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How to peel eggs in a couple of seconds - 3 and a half effective methods


Each housewife has to cook eggs often. Even if the family has no tradition of eating them for breakfast, everyone loves salads. And their composition often includes testes. Cooking a product is a simple matter. Although there are subtleties. But the question is how to quickly peel eggs, sometimes even the most experienced cooks are interested. This monotonous job takes too much time. Especially if more than a dozen eggs are required. And the result is not always pleasing: it is rather difficult to clear small particles of the shell from the “core”. And in the salad, such additions are clearly superfluous.

Bit of theory

The postulate that a fresh product is always cooler than a laid one does not work for eggs, since it will not work to quickly clean boiled eggs taken from under the chicken in the morning. The shell is removed from them extremely reluctantly, tearing pieces of protein. This fact is explained simply: the fresh product has practically no air gap between the core and its shell. So if you want to avoid the pain of cleaning, buy the ingredient in advance.

The second point: cooling. If the egg cools down gradually, the process of cooking will continue, albeit slowly. So you will not receive the product of the degree of readiness that you planned. In addition, the border of the yolk with the protein will acquire an unpleasant greenish-gray hue. And most importantly, the shell will stick tightly with the "filling". So a jet of cold water becomes mandatory. And those who know how to quickly clean their eggs are advised to add ice to the saucepan. A sharp temperature drop provides easier shell departure.

Preventive measures

If you are interested in how to quickly peel boiled eggs from the shell, but you do not want to learn some techniques, albeit simple ones, you can ease the traditional way. Before immersing the product in water, you just need to dissolve a spoonful of baking soda in it. It raises the pH of the protein, the film between it and the shell loses its stickiness. It will be noticeably easier to separate.

Another secret is cooking eggs under the lid. There is no technical explanation for the phenomenon, probably physicists have never been interested in this issue. But experienced chefs assure that the feint is working. And if you know about him, then you will never begin to think about how to quickly clean the eggs. And this will greatly facilitate the culinary life.

Nowhere easier

How to quickly peel eggshells? One of the easiest ways is to roll them around the table. The product, welded in accordance with all the rules and well chilled, is placed on the surface, gently pressed by the palm of your hand and rolled back and forth a couple of times. In the process of skating, the shell will crack, most often in half. It remains only to remove the halves and brush away small fragments.

Spoon to help

The next method, how to quickly peel eggs, can be called an advanced version of the previous one. The egg rolls on the surface, only with great pressure and longer, until the shell is completely covered with cracks. In one of them, a spoon is introduced with a bulge outward. It is with her that the “insides” are taken out.

There is an alternative way to use a spoon. It is not necessary to break in an egg; after cooling, it is cut in half directly in the shell. To extract the filling from the “boat” is children's fun. It is said that this technique is most effective in cleaning fresh eggs.

Powerful lungs are required here, so this method is clearly not suitable for smokers. Holes are made in the shells of the cooked and cooled eggs at both ends. Holes must be carefully cleaned of debris. Then one of the holes (recommended that is at the narrower end) is attached to the mouth and a powerful exhalation is made. The egg pops out of the skin completely clean. But - only if there is enough pressure of exhaled air.

Just a glass

If your lungs are not very powerful, but it’s boring to roll an egg on the surface, use the most popular method in recent years. The video on Youtube demonstrating the cleanup is simply wildly popular. It is necessary to place the peeled egg in a thick-walled glass, pour it with cold water, close it tightly with your palm and shake vigorously. A few seconds - and the shell cracks so much that it is removed with a flick of the wrist. And often it is removed by itself, thanks to the water penetrating the cracks. So there is a great chance to get an almost clean egg from a glass.

Our hostesses have improved the technique. Indeed, what is the use of extra pressure? And water can splash out if the palm slips. So we take any wide enough jar with a screw cap and do the above manipulations, but in more comfortable conditions.

By the way, this is a great option on how to quickly clean eggs, if there are a lot of them. Only instead of a can we take a plastic container of sufficient size and with a tight-fitting lid.

What such a technique is good for is washing the eggshells off the egg. Inspect the ingredient for impurities in the future salad is not necessary.

How to quickly peel quail eggs

They are useful, have a pleasant taste, different from chicken "brothers", are an indispensable ingredient in many gourmet dishes. And at the same time they have a significant drawback: small size. Peeling quail eggs is a true torment. Most often, cooks are engaged in these manipulations under running water, because otherwise there is no way to remove tiny fragments of shell. And at the same time he curses his culinary fantasies, which led to such a tedious task. And the described know-how for quail eggs is unsuitable: at the output you get an unappetizing mixture of the shell and its contents.

However, the problem is defeated. To get rid of the difficulties with cleaning, the cooked quail eggs must be folded in an enameled deep bowl and filled with a solution of vinegar. And strong: for one portion of water, two shares of table vinegar are taken. Soak eggs in the fill at least two hours. Maybe longer. But then from the shell there will be only a thin film that can easily be washed off under the tap.

So cleaning the eggs is not at all such a boring thing as it seems at first glance. Everything can be done quickly and cleanly, which will bring the time of the beginning of the more interesting stages of preparation closer.

Method 1 - blow!

The most spectacular and fun option - it was him who showed me grandfather in the first place.

  1. The boiled egg needs to be slightly cooled, knocked from different sides and rolled on the table - it should be covered with a net of cracks.
  2. On the "nose" we pick out the shell so that it turns out a "bald spot" about a centimeter in diameter.
  3. On the "ass" we pick out the shell a little more - with a diameter of 2–2.5 cm.
  4. Slightly pinch the egg in a fist and with all our might blow it from the side of the nose, pressing our lips to the shell. Voila - a boiled egg pops out of his shirt.

Of course, this method is suitable in order to amuse children, but few people want to use it as an everyday one. Therefore, to your attention - Method 1.5: just tap and roll the egg to make it easier to clean.

Method 2 - shaking!

The bottom line is this: you need to ensure that moisture penetrates through the cracks in the shell - then everything unnecessary is easily separated from the surface of the protein.

You can act in different ways:

  • After cooking, pour hot water, pour 1 cm cold on the bottom and chat the pan in circular motions so that the eggs beat against each other. Cracks form in the shell through which water will penetrate.
  • Put the egg in a wide glass with thick walls, pour a little water there. Covering the glass with your hand, shake it vigorously over the sink. After such simple manipulations, a broken shell can easily be removed, like a peel.

If you need to quickly clean a lot of eggs, instead of a glass, you can use a two-liter jar with a screw cap.

Just do not overdo it - if you shake the container too much and for too long, not only the shell, but all the contents can crumble!

Method 3 - pierce!

This is an option for those who are going to cook the freshest homemade eggs and know how poorly they are being cleaned if they have not lain for several days.

  1. We take clerical buttons-skewers (those with a sharp bent corner will not work). Very carefully pierce their shell, covering the air chamber - this is the area from the "butt".
  2. Send eggs to boil as usual. Remember to add soda or salt to the water.
  3. For a minute, dropping the finished eggs in cold water, we clean each of them. The shell will come off easily, because moisture got inside the hole made by the button during cooking.

After a review of all the methods, the conclusion suggests itself: there are no miracles, and therefore you need to think about easy cleaning of chicken eggs before cooking. It is important to ensure that between the shell membrane and the protein a little moisture accumulates - then the shell can be removed in a couple of seconds.