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How to contact Microsoft support?


I think most PC users know that Microsoft has a support service (if it weren’t for a company that produces custom products), but Google’s search stubbornly gives out only two phones to contact it - a toll free number 8 800 200 8001 and Moscow number 7 495 916 7171. Of course, when you call these numbers, they will help you, but it is often inconvenient to speak about your account information or PC specifications by phone. However, few people know that Microsoft also has a tech support chat, and it’s quite good.

In order to contact Microsoft support via chat, you need to follow this link during business hours (Mon-Fri, from 10-00 to 17-00), and then select the category you are interested in, a subcategory (if any), and in continue to select chat:

The big plus of the chat is that you don’t need to write account information or PC specifications - the person “on the other side of the screen” sees them right away and can work with them - for example, change anything in your account at your request . This, in my opinion, distinguishes Microsoft chat from Apple chat - in the latter, even if you log into it from a Mac or iPhone, you will still need to enter your Apple ID data manually. Also, there are rarely queues in Microsoft’s chat - on the one hand, it’s good, on the other - not so, because my attempts to get into the chat from the Microsoft official site have failed, so if you don’t know that such a chat exists, you don’t have any access to it will get.

In any case, now you know about its existence, and you can solve any problems with Microsoft products (as well as with the account) right there, without any calls and long waiting.

Contacting Microsoft by Phone

  1. Find the product key number. The product key number is specific to your product or device and may provide your representative with additional information about your product. The key consists of 25 alphanumeric characters, recorded as 5 groups of 5 characters, separated by a dash. It is usually located on the label in the original box of your product. If you can’t find your product key, don’t worry. A Microsoft representative can tell you where to find it, depending on what type of product or device you have.

Microsoft Hotline

  • Find your guarantee, if you have one. If you purchased a warranty on your product or device, find it. Record any relevant information, such as a warranty period, so that you can indicate it to your Microsoft representative. When you contacted a counselor, tell us about the nature of the problem you are facing. Be sure to let us know how long this lasts and the version of the product you are using, if applicable. It is also useful to indicate the phone number at the start of a call in case of an unexpected disconnection.
  • Contacting Microsoft by Email

    Write a letter to [email protected] that describes your problem. Describe how long the problem lasts and whether it was constant or only occurs from time to time. Do not forget to describe any circumstances related to when problems arose, if troubles began after a new installation or a transition to a new product, for example. Include the product key number and any relevant warranty information. Be sure to include all the necessary information about your device or Microsoft product in your email address, including the product key number, if you have one. It must be located on the original packaging. Add warranty information, if applicable, as well as the version of the product or program that you are using. It is important that you provide your contact information so that your Microsoft Technical Support Specialist can contact you to discuss the issue. Indicate in your message whether you want to be contacted by e-mail or telephone, and if by telephone, specify a convenient time for communication.

    Contacting Microsoft via Live Chat

    Go to the Microsoft online chat portal. Click the blue “Start” button in the middle of the page to launch the chat dialog box. Make sure you enable pop-ups from the website, so you can use chat. Describe the nature of your problem. In the chat, a virtual assistant is first launched, which tries to pick up answers from the existing database. If this option is not suitable for you, write: "I want to talk with a live representative." A virtual assistant will immediately connect you with a live Microsoft representative if you just ask. When connecting, specify the product key, any relevant warranty information and detailed information about your problem.

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    Microsoft Hotline Numbers

    You can reach Microsoft Technical Support by calling:

    • 88002008001,
    • +74959167171.

    The first number is a free hotline, but only when calling from mobile phones of Russian operators in the state. When calling from other countries that receive support in Russia, a call will be charged for the call in accordance with the tariffs of the mobile operator. The second number is offered for dialing residents of Moscow and the region. Both lines operate Monday through Friday from 8am to 8pm, and on Saturday from 10am to 6pm.

    For calls related to work and cooperation, you must call the head office in Moscow:

    This number is intended only for employees and prospective partners.

    How does the hotline work?

    When calling the hotline to connect with the technical specialist of the desired department, the client must be informed with which product he has difficulties:

    • Windows
    • Office
    • Score,
    • Post office,
    • Account,
    • xBox
    • OneDrive
    • Skype
    • Internet Explorer
    • Edge
    • Surface
    • Mobile device.

    It is also required to provide data on the version of software that the client uses. If a corporate client calls, for example, a school about training software, which is installed massively on all computers, this also needs to be reported or selected in the voice menu.

    On the technical support line, after receiving basic data from the client, employees will be able to clearly tell what instructions to solve the problem should be followed. They can also inform about new product features or how to use them.

    Technical support employees are required to tell each step of the client in great detail, so the conversation often lasts a long time (more than 10 minutes). Although multi-line telephones work, hotline operators do not always instantly answer new calls.

    Alternative Microsoft Communication Methods

    The main way to find out the necessary information is to independently find it on the official website. There are available instructions in the "Support" section. However, this is not the only way to solve the problem.

    Microsoft has an official Facebook group where it responds for about a few hours. However, the social network discusses the issues of acquiring software, rather than problems with it. Therefore, it is recommended that you contact other communication methods with technical problems.

    On the official website in the "Support" section there is an item "Contact the community." Here you can see already created topics of other users in the language specified in the site settings. The user can join the discussion or start his own. On the side is the Feedback panel, but it is intended only for feedback on the forum, but not for solving software problems.

    For developers and corporate clients, you can contact the company employees in the appropriate tabs in the “Contacts” section - “For small, medium-sized businesses and developers” -> “Support” (bottom of the page). Further, depending on which branch the corporate client will go through, a feedback form is provided, as well as the opportunity to check the status of his previous appeal.