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How to write a song


Has it ever happened to you that when you heard a popular song on the radio, you thought, “I can write something like that too”? Using imagination, basic musical abilities and interesting metaphors, anyone can double-write their own song in the genre of pop music. Not each of them becomes a hit, as many musicians write songs in hundreds, but only eight to ten songs are included in the album. If you constantly practice, you can learn to create good songs and finally write a real hit.

What a song can consist of

If you want to get a decent result in the end, before you write a song, take the time to study the information about the structure of such works. Compliance with existing regulations will help create a high-quality option that meets generally accepted requirements. The song structure is divided into several components, each of them has its own characteristics.

Do not think that the name does not play a special role, it may not be. This is an important part of the structure. A catchy, catchy title will arouse interest, a desire to listen to the song. In addition, the work is often remembered for it.

Usually the name is selected after the song is written, as it should in a short form accurately reflect its content, mood. It should not have too many words, conciseness is a prerequisite. The maximum size for a title is considered to be five words. It can be a line from the text or an independent phrase.

The main information contains the verse. It fully reflects the meaning invested in the lyrics. In several verses, the plot, the emotional component, is gradually revealed. This may be a specific story, thoughts, a story about an experience, etc.

In writing verses, it is important to correctly calculate syllables for lines. Their content is different, but the motive remains. Verses should be performed in one rhythm, therefore, the number of syllables should correspond to the length of the musical phrase.


The pre-chorus is not an obligatory element. But this component can be included in the lyrics. One or two lines ending the verse, prepare for the chorus. Specialists call it pre-chorus. The pre-chorus can be the same in all verses or have certain differences in mood, meaning, but are performed in the same motive.

Chorus plays an important role. The semantic load may be low. But it is the refrain that is usually the first to be remembered after listening to a new song. He needs to pay special attention. The chorus can “save” a not-so-successful piece and finally ruin the masterpiece.

Making sure its importance is easy. Only a few know all the words of popular hits; everyone refuses his chorus with pleasure. The chorus should be bright, more dynamic than the verse.

Verses and choruses alternate in the classical structure. But sometimes you need to give special expressiveness to the final part of the composition. To do this, between the chorus of the penultimate couplet and the final part, a kind of bridge is inserted, which the musicians call the bridge. His melody is different from that used for the verse. The bridge can be textual, sometimes in this capacity it is appropriate to use instrumental loss.

How to compose lyrics

If you decide to compose a song, decide what exactly you want to convey to the audience. The meaning of the text should accurately convey the mood, emotions, reveal the topic. You also need to choose the direction for building the song. It can be a poetic form, recitative. These options have significant differences. The choice depends on the genre, the style in which the work is created.

You can consider the song a literary work, as it reveals a certain topic. You need to understand that the content of the text is a tool to express a certain idea.

Poetic form

Poetic form is used in several musical genres. In such a song, music and words are closely intertwined, complement each other. This approach is used in writing folklore, chanson, pop music.

Before you write a song in this format, you need to familiarize yourself with some features of poetic texts. The creation of a masterpiece will require poetic abilities, the ability to observe a certain poetic size, to select successful rhymes. You need to carefully approach the rhyme. You cannot just pick words to provide sonorous combinations. This can ruin the song, destroy the semantic component. The lines in the couplet, the chorus rhyme in pairs.

If you mark a line with one rhyme A and another B, the rhyming phrases in the verse can be arranged in several ways:

  • ABAB - rhymes are located across the line,
  • AABB - the lines rhyme in two,
  • AAAA - all lines rhyme,
  • ABBA - rhymes in the first and last, in the second and third lines.

The songs are not as strict as in the poems. Rhymes can be imperfect. The melody will help them to combine with each other. She will correct minor inconsistencies.

Not every person has the ability to compose. You can go the simpler way, choose ready-made poems of famous poets or works of friends with such talents for your song.

Writing a masterpiece in the format of a recitative differs from a poetic version. In such songs, music is an auxiliary element that provides the composition. This direction is used in the genres of rhythm and blues, hip-hop. The main element of the melodic component is the rhythm. You need to rely on it when creating text.

The recitative does not obey the symmetric series. This is a kind of conversation, only he is melodious. The text uses natural speech. Depending on the style, genre, you can use measured, melodious or dry recitative.

The rhythm will be an important guide if you decide to compose a rap song. Usually its spelling begins with a hook. This is a kind of refrain, which is the leitmotif, repeated several times. If it’s difficult to compose it yourself, you can borrow a line from your favorite song. Just do not need to copy it accurately, otherwise there may be a claim for copyright infringement.

Rap can tell a specific story, include philosophical thoughts, metaphors. But the idea should not be expressed in a complex form. This genre is characterized by simple words, clear images. In spelling words you can exaggerate, fan the topic, if you want to not only convey the idea, but to amuse the viewer.

How to write a song to your favorite melody

You can compose a song by starting with creating lyrics. But most professional musicians prefer to write music first. It forms the mood, sets the rhythm. Sometimes it’s a melody that leads to a certain topic, tells you what you need to tell about in a song.

It is not necessary to compose a melody yourself. Such talents are not given to everyone. You can write a song to the finished melody. You need to listen to it many times. This will help you choose the appropriate verse size or create lyrics in a recitative format, focusing on the rhythm.

The subject of the future work can be determined automatically. Music evokes certain feelings, emotions, and memories that can be reflected in verses. When listening to a piece, tunes for a couplet, a chorus, a bridge are selected. The verse is accompanied by calmer, measured music. For the refrain, more dynamic, expressive fragments are needed. The bridge differs from them, is an independent part.

When choosing topics for your work, you can focus on the unmistakable “eternal” options, which are always the most important for people. It can be a song about love, places, faith, freedom, relationships, cruelty of others, etc. The text may contain a real or made-up story, memories, etc. It should be noted that the song should not have ideas that can offend, offend people, You can’t call for suicide, impose negative decisions.

You can write a beautiful, exclusive song lyrics with an extensive vocabulary. If it is limited, you should take time to expand your horizons. Studying philosophy, psychology, history, reading literature will be of great help in writing songs.

The text component of the song should have a logical structure, be consistent. It is important to maintain conciseness, to make the poem as informative as possible. There are certain restrictions on the length of the song that should be considered. A work lasting more than 4-5 minutes will tire the listeners, reduce attention, which is unacceptable.

After defining the genre, themes, you can start writing the song itself. It is not necessary to sit down at the table, to begin versification, painfully selecting words, rhymes. Many authors use spontaneous inspiration. It can come anywhere: on the road, at work, on vacation. It is always worth carrying a notebook, a pencil, and capturing ideas that have arrived. Then, in a calm environment, they can be arranged, adjusted, and a high-quality text made.