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Introducing Bitmoji - Now on Tinder


1 question: How does Tinder work and how to use it?
Answer: Tinder is a fairly popular mobile application for Android and Apple iOS. With it, you can quickly find a couple for a romantic relationship thanks to the geolocation settings and the search box. In order to have this application on your phone, you need to go to the App Store or Google Play Store and download Tinder. In order to create your account, you need to have a Facebook page.

2. Question: How to use the Tinder app?
Answer: The application itself works on the principle of "mutual likes." If you want to show that you like a person, click the "heart". In the case of mutual interest, that is, if the applicant also put “like”, the application “acquaints” you. After that, the couple can freely chat directly in the application in the chat.

3. Question: How to get Tinder plus for free?
Answer: Tinder Plus is an extension that has additional features. This function is only paid and at the moment it can not be purchased for free.

4. Question: Tinder plus how to cancel a paid subscription?
Answer: To cancel the Tinder Plus subscription, it’s enough not to pay the fee for a while, and it will stop automatically.

5. Question: How to get Tinder gold for free?
Answer: Tinder Gold is an advanced extension of Tinder Plus, thanks to which you can start a chat faster and find out in advance who set the “like” mark for you. You can’t buy it for free either, only by subscription.

6. Question: How to change the name in Tinder?
Answer: To change the name in Tinder, you need to go to your page in Fb in the settings, click edit and change your name. You can perform actions to replace the first and last name only once a month.

7. Question: How to see who put and like in Tinder
Answer: You can put “Like” or “Super Like” in Tindere. A notification will be sent that someone has set “like” to you. The one who checked will be highlighted in blue.

8. Question: How to get to know Tinder? How to find a partner or love of all life in Tinder? Director Scott Valdez shares secrets:
Answer: You can start getting acquainted with those candidates who put you “like” or with whom the application brought you.

1. Use photos without filters - with clear facial contours.

2. Photo without background.

3. Photos from an unusual place or animals.

4. Bright clothes that would stand out from the remaining millions registered in Tinder

5. Text - a description of the purpose, why are you in Tinder to maximize your interests with a future partner.

6. Ask a question to other users - to quickly establish a dialogue.

7. Be sure to log in to Tinder every day in the evening this time the application uses the maximum number of people.

8. Be open and make an appointment right away.

9. Question: How to use Tinder for free?
Answer: The Tinder application is free, you can pay only for the Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold extensions.

10. Question: How to write and communicate in Tinder?
Answer: The application advises to conduct a relaxed conversation, without aggression. It is best to remain yourself and try to get to know the person you are talking to.

11. Question: How to delete a profile in Tinder?
Answer: You can delete the account in Tinder by finding the settings. At the very end of the menu there will be an option to delete the account. It is not possible to return a deleted profile.

12. Question: How to find a specific person in Tinder?
Answer: In order to find a specific person in the application, you need to drive in his search box his last name and first name, if possible, indicate the age. In case of failure, the technical support service will help you for three days.

13. Question: How to write a message in Tinder?
Answer: To start correspondence in Tinder, you need to click on the dialogue icon and write a message or continue communication.

14. Question: How to update Tinder ios and android?
Answer: To prevent crashes of the Tinder application, it is recommended to update it more often. To do this, open the Store and find Tinder. If the application requires updating, you will see that the button will say “update”. Just click on it and wait a while.

15. Question: How to register in Tinder without facebook?
Answer: Unfortunately, you cannot register with Tinder without having a Facebook page. If you do not want to spread confidential information from your Facebook account, it is possible to create a new page with minimized information on it.

16. Question: How to remove interests in Tinder?
Answer: If you do not want to reveal a lot of information about yourself in the application itself, you can remove your interests or hide them. To do this, go to profile settings.

17. Question: How to unsubscribe from Tinder?
Answer: To unsubscribe from Tinder, you need to go to the app store and open the options menu. Next, find your applications and among them Tinder. Then unsubscribe.

18. Question: How to change age in Tinder?
Answer: If you want to change your age, you need to go to your Facebook profile and edit the necessary information, after which you need to delete the Tinder account, since without this the information will not be updated. Then re-download the application.

19. Question: Tinder how to delete a profile?
Answer: To permanently delete your profile from the Tinder application, you need to perform a number of actions. First, cancel all paid and free subscriptions, remove the application itself from the phone and remove it from iTunes. Next, it is best to write to the Tinder administration and ask to delete all personal information. The last step is to remove the application from Facebook in the settings.

20. Question: Instagram which Tinder account is connected?
Answer: If you have an Instagram account, then it is possible to connect it to your profile. Recent snapshots from your account will be visible to other Tinder users. But users will also see your Instagram name.

21. Question: How to change interests in Tinder?
Answer: If you want to change your interests in Tinder, you need to go to the settings and select "edit personal data". Next, find the item "interests" and change the data to the desired.

22. Question: How to search for pairs in Tinder?
Answer: To quickly find your pair, try to click the “like” mark more.

23. Question: What does swipe look like in Tinder?
Answer: If you did not like the user, you need to click the cross among the buttons at the bottom of the screen. You can also swipe the screen for this action, but it’s easier to “swipe”, this is called swipe.

24. Question: How to remove a pair in Tinder?
Answer: If you want to remove a pair from Tinder, you need to go into correspondence with this user and under his photo there will be a “delete from pairs” function.

25. Question: Why doesn’t anyone write to Tinder?
Answer: If no one writes to you in Tinder, perhaps the fact is that you did not enable the find activation function. Nobody will see you if the “show me in Tinder” function is not turned on. To activate the function, you need to click the red flame icon and then the corresponding button.

26. Question: Why are there no matches (finds nobody) in Tinder?
Answer: It often happens that the user does not have any matches in Tinder. To avoid this, you should expand the geolocation geographically, change the desired age limits for other users and edit your profile (write more about yourself, upload other photos).

Let Bitmoji do the talking for you

Say hey to a new match, reply ‘no worries’ to a delayed message, or roll on the floor laughing - all with the ease and style of Bitmoji. And with all the options you’ll have available, you’ll never run out of things to talk about.

Bitmoji on Tinder is powered by Snap Kit and it can be set up .... in a snap!

Here’s how to get your Bitmoji onto Tinder:
  1. Tap the green Bitmoji icon next to GIF
  2. Tap “Connect to Snapchat”
  3. Confirm you’d like to chat on Tinder using your Bitmoji
  4. Start chatting with your Bitmoji

Bitmoji on Tinder is now testing in Canada and Mexico. Looking forward to seeing you in character!

Important feature

All major dating services have one significant minus - the presence of restrictions in free versions. Tinder is no exception and reveals its full potential only after a paid subscription. Without it, you will receive a limited number of photos and will not be able to use stickers.

The tinder launches and works correctly only on the new iPhone and iPad models.