Useful Tips

Features of applying a tattoo on a tan, after how much after a tan you can fill a tattoo


  1. 1 Select the tattoo sticker of the shape you would like to receive. Typical stickers for tattoos using a tan can be in the form of a heart, a star, a cross, a pair of lips, or have another quite distinct and recognizable shape.
    • You can also cut any sticker of a more complex design or stencil.
  2. 2 Clean and thoroughly dry the place where you plan to place the sticker.
  3. 3 Stick the sticker on the skin.
  4. 4 Leave it glued as long as possible while you are in the sun or in the solarium. A safe alternative is to use a sunblock. Just apply the cream carefully on the skin around the sticker.
  5. 5 Remove the sticker and get at the place where it was, a patch of lighter skin.

Method 2 Using Tanning Cream

  1. 1 Before going to the sun or to the tanning bed, use sunscreen to get patterns on specific areas of the skin.
    • You can use a stencil and apply sunblock through the holes in it.
    • You can draw a picture on the skin directly with your finger or brush, but in this case, accurate drawing of the picture again can be quite difficult.
  2. 2 Leave untouched the area around the skin. When using lotions, the edges of the picture may be smeared, and the contours of the tattoo will be broken.
  3. 3 Repeat the procedure as often as possible and apply the cream as accurately as possible.

How tan affects tattoo

During tattooing, the upper layer of the epidermis is injured, so it is strictly forbidden to sunbathe, both on the beach and in the solarium. There is a high risk of sunburn. In addition, while staying in the sun, the pectoral pattern begins to fade, losing the saturation and brightness of colors.

Basic rules for tanning with a tattoo:

  • Be sure to use high-quality sunscreen cosmetics, especially sunbathing on the beach. It is best to choose products with a high content of filters from 50 to 100. This will not only protect the skin from sunburn, but also protect the tattoo from burnout.
  • It is necessary to wait for the complete healing of wounds and only then go out into the sun. Be sure to apply a sterile dressing on the tattoo for the first two weeks or until the epidermis is completely restored. Sunbathing without harm to health on the beach or in the solarium is possible only three months after applying the tattoo.
  • After tanning, a moisturizing and restorative agent should be applied to the underbody pattern, which will suspend the process of tissue death.
  • Sunbathing in the solarium, it is recommended to cover tattoos with special overlays. There are also special colorless lipsticks that protect the picture from burnout.

Method 3 Using Negative Film

  1. 1 Cut one or two frames out of the black and white negative film as desired.
  2. 2 Stick the film to the selected area of ​​the skin using a transparent adhesive tape.
  3. 3 Ultraviolet rays will penetrate through the negative, and when you remove the film, get a small photo on the skin.
  4. 4 Done.

Features of applying a tattoo on a tan

Tattooing is the subcutaneous application of pigment using special tools. The upper layer of the epidermis is injured during the procedure and requires a long recovery. Mostly, the healing process lasts from two weeks to a month. Caring for a tattoo involves not only applying special preparations to the skin, but also protection from ultraviolet exposure.

That is why it is not recommended to sunbathe immediately after the procedure.

During tanning, skin cells are also injured and need to be restored using moisturizers. Within two weeks after tanning, cosmetic procedures, including tattooing, are not recommended. There is a high risk of scarring during the procedure. In addition, there should be no redness, swelling, age spots and neoplasms of unknown origin on the skin after tanning.

Only on beautiful healthy skin without damage can you make a tattoo.

Is it possible to apply a tattoo on tanned skin

Can a tanned skin be tattooed? Beauticians do not recommend any skin manipulation immediately after tanning. Skin cells need to recover. Otherwise, there is a high risk of scarring during the tattoo procedure.

Only two weeks after tanning, when there are no defects on the skin, and only after consulting a cosmetologist can tattoos be applied.

How long can I get a tattoo after tanning

It is necessary to wait for the complete restoration of cells after ultraviolet exposure and only then carry out any manipulations on the skin, including tattooing. Mostly, the recovery process lasts from two weeks to one month. The skin should be clean without any neoplasms.

How to sunbathe in a solarium with a tattoo?

Only after complete healing of the wounds can you be under direct ultraviolet rays of natural or artificial origin. In the solarium, it is recommended to use special pads to protect the pattern from burnout, and the skin from sunburn.


* Darkening of the skin is caused by the formation of the pigment melanin in skin cells under the influence of ultraviolet radiation. Melanin is produced by cells called melanocytes. They protect the body from direct and indirect DNA damage, absorbing excess radiation from solar radiation, which in large quantities harms the body. Depending on the genetic background of a person, some people may darken quickly and severely, while others darken slightly.

  • Do not sunbathe for a long time in the sun, as you can get a sunburn.