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How to persuade parents to get a dog (Secret Information


If you already have a dog, then the second pet will never hurt. However, parents can reject this idea for many reasons. Dogs need care and care, while maintaining a pet costs a lot of money. If you want to talk with your parents about the second dog, then you need to prepare in advance. Examine the information about the desired breed, as well as take proper care of an existing pet. Directly tell your desire to parents. Speak calmly and maturely, and try to offer a compromise in case of failure. If your parents reject your ideas, accept the denial and return to the conversation later.

1. Show that you are responsible

How to persuade parents to get a dog?

Yes, yes, this should not be said. This must be shown. Perhaps the parents have heard a hundred times that you yourself will walk with the dog, you will raise it and clean up after it, but for some reason they do not believe you. To do this, start with other things. If mom asks to wash the dishes, go and wash. If dad asks for help repairing the car, go and help. The same goes for other household chores. Do not wait to be asked to do something several times. If you have no problems with you for several weeks, your parents will get used to being an executive and you can rely on you. You just need to be patient.

2. Be able to explain why you need a dog

When your parents ask why you want a dog, try to prepare an answer in advance. You can say that you are sadly coming from school to an empty house, or that you want to watch TV less, or that you have no one to go for a walk in the park with, or you just want to spend more time outdoors. Do not forget to mention that a dog can well protect a house from burglars, especially at night, and that it is generally capable of delivering joy and positive emotions to its owners.

3. Show how serious your intentions are.

How to persuade parents to get a dog?

When you ask your parents to get a dog, it’s important to prove that you take this venture seriously. Firstly, you need to read in advance on the Internet or books information about the breed that you want to acquire, and be able to tell that it suits you all in temperament. It’s good if you find out where the veterinarian’s office or veterinary clinic is located. Tell your parents about it. Show them photos of dogs of the selected breed. Explain that these dogs are friendly and kind to children. If you manage to convince your parents that you understand what you are doing, you may be presented with a puppy for your birthday.

4. Ask, beg and shed tears

This is the last tool that you can use when you really want something. It can be used only in cases where nothing else helps. Drop to your knees, put your hands together and start crying plaintively. Parents love you very much, and they may regret you and make concessions. Especially if you ask not a big dog, but a small one.

5. The second dog

How to persuade parents to get a dog?

Above are tips for those children who do not yet have a dog. But there are those who already have a dog, but they want one more. And the parents do not seem to mind. If you are one of them, it’s important for you to convince your mom and dad that your dog needs a friend and an assistant, that she is sad to be at home alone when everyone has left for school and work. If you already have the skills to care for one dog, coping with two will be easier. That's all and explain to parents. However, if you behaved irresponsibly with the first dog, forgetting to take her out for a walk, then asking the second dog is almost useless.
All of these tips can help you get the dog you want from your parents. But all of them can not be used too often. If every day after your parents come home from work, you ask them for a dog, sooner or later they will get angry. Choose a time when they are in the most relaxed and complacent state. Be polite and restrained, do not throw tantrums and do not be rude. Sooner or later, your parents will probably give up and buy you a puppy.

Translation from English by Natalia Semenova

Do you know what this responsibility is?

Probably, now, we will list what father and mother have already explained to you. But it is really extremely important to realize:

  1. With the advent of a four-legged friend, your life will change. He needs to take time and engage in education. Now every morning you get up in any weather and take your pet out for a walk, feed him and wash him if he came dirty from a walk,
  2. A puppy is touching. You can play with him, he meets at home and wags his tail, ridiculously burying his face in his knees. But besides pleasant moments, this is dirt that you will have to clean when it, for example, gets sick and it makes you sick,
  3. Now more often you need to be at home and you won’t leave with your friends anytime you want. If this is a puppy, he will be afraid to remain alone, and if left, he will spoil everything in anticipation of the owner. Therefore, you will either have to take your pet with you, or agree with each other who will remain in the nannies.

How to convince parents to buy a dog?

If you have not changed your mind, then first of all you need prove your ability to contain a four. This is the most powerful argument from my mother that you can’t cope and all the care will go to her. Where to begin?

  • Show that you can look after at least yourself. Put things in order in the room: collect garbage, scattered things, arrange them in their places. Otherwise, how can you be entrusted with caring for someone if you yourself are helpless? So start by cleaning and maintaining order,
  • If there are problems with grades, try to fix them. When a child tries to study, they’ll probably go to a meeting,
  • Take up the theoretical side of the issue. Choose the right breed. When it comes to the conversation, you will be able to give powerful arguments why this one is suitable. Not every dog ​​can live in an apartment, and not every one you can handle. Learn how to care for different types of tetrapods to offer suitable options.

The main thing is to choose the right moment. If mom and dad returned tired from work - it is better to wait. And on weekends - just right, they will get enough sleep, rest and be in a good mood.

Tell us about the benefits of living with a dog.

What do modern parents not like? When you spend days and nights at the computer, plunging from reality into digital worlds. They tell what a wonderful childhood they had, how they walked and talked with friends.

So describe to them how your life will change with the advent of the dog in the family:

  • You will often go out for walks. There, on the dog’s playground, you will have to deal with a new friend, which means you have to run and jump together. And most importantly - there will be no time for computer games,
  • And another plus in your favor - the household can be calm, a faithful comrade will not give you an insult. Now you can not be afraid to go outside for a walk in the dark and stay at home alone for a long time (of course, it depends on the breed of the dog).

How to beg a dog from parents?

Ask them to conduct an experiment. Take a pet from someone you know for a while. So you can fully feel what it is. And agree with your mother that if you manage, she will think about the dog seriously.

By the way, with such experiments, children often do not want to, because dreaming is one thing, and reality is another. Not only the dog will require attention, but also the space around. All clothing is covered with wool, which is difficult to clean. Many things will be torn and spoiled, including your loved ones.

How else can you influence? Do not make common mistakes. When you are denied, do not show offense. On the contrary, continue to behave responsibly, treat the situation with understanding. This behavior will better demonstrate your maturity. And then there will be a chance to return to the conversation.

How else can you convince relatives to have a pet?

While parents are thinking, help them decide:

  • Invite them to go to the nearest shelter to see what kind of pets there are. Tell us what you will do together a noble cause, helping someone from the local inhabitants. In addition, it is cheaper than taking an animal from a store or from breeders. Moms are usually very moved when they see homeless dogs and often agree to shelter someone,
  • Gather information about local training courses, and parents will see that you want a well-bred friend,
  • Another good way is to get a volunteer at a shelter. There you will receive the necessary care skills and demonstrate your willingness to become an adult, to be responsible for a living creature,

What if parents do not buy a dog?

Get ready to wait. Moms and dads at heart understand that you hope for their favor. But there are probably reasons why they fail. Perhaps this is the financial side of the issue or there is not enough space in the apartment.

However, do not despair. Continue to show serious intentions and they will not stand. You can find a compromise. Offer to get a small dog, now it’s fashionable. Many urban breeds have already been bred. They do not need to walk on the street, such watchdogs are able to cope with the need of the house, in a special tray. And some of them do not have undercoat - the same source of unpleasant odor, because of which people can develop an allergy. And they will take up places, like an ordinary stool.

Of course, this is not exactly that friend, big and strong. But this is a good option and parents would rather agree to it.

In the end, I want to note that it will not work right away to convince my loved ones. They need to get used to this thought, to consider all the pros and cons. It’s important for you not to abandon your plan and come up with new methods to persuade your parents to buy a dog. Your patience and perseverance will not leave them a chance.