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How to set up a new computer


In order to be able to use any computer, it must have an operating system. Sometimes, it happens that it is already installed on the purchased computer, but then you overpay for a license, which is not profitable. therefore buy a computer or laptop is better without OC, so it will be much cheaper. Installing an OS is quite simple, and now almost everyone can do it. However, a few simple steps should be taken. of recommendationsthat everyone can do.

When you install Windows, be sure to break up hard drive with at least 2 partitions. On one will be Windows itself, and on the other everything else.

Under the operating system, it is recommended to allocate at least 50 GB, because Windows itself will take up a lot of space, and if little memory is allocated, various Problems.

When the system is already installed, a small setting up. More precisely, open the properties of the disk on which the system is installed, and check that in the tab "General"There was no check mark on the item"Allow indexing file contents».

It is also advisable to download and install the program Advanced system care. She will let quickly tune system, as well as optimize it.

Driver Installation

After installing the system, you can already use a computer, however, it will work poorly. Why? Yes, because without drivers all PC devices cannot function normally. You need the basic ones:

  • On sound cardto hear sound in games, music and more,
  • On graphics card. This is the most important driver for a gaming computer, because you most likely have a powerful game card installed, and without drivers it is useless.

However, besides this, there are a bunch of other small drivers that are also needed. Often, in the kit for the video card, the motherboard there are disks on which all the necessary firewood will be, but their versions, perhaps out of date. Therefore, it is better to look at the manufacturer, for example, a video card and go to official sitewhere to download the latest driver for your model. Now there are two main developers of video adapters - AMD and NVIDIA.

However, in order not to suffer, it is better to download the program DriverpackSolution, which itself will find and install everything, the main thing is that there is an Internet connection. Also, if you installed the driver manually, then you can check if you have all the drivers, and you don’t need to climb into "Task Manager».

Main programs

Well, the system is installed, it works, but that’s not all. We will need additional programs so that we can carry out a number of everyday activities. You need:

  1. Virus protection, in Windows 10 it is pretty good, but it is recommended to install a good, free antivirus 360 Total Security.
  2. Program for watching video - KMPlayer
  3. Besides watching the video, you probably love listen to musicthen install Winamp or Aimp.
  4. To watch the video and play on the Internet - Adobe Flash Player.
  5. For Internet access - Install any of the modern browsers - Google Chrome, Yandex Browser, Opera.
  6. For archiving/ unzipping files - WinRar.
  7. If you are working with documents, be sure to set packageMicrosoftOffice.
  8. Well, it's over, in order to play online games, you need Skypealthough it’s better to use it now Viber, and Telegram. Any of these messengers surpasses Skype at times.

Backup setup

It will not be superfluous to make a backup so that in case of anything, you can roll back the system. Need her right tune, and then a fresh backup will be automatically created regularly. To do this:

  1. Open "Control Panel».
  2. Press on "Set up backup».
  3. Then you need to choose where the backup will be saved.
  4. Followed by select options archiving.
  5. After that, you configure when the copy will be updated by clicking on "Change Schedule».

Of course, this is not necessary, but it is advisable to enable this feature. Note that a backup can take up a lot of space.

System update

This is the longest and most boring stage. Going online right away can be a fatal mistake. Installing the latest update closes all identified loopholes through which fraudsters could infect the device with a virus. Your computer spent a certain time on a shelf or warehouse, during which the version of Windows managed to lose relevance. The update takes from a few minutes to a couple of hours, depending on how old the installed system is.

Check your internet connection. Then in Windows 10 open the start menu, go to "Settings" - section "Update and Security" - "Check for Updates". The process will require several reboot cycles. The user's task is not to interfere with the system. In the future, Windows 10 will download and install updates as they become available.

Take care of virus protection

This is important to do before you begin to enter sensitive data from a new computer. By default, the device protects Windows Security if a trial version of other software is not installed. This is not the most reliable program, in addition, it lacks many functions. For example, setting the schedule for automatic scanning of the system. The best options are Norton Security Premium, AVG Internet Security and Trend Micro Maximum Security. All programs are paid.

How to connect a new computer?

In order to connect a desktop computer, there are a few more steps and nothing complicated. Below is an image of the various ports that are found on desktop computers. Computer models vary, and your computer may not have any of the ports shown in the figure. However, all computers have a combination of these ports, and it is useful to familiarize yourself with them.

Clean device from unnecessary programs

The freeware PC Decrapifier helps with this. In addition, the utility detects crackers who are waiting when you enter usernames and passwords. You can get rid of malicious software in a couple of clicks.

Alternatively, there is a convenient utility Windows 10 Start Fresh from Microsoft. Its task is to remove all programs that are not included in the standard assembly of Windows 10. After completion, the system turns into a “clean sheet”.

Make a backup

After installing the desired set of games, as well as working and service programs, make a backup. Acronis True Image 2017 is one of the best utilities.

If something goes wrong, you can always go back in time. This is especially true for laptops, because the risk of a fall and breakdown of the main hard drive cannot be ruled out. A perfectly tuned copy with all the necessary programs and without viruses will save time in the future when reinstalling Windows.

Update drivers as needed

This is an optional step in preparing a new computer for work, since with a probability of 99%, the latest drivers are installed by default. Open “Start” and start typing: “Device Manager”. Select a program from the list. Expand the category in which you want to check for updates (for example, “Sound Devices”). You will see the connected equipment. Right-click on it and select "Update Driver" - "Automatic Search for Updated Drivers."

Connect computer cables correctly?

The main ports and cables that you will need are:

Connect all the cables to the corresponding connectors on the computer, it is impossible to mix them up, one connector doesn’t look like the other and physically confusing what to stick into is simply not possible.

How to connect a mouse and keyboard

To actually use a computer, you will need to connect a mouse and keyboard. The vast majority of modern keyboards and mice use a USB connection, which makes port search easy. Just plug your mouse and keyboard or their adapter, if wireless, into any available USB ports, and they will be ready to go. If you use older keyboards and mice, you will need to connect them using the green and purple PS / 2 ports shown in the picture above. Fortunately, these cables are color coded. Just match the color to the appropriate port, and plug in.

How to connect a printer, scanner, copier?

Now is the right time to connect any other peripheral devices such as a printer, copier / scanner or speakers. Most of these items will be connected via USB. However, some older printers use a pink parallel port. See the picture above. Similarly, some speakers still use the green / pink round audio jack. Use the above picture, along with color and size, to get all your cables in the correct ports. After all your cables are connected and you have checked everything again, we are ready to turn on your new computer.

Turning on the computer and installing Windows

Then there are two options, either Windows is pre-installed on your computer and you just have to start the computer, wait a bit until everything starts up and see the desktop ready for work. Or Windows on your new computer is not installed and then you need to do it yourself.
Read about how to install Windows in our separate article at the link below.

How to connect a computer to the Internet.

For computers connected directly by the Internet cable, there is no need to do anything except add an Internet cable to the Internet port without additional routers. Windows will detect your network and create a network connection automatically.

For laptops and desktop computers using wireless networks, you need to connect to the selected network. Go to the “Network Connections / Network and Sharing Center” section using the control panel through the Start menu or by typing “network” in the “Start” search bar.

Right-click on the desired network and select “connect”. The computer will connect to the network via Wi-Fi and may ask you to enter a password.
In addition, you can also see the WiFi signal icon on the Windows taskbar in the lower right corner of the desktop, which shows the time and date. This icon will also take you to the Internet settings required for configuration.
If you simply cannot connect to the network, or if the computer tells you that your password is incorrect, contact your Internet service provider and they will help you connect correctly.

If you bought a router and don’t know how to connect it, read our articles for detailed instructions on this: