove a hole in the ear from an earring, is to use various creams to absorb scar tissue. They are applied to a problem place or do compresses at night. Usually you have to wait a long time for the result - weeks, and sometimes months.

Also, judging by customer reviews, fresh punctures heal well and the newly formed scar tissue resolves. But if the problem is more than 3 years old, then this tool may not help.

"Kontraktubeks" and its analogues

How and how to grow holes in the ears? Most often, for the healing of punctures and resorption of scars on the auricle, the drug "Contractubex" is recommended. This is a combined agent with anti-inflammatory, antithrombotic and keratolytic effects. The active ingredients of "Kontraktubeks" stimulate cell regeneration.

The drug is available in the form of a gel. The drug consumption is 0.5 cm per 25 cm 2 area, so one tube is enough for auricles for a long time even with long-term treatment. The gel is applied 2-3 times a day. The course of treatment is 1 month for fresh scars, and up to six months for old dense scars. In some cases, treatment should be extended to one year.

The following drugs can also be used against scars:

Plastic surgery

How to grow holes in the ears? According to reviews, plastic surgery copes best with this problem. Contacting the clinic is recommended for all particularly difficult cases, for example, when large openings remain after the tunnels, when the lobes are severely deformed, when no other remedy worked.

How do plastic surgeons heal holes in their ears? They suture them or remove the defect with a laser. The procedure is most often performed under local anesthesia, and only in especially severe cases will have to go to the clinic. After suturing the hole and forming a normal auricle, the patient is released home with a patch on the seam. The ear after the procedure usually swells, swells and hurts, so that patients are prescribed painkillers. Sutures are removed after 7-10 days, and the entire recovery period will take 3 months. It will not be possible to pierce the ear during the year after surgery.

As a result of the operation, a person has a small, barely noticeable scar. It can be polished over time to make it even less noticeable.