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When swinging is all life: shocking revelations of Ukrainian blogger


Have you heard about such practices in sex, as an exchange of partners? No, these are not adult movie plots: in Ukraine, many families practice this. There are even special clubs and dating sites for those who want to diversify their sex life.

If you and your partner are interested in the now popular sexual entertainment: swing, or rather, exchanging partners for one night, read stories about how couples who have gone through such an experience feel, or practice it regularly.

Ilya and Oksana, 31 and 29 years old, practiced swinging for a year

Trying this kind of sex was my initiative. I wanted variety, and as an honest person I proposed two options: either leftist or swing. The wife was shocked, but eventually chose the second. There was no jealousy on my part. With her - I think it was.

Better than it seemed. On the contrary, it was worse: firstly, excitement, and secondly, their cockroaches in the heads of partners. Well, of course, this never happened, so that I liked my partner and my wife’s partner. Therefore - one person enjoys, in the second acts as a sign of solidarity.

We were looking for partners on Mamba for the first time, no one succeeded due to excitement. And then exchanged pairs, or separately met with a guy or girl. Protected by condoms.

But a year later they stopped - because they realized that this was not ours. And the wife realized that it would be better if I had a leftist (but in secret from her).

What to recommend to those. who wants to try swing? Imagine that you are entering a room and suddenly you see that there the couple is having sex. What is your first wish? If you join, then swing is yours. If you close the door and leave, you may not even try. Do not like it.

Elena and Anton, 27 and 30 years old, tried a swing half a year ago

I myself offered my husband such a way to stir up our family life. We had almost no sex after the birth of a son (the son was already three years old for a second), I thought that he wanted to go to the left, well, I would go, but conscience did not allow.

Therefore, I directly suggested to him: let’s not offend anyone like this. I didn’t take it from the ceiling, my friend got a boyfriend who loves this business. And she kept refusing. Well, I found him on Facebook and asked where I could get such an experience. He gave me a link to the group in the then open Vkontakte.

We registered (it was still somehow intricately called, so that the employees and friends did not understand that you were in a group of such knowledge). They wrote as standard: ad and photo. What are we looking for diversity, man and woman.

10-15 letters arrived, I did not expect such a stir. But all were some not all very much. It seemed that many came here, looking for the last chance to have sex. But we highlighted the young pretty guy and girl, pretty.

Met us, drank. The first time it was a little awkward, but I liked it even more, it really turned me on. The husband was confused, I think.

Then we decided not to practice this anymore, but the sex between us revived. But after a few months, already the husband offered to try again. We met an older couple and this time there was no such enthusiasm for innovation, but there was no confusion or embarrassment.

We later agreed that we would sometimes do this if we wanted both. And we will not change each other for the eyes. By the way, we liked this second pair, we decided if we meet again, then with them.

Those who want to try this. I want to recommend agreeing with my half about the possible consequences: jealousy, resentment. Speak clearly at any time: I don’t want it, I don’t like it. And respect each other’s opinions.

Robert, 40 years old, and his three women, practiced swing for over 15 years

To begin with, I will say that I had three long periods of relations in this format. The first seven years - broke up on her initiative. Left for another. Second, about three years - rather in my opinion, or mutual: the age difference was big, non-viable relations in general, I did not expect that it would be otherwise. Third, two years - in the distance. They met, including hooligans, I was set for a serious continuation, I called for marriage, I planned to meet, but everything suddenly stopped, and I don’t know the reason.

In no case do I consider our hobby to be the reason for the break. Always something else. It is not possible to interrogate that side, maybe there is a different vision.

In each pair, the decision was always joint, as a rule, as a realization of the partner's bisexual fantasy. Then, already in the process of practice, interest could slightly change. There was never any coaxing of the opposite side, quite mutually.

Searched for dating ads, but this is the most unproductive. Later - chatting and thematic forums, some joint events. This is better.

Later, swing clubs. This is the most convenient option - no one is obliging to anything: he came, got acquainted, wanted to continue - continued, did not want to - parted. Lack of commitment relaxes and promotes.

Fantasy, of course, is almost always cooler than implementation. It’s one thing to invent, another to realize. But I can’t say that some moments are directly worse than it seemed. Everything is within tolerance.

There was never jealousy on my part. From the side of the partners it happened, even to the anecdotal: when she, actively having sex with another man, suddenly experiences a strong attack of jealousy towards me, because I just touched another woman by the chest.

At the same time, I knew couples who were terribly jealous of each other, and continued to practice, getting it from this high. A sort of, apparently, a variant of masochism. I don’t understand, but I saw this.

In general, this is not only an exchange of pairs. This is sex in large groups, and small. Optimal for both of us there have always been small companies with a significant predominance of men. Protection - condoms are necessary, of course.

The strangest thing in such meetings, for which I still have no explanation, is the unexpectedly intolerant attitude towards male bisexuality. As a rule, this is condemned, although it would seem that they themselves are “perverts”, so why should someone else kick for a “non-standard”? And nevertheless a fact. Although there are a lot of bisexual men in the party, this is not advertised (I know literally one or two open bisexuals), and in swing clubs there is usually a direct ban on the demonstration of such relationships.

Now I am in a new relationship and do not practice swing. Not sure if the fun will continue. So far, no prerequisites. Which - of course - must necessarily be mutual.

Advice for those who want to try: in no case do not insist if the partner is against. Categorically. Only mutually. And in no case do this to restore relations. Only if everything is fine and fine between you. Because it is the strongest catalyst - if there is a crack, then there will be an abyss. If everything is tight, it will be stronger. And take it as a seasoning, not the main course. With the main recommendation - do not overdo it!

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And at some point I realized that it was worth sharing this experience. That there are not only monogamous relationships, so that people learn about it.

- And how did the spouse react to this?

- Before putting all this on the Internet, I, of course, talked with my husband. We always solve everything together. And they came to the conclusion that this can be done, but in order to protect children and my lovers, I will hide my face and write under a different name. That was the condition.

- I see. Then let's move on to the most interesting part - tell us about your first swinger experience.

- Do you mean exchange partners or swingers clubs?

- Let's start with the exchange of partners.

- These were our good friends, we talked about this with them and somehow decided to experiment. We spent some period together with the four, and then together, exchanging partners.

- Doesn't swinging mean having sex right in front of your partner?

- It's not obligatory. You can just go to rooms. Depends on what excites whom. For example, we talked together, but we had sex in different rooms. Although I heard everything and with one eye I could see what was happening there.

After some time, the lover's wife became uncomfortable and she asked to end this relationship. But we have kept friendship, and still communicate.

- I read the statistics, when couples take such a step, then a high percentage of them diverging. This is true?

- I think this is because often people go to such experiments, trying to close some flaws with a partner when there is no passion and mutual understanding. Instead of working on existing relationships, they try to revive marriage in such a radical way. But this just works in the opposite direction. Old unresolved insults, misunderstandings, jealousy are rising. And then there is a gap.

“What does this give you?” Why do you enjoy having sex with other husbands?

- I do not like to have sex with other husbands, I like to have sex with men. I like excitement, attention, good sex, passion. I like that I have a relationship, but I can get adrenaline from short meetings.

- That is, one man is not enough for you sexually?

- Do I have one man? Hm. We had years when we lived only together, there were other times: hot, when there were many adventures outside the family. Is it not enough for me to have a man ... who knows.

- And in your experience, the exchange of partners was only with familiar people, or were there strangers?

- There were strangers in the swinger clubs. There you meet people whom you did not know before and will no longer see.

- In such clubs, everything happens in condoms? Or does everyone have a certificate in their pocket?

- Of course, only with condoms. But in a Spanish club, I noticed that some men tried to do this without contraception. It surprises me, I think it is not right.

- But condoms do not protect one hundred percent from pregnancy or the chance to catch an infection.

- Yes, they do not protect, so there is a risk.

- That is, there is also a sense of extreme here?

- Yes, there is such an extreme feeling, but it is not very comfortable. I go regularly checked. Thank God I never got sick.

- Do you have similar clubs in Kiev?

“I heard that there is some mysterious club, but I don’t know where it is.” We have been to Spain, the Czech Republic and Poland.

- Which club is most remembered?

- Most of all, the first club in Prague was remembered. I liked that you can always say no at any stage: starting from the look and even when the partner is already putting on a condom, and I used this right. This is considered normal. Everyone is treated with understanding and respect.

I also remember one moment. Often couples who have been together for a long time come to such clubs. And I was amazed - the couple has sex with other people, and here the woman gets an orgasm, and the man who was with me turns to her, strokes, hugs and asks - did you have a good, beloved? I was very impressed with this moment. Because even here - being with different partners, they were together.

And another plus of such clubs is the exchange of experience. One man taught my husband how to squirt, for which I am very grateful to him. This technique gave us just a thousand orgasms. Until the end of my life I will be grateful to this man.

- You painted so that even now you want to run to such a club. Who would I recommend to try such an experience as swinging?

- Probably, this should not be advised. This is a very delicate topic, you need to understand your desires and the desires of a partner. If you go there to satisfy the desire of only a husband or wife, then this can injure the partner, and then reach the gap. And if you try to close any holes in the internal communication in this way, this will not help either.

I would advise this only to those couples who are confident in themselves and in their partner. Then this is a good peppercorn in a relationship, and can add new experience and emotions.

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