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What is PayPal and how to use the system


Good day to all!

Paypal (or just a stick) - The most convenient payment system for payments on the Internet. Abroad she has long had no equal, but in our country she appeared relatively recently (maybe that's why Kiwi, Yandex-money, etc. are so popular with us) .

Many users (in my opinion) do not fully understand the difference between this payment system and competitors, and therefore are wary of it. In fact, after the first acquaintance - you understand that the payment system is very convenient, reliable, and fast (payments occur at a very high speed, not a single bank transfer can be compared!).

By the way, to send a transfer to another person you just need to know his e-mail! And that’s it! Imagine, you will not fill out dozens of details, remember settlement accounts, etc. And given that you can attach a bank card to PayPal - it turns out that money from the card can be transferred to another user, knowing only his e-mail in the "stick".

Ok lyrics, I’ll get to the point.


Despite the abundance of various payment systems PayPal (or, as they say in common people, "Stick") It has a number of obvious advantages:

  1. when shopping in online stores you don’t enter the data (details) of your card anywhere - just an e-mail from PayPal (agree, this measure increases the safety of funds on the card) ,
  2. if the store (seller) from which you bought the goods deceived you and delivered you the wrong product that you advertised, you can open a “dispute” (trial / complaint) within 1.5 months and return your funds back! In my opinion, this is not guaranteed by any bank in our country. In fact, PayPal will be a kind of intermediary that protects you from an outright scam.
  3. lack of commission when buying goods and services (in principle, such a “bun” in many payment systems). It is worth noting that when transferring from an account to a PayPal account, you will also not be charged a fee if your funds were on the PayPal account, and not on the card.
  4. some stores give discounts when paying with PayPal (1-7%). In RuNet, for example, the Ozon online store has already provided several times a 5% discount when paying for an order using PayPal.
  5. funds can be transferred simply by e-mail (without any details).
  6. high transfer speed (literally seconds / minutes): it is unnecessary to wait for days until the funds reach.
  7. You can shop at most foreign stores.

Well, and probably it’s worth adding that millions of users around the world use this payment system! That is, you can transfer money, say, from Russia to the USA, Canada, etc. (eg). The geography of distribution is very wide. It is unlikely that you will be able to do something similar with Qiwi or Yandex money (their geography is much more modest, although they are very popular in our country) .

Despite the fact that PayPal is not yet so widespread in Russia, little by little more and more stores are connecting it, an increasing number of people are registering and using. In general, I recommend you to familiarize yourself (at least)!

How PayPal Works

As in many other payment systems, PayPal works as follows:

  1. The user is registered in the service and binds the account to his email address.
  2. If the user wants to pay for the purchase in online stores through this system, then the funds are debited from the account and sent to the seller.

This is a standard operating principle and is familiar to all people.

Registration + map binding

To register with PayPal you need 3 things:

  1. mobile phone (your number is tied to your account for security reasons. For example, you can later reset the password using SMS if you forget),
  2. a bank card on which there is at least 2 dollars or their equivalent in rubles (they will be temporarily withdrawn from the card and then credited back to it. This is necessary as a card check). By the way, I’ll note that various virtual cards often do not pass the test, so you need to use the “real” plastic,
  3. your passport data (of course, you need to enter them carefully, double-checking 2 times). The fact is that if any unusual situation arises, then the funds in the account can freeze until you present your passport data (and if they are not real for you, then you cannot do this) . In principle, such a requirement is now everywhere, the fight against laundering and all sorts of "dealers."

In general, if you have all of the above at your fingertips, you can go to the official PayPal website and start the registration process. By the way, please note that there are two types of accounts in PayPal: personal (for ordinary users, which I recommend choosing) and corporate (for those who, for example, decided to open their own store (I do not consider this)) .

In principle, the registration form is standard, somehow commenting on it directly, I see no reason.

Send money at the speed of light!

After you complete the registration, you will need to add a card (otherwise, where will the money come from for payment). This is done very simply: click on the tab "Score" then press the button "Add card" .

I draw your attention to the fact that you can add several of your cards to the system at once, and with each payment you can choose which card to charge. Conveniently!

After you enter the details of the card, they will write off about $ 2 (or the equivalent in rubles) from it. Then after a while you will receive them back, along with a code that will help you complete the verification (i.e. the process of adding a card). The time to check can be very different: for example, it took me about 1 day for the card to be checked.

Filling in the card details

After adding a card, you can see it on the main page of the PayPal website and on the "account" page. The full card number is hidden by the system for security purposes, only the last 4 digits are visible. See screen below.

Sign up for PayPal

In order to open a personal account in PayPal you need to register an account:

  1. First, go to official site.
  2. Then click the “Open an account«.

There will be a choice: open a personal or corporate account. Accordingly, you need to choose a more suitable one. A personal account is ideal for people who need to transfer, accept money or just make purchases on the Internet. Corporate is necessary for legal entities that have individual entrepreneurship, as well as for large and small companies.

Personal PayPal Account

  1. Indicate your country of residence, enter your email address, create a password and confirm it. At the end of the data entry, click “Further«.
  2. Now the card is attached: fields will appear where you need to enter the bank card number, month and expiration year, CSC-code.
  3. After that, an SMS message with instructions for activating the account will be sent to the indicated early email address. It is necessary to perform all the actions indicated in it.

Note! All data must be reliable and correctly written, otherwise the user can safely be blocked.

Corporate Account

  1. At the very beginning, mail is entered and “Continue«.
  2. Next, almost all existing information about the company is entered.
  3. After that, other information about the individual entrepreneur or legal entity is indicated.

This completes the registration and it becomes possible to use all the functions that this payment system provides.

Using PayPal

In Russia, paypal has begun to operate recently, and many do not know how to use PayPal. In fact, this is not a big deal. You can pay for purchases on the Internet, exchange money with other users. You can use the system both from a computer and from a tablet, from a phone and other mobile device.

The site by default works in English, so many people need a detailed analysis of all the actions during translations in the system.

Note! If the profile has not passed verification or the wallets are not tied to it, then the user will not be able to perform any functions.

So, for the translation you need to follow the instructions:

  1. It is necessary to press the button "Sending payments«.
  2. A field appears for entering an e-mail address or mobile phone number. The data of the person who needs to complete the transfer of funds is entered there. After that clicks “Further» («Next«).
  3. Next, you need to determine the purpose of the translation.
    It can be: sending a gift, paying a loan, crediting an advance, paying for accommodation. To select something from this list, you need to select "Perconal«.
    In the event that a purchase is necessary (for example, items, services or eBay auctions), then select "Purchase«.

Payment will be automatically transferred.

What is PayPal?

In its most limited form, the international wallet became available to Russians back in 2011. After 2 years, citizens of the Russian Federation received the right to open accounts in domestic currency. At the beginning of 2019, users who have registered their account in Russia can:

  • make purchases
  • Pay for services
  • to withdraw funds to their bank accounts, as well as to the accounts of other citizens.

The latter option is not available in all CIS countries.

Owners of domestic online stores can now trade at the famous eBay auction, offering their products so far only to compatriots.

Based on the foregoing, we can conclude that PayPal is a payment system of international level, an electronic wallet, the functionality of which allows you to shop in the vast majority of stores in the world.

If you look at PayPal from the point of view of Western users, it is a system with extensive capabilities that continue to expand. At the moment, Russians are more comfortable using Yandex.Money, Qiwi or WebMoney, but only when it comes to shopping on the domestic market. Overseas, PayPal will be much more beneficial.

Before moving on to practice and starting to figure out how to register in the system, we list a number of its features:

  • when paying for goods no commission is charged,
  • the online store receives its money only after the buyer announces the receipt of the parcel with the goods,
  • the buyer has 45 days to open a dispute with the seller.

If you want to send a transfer, when using a card, the service will withdraw the commission from the amount. The situation is different if you apply the account.

Payment in stores

Payment in online stores is quite simple (and even in some cases much faster, because there is no need to enter any details).

Let me show you a simple example: let's say you chose something in an online store and started placing an order. It came to payment - you now need to select PayPal in the payment form.

Pay with PayPal

Then you are automatically redirected to the official PayPal website.

store redirection

In the payment window, you need to check the amount (1), the card from which these funds will be debited (2), and accept the payment (note: it will be necessary to confirm debit by SMS) . After making the payment, you will also be automatically redirected to the store’s website.

The entire payment process is very simple and fast. Even if you have never dealt with online purchases, I think with PayPal you will do it easily, quickly, and you definitely shouldn’t get into it.

How to transfer funds

As I already said at the beginning of the article, for translation it’s enough to know e-mail the person to whom you are translating. Moreover, it is not even necessary that it be registered in the system (True, nevertheless, it is better to send only to registered ones, suddenly a person will not be able to register, never mind.)

To begin with, how to find out your e-mail in the system (many forget after registration):

  • first you need to click on the "gear" in the right corner of the window,
  • Further, in the parameters in the "Email Address" section, your main e-mail will be indicated - it is for him that you should be transferred.

How to find out my PayPal email address

Actually, the translation itself is quite simple: you need to open the tab "Money Transfer / Submit" and enter the e-mail of the person to whom you want to send funds.

Money transfers - send

Next, select the type of translation. In most cases, the translation is suitable for family and friends (see screen below).

Transfer to family, friends

After entering the amount, currency (default, rubles), indicate the note (if necessary) and agree to the transfer. By the way, if you change the transfer currency, say, rubles to dollars, then PayPal will automatically convert rubles at the exchange rate of the system (i.e. to send an invoice in $ - you do not have to have them, just a normal ruble card is enough) .

Amount, transfer currency, note

How to withdraw funds

The most preferable and profitable option for withdrawal is to make a withdrawal to your bank account. I note that recently, due to sanctions, it is far from being possible to withdraw to all Russian banks (note: so far, it seems, Sberbank and VTB, for example, have not come under them. But there are a lot of complaints, and every day the situation is changing, so it’s clear to say whether it is possible to withdraw to your bank — only PayPal support can) .

First, like a card, a bank account must be linked: to do this, open the "Account" section, and click on the button "Add bank account" .

Account - Bank Account

Next, enter the details: BIC of the bank and bank account number (important! Bank account number is not the same number that is written on your card) . You can learn about how to find out these details on the example of Sberbank from my last article, a link to it below.

We indicate the details of your bank account

After the invoice is attached and verified (verified like a map) , you can withdraw funds to it (use the "Withdraw funds" link, see the screen below).

If you use the WebMoney payment system, then there is a special in its arsenal. exchanger where you can change WMR (rubles) to PayPal (and the reverse operation). The commission is very different - from 1-10%, in principle, you can submit your proposal yourself, maybe someone will respond.

Well, having received WMR in WebMoney, you can withdraw them with almost no commission (or from 1-1.5%) to the card of any bank.

The resulting final commission, of course, is “biting” (especially if you do not have time to wait for a profitable rate), but it is not always possible to withdraw funds from the system at the moment (we hope that the sanctions will be lifted soon and will be easier.).