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How to activate a sim card


IPhone activation - This is an inevitable process when the phone is launched for the first time in operation. It involves the transfer of information that using iTunes is read from the SIM card of the official operator to the Apple server.

On this server, the existence of a contract for the installed SIM card is checked. If the information matches, then an individual code is sent to the phone, which will make it possible to set the active state for the module lockdownd.

It should be remembered that in order to unlock or activate the phone, you must have a SIM card of the operator to which the phone is attached. A phone that is officially unlocked (neverlock), can be activated using any operator’s SIM card.

Hacktivation call the opportunity by which you can avoid the activation that appears after the jailbreak process. She also opens access to lockdowndby changing it to the appropriate status. After this process, you can open access to Springboard - the so-called desktop of your iPhone.

How to activate a phone number

Activating a SIM card in your phone implies the ability to use all the cellular services of the selected operator without any restrictions. Today, mobile operators MTS, Beeline, MegaFon, as well as newcomers to the Tele2 and Yota market, do not require to perform complex actions to activate a new SIM card in the phone.

Usually it’s enough to install the SIM card in your phone and enter the pin code, which can be found on the plastic basis of the card, and wait for the operator to connect to the network. After the sim number is registered on the network, it can be used.

However, there are situations when a SIM card catches a network, but incoming messages do not arrive at it. This can happen with any operator’s sim card. In this case, to activate the sim, you need to make any outgoing call, including a free call to the support service (MTS - 0890, MegaFon - 0500, Beeline - 0611, Tele2 - 611), or check the balance of the number using a short command.

The second problem that arises for subscribers is that they activated a SIM card, but there is no network. In this case, you need to check whether the SIM card is installed correctly in the phone, and if the problem persists, then check it on another phone, or another SIM card in this device.

If you failed to activate the SIM card, then most likely the problem is in it. In this case, you must contact your mobile operator’s office with a passport.

We also recommend that you activate the SIM card directly during its purchase. This is especially true if the starter kit is not purchased at the operator’s official store or from dealers, but on a street layout.

When buying a SIM card not from an authorized dealer, you need to look at the valid date of its activation. It is indicated on the packaging of the starter kit. It should be borne in mind that if you have not activated a SIM card for a long time after you bought it, then it may no longer be available for use, and the number may be reissued by the operator. This usually occurs between three months and a year, depending on the operator. Activate such an old sim will not work. This applies to SIM cards already used previously.

To activate a corporate SIM card, you may need to call the operator’s contact center. However, usually SIM cards are transferred to the employee already in the activated state.

SIM activation in modem and tablet

Unlike a SIM card for a smartphone, which most users immediately install on their phone after purchase, many people prefer to activate a SIM card on a tablet or modem already at home.

With tablets, difficulties should also not arise, since the activation of the SIM card is similar to a smartphone. It is enough to install it correctly in the device, wait for registration on the network, and if necessary, check the balance, and go online to any third-party site (except for operator resources).

If the SIM card is used on the iPad, you will need to enter the settings, and in the “My Beeline” menu, select “SIM Card Activation” in the “Other Services” section.

To activate the numbers in the modem also does not require complex actions. It is enough to install the SIM in the device, and run the appropriate software on your computer, which is activated after connecting the device to the PC.

In some cases, it may be necessary to activate the starting balance by SIM card number. A request for this also happens automatically when you first connect the device. If you missed this item and did not activate the balance, you can do this through the settings of the Internet connection program by going to the account management section.

Activating a new SIM allows you to start using your new number - regardless of the device used. In most cases, it is enough to make any activity with a new SIM card after registering it on the network - make a call, check balance, use the Internet. If you have difficulty activating the purchased number, you must contact the operator’s consultant, or contact the office.

When buying a new card, be sure to pay attention to the maximum allowable period for its activation. After the time allotted by the operator for the start of using the number expires, it will not be possible to activate it. This also applies to old sims that have not been used for a long time.

If you can’t activate the SIM card yourself, you need to check it in another device. If the problem persists, you should contact the operator from any other phone number. If it is necessary to replace the SIM card, you will need to contact the operator’s office with the subscriber’s passport, on which the number was issued upon purchase.