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How to rent an apartment: household appliances for a rented apartment


Imagine the situation. You are a young couple who are trying to build their relationship independently, not wanting the intervention and pressure of the parent parties. Therefore, in order to avoid unnecessary conflicts with your family, you decide - to rent a house.

After a series of searches, I come across an interesting announcement about renting out a long-term apartment in an area convenient for you. So, you are standing on the threshold of the apartment that you plan to inspect and then move in.

What should you pay attention to, so that the days spent together in this monastery do not remain in your memory as a period of struggle against sudden troubles and difficulties, misunderstandings, and the time spent in it is what you need?

You must remember that when purchasing any product, you must pay attention to its seller. When renting an apartment, pay special attention to the owner (hostess) of the apartment. Remember the first impression he or she made on you in the first minutes. It is a mistake to assume that the first impression is misleading. Usually the first impression is a true impression, not aggravated by anything. If it is positive, consider yourself lucky!

Continuing to communicate with the owner (mistress), inadvertently ask about the reason for renting the apartment, which later will help you to logically explain, and sometimes calculate (as necessary) the possible behavior of the apartment owners. Do not forget to inquire about the past tenant, if it existed before you, and the reason for the refusal of rental housing. A streamlined response indicates conflict. In such a situation, one should strengthen one's vigilance. The instigator of conflicts can be a tenant, and most often it is the owner (mistress) of the apartment.

Upon entering the apartment, inspect not only the external condition of the rooms, but also pay attention to such things that, as a rule, cause a lot of inconvenience: are taps and pipes flowing, in what condition are the drains, the toilet bowl.

Pay special attention to the entrance doors and locks, they must meet your safety and convenience requirements, otherwise, in the best case, there is a chance to spend the night with your parents or friends because of a jammed lock, in the worst case - your temporary home will not keep your values ​​intact and safety.

It is important in our time to pay attention to such a thing as an electricity meter. If a certain number of people lived in this apartment before you, and the counter hanging on the wall is still of the old type - a disk, I strongly recommend listening to whether it works noisily. The noisy operation of the device indicates that someone living before you was a craftsman, and there is a possibility of applying dexterous fingers to the counter. Hence the damaged seals, unauthorized connections. And this entails a large number of misunderstandings, and possibly claims from the owners and inspection bodies to you. Apartments with such problems are best avoided. In the end, you do not need extra costs and a headache.

If you are lucky enough to meet your neighbors at the entrance, pay attention to their number and age. Neighbors are sometimes quite noisy, grumpy or very tearful, which sometimes makes it impossible to fully relax after a busy day. If the neighbors didn’t catch your eye, make a move with the horse, using the find for spies: talk to the old women that usually sit on benches at the entrance. In a sweet conversation, they will tell you a lot of interesting and useful facts from the life of neighbors and the yard as a whole.

If you liked the surveyed rental housing in all respects, do not forget to draw up a lease with an exact indication of your rights and obligations, lease term, amount and terms of payment.

And then the master "skeletons in the closet" will not disturb your sleep, and the temporary house will be for you a real cozy nest or a quiet peaceful harbor.


A good roomy refrigerator with a freezer is a must. It’s good if it’s not the old “Orsk-8”, “ZIL” or “Saratov-2”, rumbling and rattling from old age, but a modern unit with all useful options, for example, with auto-defrosting, a touch control panel, and several refrigeration and freezers cameras.

But it is not necessary to purchase the most sophisticated model for a rented apartment - a standard two-chamber refrigerator will suit any tenant at first. Later, if the tenant wants to change it to a cooler one, you can solve this issue together.

Washing machine

A washing machine also belongs to the category of household appliances, which must be in a rented apartment. There are many inexpensive high-quality washing machines on sale, each of which is equipped with a standard set of the most popular washing programs.

The main criterion for a washing machine is its reliability. Indeed, if suddenly, due to a breakdown of the washing machine, a flood occurs, and the neighbors from below will demand compensation for damaged ceilings, it will be necessary to pay not to the tenants, but to the owner of the faulty equipment - the owner of the apartment.

Stove and oven

Another mandatory category of kitchen appliances is a stove or hob and oven. Often, it is the state of this equipment that the decision of tenants depends on.

If the tenant has a choice: an old gas stove with a Hephaestus oven or an induction hob with touch controls and an oven with program control, then most likely he will choose the second option. Even if the cost of renting an apartment with this technique will be slightly higher.


The unit is optional, but useful. The dishwasher will certainly attract the attention of family tenants with children - they have to wash a lot of dishes daily, and the presence of a dishwasher in the future housing will be a significant plus.

Also, the option with a dishwasher will attract the attention of tenants who often plan to gather at home a company of friends or relatives.

Small kitchen appliances

Small kitchen appliances at first glance seem to be optional when renting an apartment. But the presence of such trifles will certainly tip the scales when choosing in your favor. A microwave, a toaster, a food processor, a coffee maker or a crock-pot - all these things will not only allow new residents to feel at home from the first days, but will also show your concern for them. The tenant will not need to spend his money on the purchase of all such equipment, then, when moving, drag it with him to a new place.

Enter all the small household appliances in the inventory of the property, which is drawn up at the conclusion of the lease, and in the event of a breakdown of any unit, you will receive compensation.

Reliable plumbing

The second (and sometimes the first) room, where future tenants enter to properly get acquainted with possible future housing - a bathroom and a toilet. We will not talk about the fact that a standard bathtub, toilet bowl and washbasin should be in good condition. But some additional appliances may affect the decision to rent your apartment.

What could it be?

  • Convenient modern mixers with touch controls and temperature controllers
  • Shower cabin with hydromassage
  • Jacuzzi instead of regular bath
  • Optional forced ventilation system with integrated fans.

Of the little things, you can leave a regular hair dryer in the bathroom - future residents will certainly appreciate it

Air conditioning and humidifier

Another point that tenants pay attention to is the availability of air conditioners. This technique is especially relevant if the windows of the apartment face the sunny side: in the summer it will be very hot in such a dwelling. If air conditioners are installed not in one, but in all rooms - this is even more attractive.

An air humidifier is also an optional but useful device, the presence of which will add to your pluses when renting an apartment.

Household appliances for cleaning

A vacuum cleaner or polisher (and especially a washing vacuum cleaner) is a technique that future residents will need in any case, so why not rent it out along with your living space? If you want, buy a robot vacuum cleaner or a multi-functional washing vacuum cleaner for your rented apartment, and if you want, limit yourself to the simplest and most inexpensive model. Any hostess will appreciate such care from the owners of the apartment.

TV and audio-video equipment

Not necessarily, but desirable - that's what tenants say when they are asked about a TV in a rented apartment. Typically, for rental apartments, the owners choose the simplest and cheapest TV models.

Of course, this should not be an old TV with a kinescope. Buy for the apartment you are planning to rent, a simple LCD TV with the ability to connect cable TV and external devices: laptops, game consoles, DVD players and so on. .

Burglar alarms and security systems

Security alarm, video surveillance and fire safety devices (for example, fire detectors) do not belong to household appliances, but their presence in a rented apartment is always welcomed by tenants. Especially if the alarm is connected to a centralized police protection system, and when it is triggered, an outfit leaves the scene.

To summarize: a brief summary

So, according to tenants, the following household appliances should be in the rented apartment.

  • Fridge with freezer
  • Washing machine
  • Nice stove and oven

Optional, but desirable:

  • Dishwasher
  • Special plumbing - Jacuzzi, shower
  • Television
  • Air conditioning

Optional, but will be a nice bonus for tenants:

  • A vacuum cleaner
  • Humidifier
  • Small household appliances (microwave, coffee maker, combine, electric meat grinder, etc.)
  • Security alarm

If you are going to rent an apartment - do not forget to save this checklist. With it, you equip the apartment with everything that tenants may need, and, perhaps, rent an apartment more expensive.