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How to quickly and safely increase body temperature


In life, there are situations when it is very necessary to appear sick
Steps. 1 There are many ways to skip a few work or school days. As a rule, they come down to raising the temperature of the body. Many of them are based on the entry into the body of antigens - foreign particles that increase heat transfer. Antibodies immediately begin to neutralize them, the result of which is the release of pyrogenic substances, which just raise the body temperature. But it should be remembered that by doing such things with the body, you run the risk of depleting your immune system. 2 All methods of raising the body temperature artificially can be divided into 2 groups: when you are being watched and when no one is seeing how you measure temperature.

Attach a thermometer to a hot object, and the temperature rises instantly. 3 While no one is watching how you are holding the thermometer, you have the opportunity to attach it to something hot - a cup of tea, a light bulb, a battery and other objects. In this case, the temperature on the thermometer rises instantly. 4 If there are no hot objects at hand, use friction. This method will take more time and effort. Jeans, a sofa (but not leather) and much more will do. Just remember to knock down the thermometer to believable.

Taking a few drops of iodine inside can cause a fever 5 If you are being watched, it is necessary to act differently. In this case, care should be taken in advance to raise the body temperature. One of the most popular ways is to take a few drops of iodine. It is better if you drip them on a piece of bread or a cube of sugar. Thus, you can raise the body temperature to 38-39 ° C for several hours. The main disadvantage of this method is that iodine can burn the mucous membrane.

You can take the pencil lead from the inside 6 Many people advise you to take the pencil from the inside (not colored). However, using this method, you risk poisoning or injuring the mucosa with the sharp end of the stylus.

A few tablespoons of dry coffee can also raise the temperature. 7 Ordinary instant coffee can also raise the temperature. This is not about a drink, but about 2-3 tablespoons of coffee granules. The temperature can rise to 38 ° C. The taste of coffee taken dryly is rather unpleasant, so you can bite it with sugar. 8 To increase the temperature, it is also advised to rub the armpits with salt, pepper, onion or garlic. Remember that onions and garlic give an unpleasant odor, so if you are going to any public place, it is better not to use them. Also, do not forget about possible skin irritation after such a procedure. Almost all of these methods combine the presence of an unjustified health risk. You should not thoughtlessly swallow iodine, pencil leads or dry coffee, thinking that this will pass without a trace to the body. It is much more reasonable to use such methods that do not require the adoption of substances that are questionable for health.

You can risk replacing the thermometer 9. Even if you are being watched, you can do without ingestion of substances that cause irritation, the result of which is an increase in temperature. You can pre-attach something warm to your armpit, for example, a small heating pad. You can also take a mustard plunged into hot water and wrap it in a plastic bag so that when measuring the temperature the thermometer does not touch the wet mustard. The complexity of this method lies in the fact that you need to think through to the smallest detail how your mini-heating pad will be attached. In addition, it should increase the temperature within normal limits. You will have to experiment with this at home more than once. The desire to skip school or not go to work is not a reason to endanger your health. Do not take off from fulfilling your duties and do not force your relatives to worry about your “illness”. 10 Another option for raising body temperature and simulating a disease is replacing a thermometer. However, everything is not so simple here: you have to find out in advance what a thermometer looks like, with which you will measure the temperature. Get the exact same one, raise it with one of the above methods, raise the temperature (preferably by contact with hot or friction) to the required temperature and come with an armpit to the doctor with it. As for sleight of hand - this also needs to be practiced at home. However, this method is unlikely to help if you have to take off your clothes during the examination.

Tricks with a thermometer

  1. Rub your armpits with pepper, mustard, or warming ointments. Unpleasant sensations are provided, but the result will not be long in coming. All these substances act on the skin in such a way that the local temperature rises. How much will the temperature rise? Depends on how hard you rub your armpits. Caution! You can overdo it and get a burn!
  2. Option with raising the temperature of the thermometer. There are many ways to interact with heated objects: batteries, hot liquids, heaters, pets (as cats and dogs know, body temperature is higher than that of humans), boilers, gas stoves, and this list goes on and on. and prudent. First, do not overdo it. Nobody will believe you if the thermometer is 42 and above.

Secondly, be careful with a thermometer, and especially with a mercury! If you overheat it, it will burst, and this threatens with very unpleasant consequences. In addition to broken glass, which is a trifle in this case, you release mercury - a heavy metal that vaporizes very easily and also easily causes poisoning. Another question when it comes to electronic thermometers. To deceive him is much more difficult.

You can raise the performance of such a thermometer with the help of a cat or dog, if you can control it, as well as using warm liquids that are heated strictly to the desired temperature.

  • Everything becomes a little more complicated when you need to go to the doctor and convince him that your body temperature is higher than normal. You can buy the same thermometer in a pharmacy and prepare it for a doctor. So you can replace the thermometers during the examination - this is already a matter of your imagination. Train your sleight of hand!
  • You can make a small heating pad at home. To do this, you can use a mustard plaster soaked in hot water. It is important that the thermometer does not contact directly with it, so it is best to use a plastic bag for insulation. The heating pad can be fixed with tape. It is worth practicing before applying this method, since there is a chance of overheating the thermometer!

    In addition to a home heating pad, there are special packages for warming your hands - chemical heating pads that can heat up to 50 degrees! Therefore, you need to be very careful in using them so that you are believed.
  • If no one is watching you, you can tap on the thermometer from the right side and raise the temperature to the required value by tapping on one side or the other. This is one of the most reliable ways.
  • Another option is to grind with a solution of vinegar. For this, dilute 4 tbsp. l vinegar in 1 liter of water, rub the whole body and wrap yourself in a warm blanket. The only minus of the method is the pungent smell that will accompany you.
  • You can also use traditional medicine to increase the temperature. Dissolve dry mustard in hot water and hold it in your legs. After 20-30 minutes, body temperature will rise to an indicator that will cause mild anxiety in parents.
  • It is important to know! Just a warning. If you nevertheless broke a mercury thermometer, then the problem will not be solved by buying a new one. In this case, you need to act very quickly. Open the windows and doors to ventilate the room, take a sheet of paper and collect all the mercury balls into one (do not allow direct contact with the skin!) Throw the ball into the street, collect the broken glass and throw it in the trash. If you leave mercury in the apartment, it will poison the air for several months and can lead to dangerous poisoning of all family members. Be careful!

    Pencil lead

    How temperature is regulated and why it can change

    The human body temperature is not constant, it depends both on the internal state and on external conditions. Basically, it ranges from 36 to 37 ° C. Such fluctuations are a protective reaction of our body, which prevents both overheating and hypothermia of the body inside, that is, it maintains a constant internal environment.

    Temperature is regulated by special centers of thermoregulation, which are located in one of the parts of the brain - the hypothalamus. As soon as overheating inside our body is observed, the blood vessels expand under the action of the hypothalamus, the skin warms up and gives off heat to the external environment, sweat glands also begin to function actively. If the temperature inside the body drops, then the blood vessels, on the contrary, narrow and the heat remains inside the body.

    Method 5: Stupidly warm up with matches or a lighter. +50 :)

    How to quickly increase the temperature: iodine Another way to quickly increase body temperature, also well known to schoolchildren, is to take a few drops of iodine tincture inside. Using this method, it should be remembered that it should never be drunk in its purest form. Usually this is done as follows: 4-6 drops of iodine are applied to a piece of sugar with a pipette, after which the sugar is swallowed without chewing, washed down with a small amount of cold water. This method allows you to quickly increase body temperature. Already 15 minutes after taking iodine, the thermometer shows 37.5 - 38.0 degrees. But using this method is not safe and can lead to poisoning.

    How to quickly raise the temperature while no one is watching

    You can also raise the temperature with our beloved coffee. Only it is necessary not to drink it as usual with water, but to eat! Two to three spoons are guaranteed to increase the temperature

    You can quickly increase body temperature pencil lead, taking inside its crushed composition. You need to take an ordinary simple pencil, halving it with a knife and separating the lead from the wood. It is not necessary to eat the entire lead. A small piece of pencil is enough. Pretty soon, a fever in the body will be felt, the temperature will rise. The temperature can reach, if you eat a stylus, even up to forty degrees and last for 3-5 hours. To avoid complications, a pencil and stylus should be used precisely in domestic, Russian production.

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    guys help how to heat the temperature to 37.5 I'm 9 years old


    Do not heat the mercury thermometer or it will burst.

    Blah how to make that Zhoska headache and the temperature jumped to 38 ?! the griffin didn't really help.

    you need to be very nervous and the next day the temperature is guaranteed)

    You can pretend that you’re sick or call your mom for a robot and say that you have vomiting, she will believe and call the teacher the next day at the clinic for 2 weeks on sick leave. (checked by myself)

    people need to get sick give advice only advise what nibul with medicines

    I don’t tell as myself. but neither iodine nor pencil lead affected me. (((

    it is easier to rub a thermometer about a crank.

    If with thermometers, for electric: turn on three with the tip in hand, the temperature will increase before our eyes. For mercury: hold the thermometer with its tip up and knock the lower part on the palm. =)

    If with thermometers, for electric: turn on three with the tip in hand, the temperature will increase before our eyes. For mercury: hold the thermometer with its tip up and knock the lower part on the palm. =)

    Eh * people you do what you want, but do not in any case do not drink sugar with iodine. Fucked will be. Better lead ☺ If you still need yuin 627841332

    I have many ways. 1) eat 2 raw potatoes, for three days the temperature is 37 and 5. 2) (for those who stay home alone with the disease) shake the thermometer on the contrary, this way the temperature rises. When they leave you pour ice water into the bath, and sweat in a hot basin (preferably in a large one), lie down for 10 minutes. in cold water, and then 10 in hot. so change times 2. temperature is ensured!

    HELP! my mother knows perfectly well that I'm sick but sends to school, temperature 37 (flu symptoms) but my mother is frankly fucked! persistent cough! really sick, but we need to get sick harder! I just have a peculiarity of organism - the temperature even with severe illnesses is completely absent (even when I got the flu) I can help, tell me how to quickly raise the temperature except for iodine and pencil!

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    THE MOST EASY, TESTED AND SAFE METHOD: grate underarms with pepper.

    And I remember with a guy in 15 years had 4 hours of pace 38.8

    Who does not want to go to training, it’s shorter for you to call mom and say you probably didn’t want to go to training and began to smell perfume, there is a rod from pencils and drink food, and after that you probably started vomiting and all kinds of crap. It’s going to work, so I did 200 times

    hi everyone. The most secret and fun way: (while still effective) take a square battery of 4.5 volts, pick up a small bulb to it so that it does not burn, but only gets warm (as the experience shows, the bulb is about 6-9 volts ) it remains only to connect this with thin wires, placing the battery in your pocket, and secure the light bulb with an armpit with a band-aid. Then it’s a matter of technology, insert a thermometer in the butt to the bulb and you're ready. I’m an adult, but I periodically fool doctors. I advise you to practice at home, and you can get any temperature in the hospital.

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    Ways to increase body temperature

    There are several different methods that can help increase body temperature. These methods are not suitable for those who need to raise the temperature to normal. They are perfect for those who want to simulate a painful condition.

    Before performing these or other manipulations, evaluate whether you are ready to risk your health, and whether it is really worth it.

    Iodine application. You can increase body temperature with iodine. To do this, simply drop a little iodine on a cube of sugar or just in water, and swallow it. As a result, heat appears and the temperature can rise from 38 to 39 degrees. You should be very careful with this technique, as the heat can be very high. This increase does not last long - just a few hours.

    Using stationery glue. Glue should be applied intranasally, that is, you need to slightly lubricate the mucous membrane of the nasal passages. This method of causing fever in the body is very popular, as it can help you not only get fever, but also symptoms of the common cold such as consumption and runny nose. The simplest glue of domestic production will do.

    Hot coffee

    This technique involves the use of coffee, but you do not need to drink it. You will need simple granular instant coffee. This way to raise the temperature is that you need to eat 2-3 tablespoons of dry coffee.

    The taste will be very unpleasant, so it is best to eat sugar or honey. The effect can be felt after 40 minutes after taking coffee.

    but the heat does not last long, and the body quickly bounces back.

    The disadvantages of this method are as follows:

    • drinking dry coffee is not a healthy procedure,
    • if you eat too much, the effect may be excessive,
    • if you carry out the procedure on an empty stomach, you can get problems with the stomach.

    If this method did not work the first time, then repeat it is not recommended.

    Using a pencil lead

    To get heat in this way, you should take inside a small part of the lead of a simple pencil. In this case, the temperature can be raised as much as 40 degrees. The heat caused in this way can last from 3 to 4 hours.

    Before using this method, pay attention to the side effect. So, after taking a pencil lead, you may experience fainting or poisoning.

    Каждый организм по-своему реагирует, поэтому кто-то может получить необходимую ему температуру, а кто-то отравление.

    Метод альпинистов

    Как поднять температуру тела до 38 градусов? Этим способом поднятия жара пользуются альпинисты, когда нужно согреться, а движения ограничены.

    Нужно сделать 4 глубоких вдоха, набрать воздух в легкие, и напрячь диафрагму и пресс. Дыхание следует задерживать на 20−45 секунд. Упражнение следует повторить около 5 раз. However, unprepared do not use this technique.

    How to heat up without harm to health

    Many students who want the thermometer to be 38 degrees lower it in hot water or achieve the desired temperature by friction. These methods can be applied only if the parents are not nearby.

    These ways considered the safest, since human health is not in danger. When heating a thermometer, you should be careful, as high rates can give a lie. If the thermometer is mercury, then it can burst, this fact should also be taken into account.

    Drugs that provoke an increase in temperature:

    1. Echinacea - it helps not only strengthen immunity, but also get a little heat. Echinacea can be used as tea or as a tincture.
    2. Pyrogen preparations - they work only if the body is weakened. The composition of such funds includes sulfur. An overdose can lead to nausea, headaches, and vomiting.
    3. St. John's wort tincture - it should be consumed in a warm form.

    There is another safe way, but it should be used only when no one sees you. You need to find out which thermometer the doctor uses, and purchase the same. At home, you can raise the temperature readings on the thermometer, and then come to the doctor with him and quietly replace it.

    To carry out such an operation, you need not only dexterous hands, but also good endurance. It is better to practice at home in advance, so that during a trip to the doctor the thermometer does not fall to the floor. This option is only suitable if the doctor does not ask you to take off your clothes.

    Negative consequences

    Trying to quickly raise the body temperature to the desired indicator, few people think about the harm to health. Artificial disturbance of heat exchange processes can be fraught with a weakening of the immune system.

    The human body will become more vulnerable to various diseases. The use of aggressive agents such as iodine or soda can become cause of various diseases.

    As a result, it should be said that when choosing a method to artificially cause heat, use the most harmless. Perform such manipulations should only as a last resort and very carefully, as you can get an unexpected negative impact.

    From this video you will learn the most popular ways to help raise the temperature.