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Why you can not throw a condom into the toilet: how to dispose of latex contraceptives


In accordance with the rules of etiquette.

Do not throw away the condom in any way. After throwing it away, you take the life of one resident of our universe. Dry it and put it in a jar. Keep them. One wonderful moment will come when you will save the world from the extinction of people by your reserves).

But seriously, in the trash!

There is such an anecdote:

After every sex with a condom, a man threw a used condom into the neighbor’s yard. Before each sex session, the man explained to the children that they should not bother them, he always expressed the following phrases to the children, do not disturb us, I must now photograph my mother in a bedroom in a quiet environment. After that, he passionately had sex with his wife using a condom in a quiet environment. After sex, he quietly went out into the street and discreetly threw a used condom through the wall into the neighbor’s yard. This phenomenon greatly upset the neighbor. One day, an embittered neighbor rang the doorbell of his neighbor's house to explain to his neighbor that he would no longer throw the used condom into his yard. The boy opened the door, and a neighbor told him to call his father. The boy said that his father is now photographing his mother in the bedroom. The neighbor thought a little and said the following words, boy tell your father the following “Let him after photographing no longer throw burnt films in my yard!”

Based on this, according to ethical and moral standards, it is necessary to discard the used condom in the bin or in the bin after first wrapping it in a sheet of toilet paper or tissue.

Disposal Methods

Many boys and girls, both young and not so, who have only recently or long been using condoms, do not know where to put this contraceptive after it has already played its intended role.

Some of them, not knowing why the condom cannot be flushed into the toilet, feed it with a white porcelain device standing in the restroom. And after that they have a lot of troubles both with other inhabitants of the house (if the condom pops up), and with the ZhEK plumbers (if this latex contraceptive gets stuck somewhere in the sewer riser of the house).

In order to resolve all your doubts once and for all, the following is a detailed instruction that describes what to do after applying this method of contraception:

  1. After completing sexual intercourse, you do not need to immediately ask your partner what to do next and why you can not flush the condoms into the toilet. First of all, you should correctly remove it from the penis, otherwise it will slide away from the organ and get stuck in the vagina, and this is fraught with many far-reaching consequences.
  2. Having dealt with the first paragraph, you do not need to throw the used contraceptive under the bed or throw it out in the window. In the first case, you will be unhappy with the kitten living in the house, in the second - mothers walking under the windows and janitors, who are also very interested in why you can not throw a condom into the toilet, but it is possible to the street.
  3. In order not to spoil the romantic evening with showers with janitors and plumbers, you just need to tie a knot at the end of your contraceptive, that has been used, wrap it in a napkin and put it in the bin.

At the end of the condom disposal procedure, it is advisable to wash your hands and penis, regardless of whether you continue to have sex or not.

What can not be done

Now, regarding the main issue in the title of the article. If you pay attention to the foil packaging from the condom, you can see the warning, printed, as a rule, in black letters and equipped with an exclamation mark. It prohibits the disposal of a condom in a city-wide sewer network. That's why many people have a question, why can not they throw condoms into the toilet?

Explain this requirement is quite simple:

  • latex or polyurethane, from which condoms are made, is not soluble in water,
  • if a condom gets into the sewer, it can get stuck in the knee or elbow, which abound the waste water removal systems,
  • forming a small blockage, a rubber contraceptive can become a source of serious congestion, causing general obstruction of the system.

There is another point that explains why you should not throw condoms into the toilet.
The fact is that, unlike many other organic and inorganic substances that form blockages in sewers, rubber practically does not dissolve with chemicals used to eliminate plugs.
In this case, you will have to use a plumbing cable with a special hook, which is very laborious.

Remember, the price for plumbing services, which will have to be invited to eliminate congestion caused by a condom, will be quite high. Therefore, do not be too lazy to throw this contraceptive into the bin. Among other things, you will find complete peace of mind, because the question of why condoms should not be thrown into the toilet will no longer worry you so much.

Items that also can not be sent to the sewer

Having dealt with latex contraceptives, to complete the picture, it should be noted several more objects and materials that do not need to be flushed into the toilet. Otherwise, you still won’t understand what caused the sewage system to clog: a discarded condom or a lump from a cat’s toilet.

  1. Construction garbage. Nothing of this kind can be placed in the toilet (all the more so just installed). And we are talking not only about bulky items - pieces of bricks or concrete - but also about bulk solids. The former, for obvious reasons, get stuck in the nearest knee, and pulling them out of there will be very difficult. The second ones will settle on the pipes and also become a cause of blockage, only not immediately, but a little later.

  1. Cat Tray Granules. It all depends on the variety: gel, mineral, clumping, wood and so on.
    The first three are made of special substances that do not decompose in water. Therefore, they, like condoms, flushing into the toilet bowl is strictly prohibited. The consequences will be similar.
    As for the wood filler, the compressed ash granules disintegrate quite well under the influence of a liquid, therefore they can be lowered into the sewers for further treatment in special city settling tanks. However, it is better to abandon this, as sometimes wood ash can gather in lumps and get stuck in some narrow place, adding to your headache.

Granules for a cat's toilet should also not be flushed in the toilet

  1. Toilet paper. It all depends on whether your home is connected to a centralized waste collection and disposal system or if you are the happy owner of a spacious country house with an individual septic tank.
    In the first case, everything is fine. After all, toilet paper consists entirely of cellulose. Therefore, although it is resistant to mechanical stress and does not dissolve in water, once in the collector, it decomposes into constituent elements under the action of substances specially added to the treatment sumps.

As for individual septic tanks, then everything is not so simple:

  • firstly, in the construction of individual sewers, pipes of a much smaller diameter are used, so the chance of formation of mash from cellulose increases many times,
  • secondly, toilet paper, falling into its own septic tank, does not decompose and settles on the walls and bottom of the tank, clogging the tank.

Some sewer machines do not have pumps of sufficient capacity to suck toilet paper accumulated at the bottom from the tank.
Therefore, it is categorically not recommended to throw it into the sewer in a private house.

Toilet paper is highly recyclable in urban wastewater treatment plants, but can clog its own septic tank.

  1. Food waste. The situation with organic waste is generally similar to that described in the previous paragraph. Particles of food are absolutely safe for urban sewage (unless, of course, you flush too large pieces that get stuck in the nearest knee into the toilet).
    It is strictly forbidden to flush food waste into individual sewers, especially if you have a biological treatment plant with anaerobic bacteria.

Now you know exactly why condoms cannot be flushed into the toilet. It will be useful to you for information about what else should not be sent on a journey through the pipes of the city sewer. However, if somehow the plumbing fixture in your restroom is still clogged, you can easily clean it with your own hands when you watch until the end of the video in this article.

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And what, mom is picking a bucket and unfolding all the papers?

wash, dry and bring a second time))))))))))))

flush the toilet

a girl who can not solve this issue on her own while you can not have sex)))

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Do not flush into the sewer in any case. Let him take with him to the nearest garbage bin.

a girl who can not solve this issue on her own while you can not have sex)))

a girl who can not solve this issue on her own while you can not have sex)))

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out the window. he will hang on a branch for beauty and all to joy.

the same situation. Mch takes them with him, and then throws them away

I also think that he should take with him. And he disgusted! Mom will not poke around in a bucket, she will be most uncomfortable if she finds one.

I also think that he should take with him. And he disgusted! Mom will not poke around in a bucket, she will be most uncomfortable if she finds one.
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I somehow threw it out the window - hung for 2 years - ***))))))) 0

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I also think that he should take with him. But he is disgusted! Mom will not poke around in a bucket, she will be most uncomfortable if she finds one.

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I once had such a situation, the guy came to me while my parents were gone. he wrapped a condom in a napkin, and then I wrapped even more napkins so that I wouldn’t turn around and throw it in a garbage bag. a couple of times my mother examined in a bag, asked what kind of pile of napkins it was, after that I began to immediately throw a bag with a condom in the trash chute, so that no one would find it. Once a guy threw a condom in a napkin into the toilet, I didn’t know about it, my parents came, but it’s good that they still didn’t have time to go to the toilet, I just went in and saw that it was floating in the toilet, I didn’t drown. began to wash off and it doesn’t sink, I had to catch it, twist it into paper and throw it away. and a couple of times the guy left the condom packaging in a conspicuous place, once on the table in my room, but then my mother went in, it seemed she hadn’t noticed, I quickly put it in my pocket. another time near the bed on the floor, and he put the packaging in the unused condoms on the windowsill, I didn’t see this at all, found them there the other day in the evening when I went to the window, and my mother hung the curtains in the morning and probably saw, but nothing did not tell. it’s unpleasant for me when someone sees something in my room, scolding the guy so that he doesn’t scatter everywhere.