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How to plan a wedding


Starting and ending budget for a wedding

The budget of any wedding has its own framework. When it is formed, the newlyweds can rely on their own strength (to save money for a wedding, take a loan from the bank) or the help of loved ones (to borrow).
When planning your wedding budget, you need to make a list of possible waste. Then several important points are selected from this list (for example, wedding dresses for the bride and groom, banquet and motorcade of the bride and groom). Near each of the selected items you need to indicate how much you are willing to spend on it. When planning a wedding, you should not save on the quality of food, the services of a photographer, an agency for organizing a wedding celebration and, naturally, a host for your holiday.

How to save money on organizing a wedding?

When contacting the wedding organization agency, the newlyweds can offer an additional range of services that were not included in the budget of their wedding. The services offered are so attractive that I want to get them, but how in this case to plan the costs? You can decorate independently all the cars in the motorcade (except for the limousine of the bride and groom - it should be decorated by professionals). Salads for the wedding menu can be ordered cheaper (for example, without shrimp, mussels and other delicacies), but at the same time, the dishes should remain high-quality and tasty. There are good quality bride jewelry in simple stores. Here it costs an order of magnitude cheaper than in wedding salons. And the rushnyk for the holiday is probably your acquaintances or friends who have played a wedding before.

Choosing a place and time for a wedding

The cost of the wedding budget is largely determined by the venue of the banquet and the time of the celebration. In the summer, weddings are more expensive. A slightly cheaper holiday will cost in the fall. The greatest likelihood of receiving large discounts on the organization of the wedding ceremony is winter. In winter, the bride will be able to purchase a wedding dress from past collections with a significant discount (up to 70%). Negative moments when organizing a wedding in winter also exist. So, fruits to the table and flowers will cost much more, the bride needs to purchase additional warm accessories for the dress, and the newlyweds have to reduce their walks to a minimum. Choosing a wedding venue is the most difficult task, because it is not so easy to choose a cafe or restaurant with an excellent and suitable for the celebration interior, a suitable menu and reasonable prices.

Organizing your own wedding, you should not focus on examples of other weddings from friends and acquaintances. Let your celebration be unique, inimitable and unlike others.

To-do list

First of all, study the wedding process itself, conduct your own, so-called “marketing investigation”. Surely there are those couples who have already brought your ideas to life. Read such stories on the Internet, find out what difficulties the newlyweds usually face, how they plan a celebration and how they solve problems. About six months before the wedding date, sit down at the table and start writing a script called "How to Plan a Wedding."

Six months before the wedding

Successful events are planned in advance. And this also applies to weddings. Why start planning a celebration so early (in six months)? To avoid 90% of the troubles associated with the lack of thoughtfulness of the celebration. Six months will fly by unnoticed, so you can’t delay drawing up a list of primary tasks.

  1. Decide on the date of the event.
  2. If you want to go through a church ceremony, find out what days the newlyweds are married,
  3. If a trip is planned on the day after the wedding, check the availability of the flight and tickets for this date. Moreover, 6 months before departure, you can buy tickets at a decent discount.
  4. Explore the companies that provide wedding services in your city, compare prices so as not to spend precious time on this just before the wedding.
  5. Find out from relatives whether they will receive financial support in order to plan expenses and income in advance.
  6. Make a preliminary guest list.
  7. Take care of your figure, visit the gym to look perfect by the wedding day.
  8. Make a table of expenses to know in advance how much will be required for the planned holiday.

For 3 months

Three months before the wedding, go to the registry office and apply for the official registration of marriage. Do not forget to mention this important step in your life with a small festive treat in a cozy restaurant. Clearly plan your next steps to avoid any force majeure situations. In order not to forget anything, continue to record the script for the upcoming wedding. So, 3 months before the appointed date, you must:

  • choose a temple for the wedding, if it is planned,
  • discuss with the priest the details of the church ceremony,
  • organize a search for a wedding dress by “jogging” through the city’s wedding salons,
  • if the desired model is not found, contact the studio and order individual tailoring of your dream dress,
  • purchase wedding rings in the anniversary store,
  • to obtain the iron consent of each of the witnesses,
  • finally approve the list of invited guests,
  • organize a printout of wedding invitations,
  • start your search for a banquet hall,
  • Develop a bride redemption scenario.

For 2 months

When 2 months remain before the wedding, the trouble of the bride and groom is added. Planning a wedding ceremony requires the following:

  • the choice of a professional who will make wedding photos and videos at the highest level,
  • the selection of a host to support your version of the wedding scenario, make interesting corrections and speak with inspiration and ease,
  • selection and learning of the first dance of the newlyweds, the selection of the melody and musical group that will accompany the banquet,
  • ordering a wedding cake,
  • hairstyle and makeup planning,
  • delivery of invitations to guests,
  • order a wedding procession.

Two months before the wedding ceremony, you should already have a suit for the groom, and the bride's dress should be ready. The question of where to start has already lost relevance. But at this stage of planning, the important question is how to be in time. If you don’t have enough time, shift some concerns to the “shoulders” of a specialized wedding agency or add such an opportunity to the plan.

When one month is left before the wedding, the banquet hall and the menu should already be approved, and all the details of the interior decoration of the banquet hall have been purchased, according to early planning. This is the most important period of the wedding, when you should double-check the already completed points and organize new ones:

  • discuss with the photographer the route of the walk after marriage,
  • order the bride’s wedding bouquet and groom’s boutonniere,
  • ring all guests and confirm their participation in the wedding ceremony,
  • go through with the host again the whole scenario of the future holiday,
  • buy all the missing accessories for the wedding dress of the bride and groom,
  • invite friends to a bachelorette party / bachelor party,
  • consider events on the second day of the wedding, if planned.

A few days before the appointed celebration, take care of champagne for guests during a walk and photo shoot, draw up a seating plan for guests at the banquet, distribute new shoes, take an interest in the weather forecast. On the wedding day, do not be nervous, because you clearly planned the events, so everything will work out! The main thing - do not forget to grab passports and rings at the registry office.

Step-by-step tips for organizing a wedding

For the wedding to be successful, there must be order in the process of planning it. To do this, preparation should be done very carefully, carefully calculate all, even the most insignificant, expenses. Early planning will become a kind of navigator for you, from which you should not deviate. Only in this way will you fit into the budget without spending extra money and hold a celebration that will appeal not only to you, but also to your guests. Here are some tips to help you organize your wedding without a problem:

  1. Do not include activities that you can’t afford.
  2. Do not plan too many events on the wedding day; it is better to have a wedding and a photo shoot at another time.
  3. Put 20% in budget for unforeseen expenses, since the final estimate of the wedding celebration always comes out higher than you planned at the beginning.

How to organize a wedding on your own?

If you want to independently organize a wedding celebration, it is important that you support and understand each other, even in small things. Divide the responsibilities of preparing for the wedding among themselves, so that everyone does their own part of planning the holiday. The main thing in organizing a wedding is to find your theme, an individual memorable style of the wedding ceremony. There are many options for planning a stylish wedding, especially if you connect the theme with the holiday season.

Winter and fall

Wedding trends fall-winter is an eco-style or rustic style. They are based on village motifs, natural, natural elements. The venue for the wedding is decorated with natural materials: flowers, tree branches, plants, yellow leaves, cones, burlap, linen, hay. At the autumn wedding, saturated shades of fallen leaves, gold, bronze are relevant. Winter dictates the wedding fashion for cold colors - ivory, any powdery tones.

Summer and spring

The trend of spring and summer wedding celebration is etherealness, depth, tenderness. Shades of warm seasons range from classic white to deep blue or pink. It is impossible to imagine a summer or spring wedding without flowers, so the corresponding mood is created using floral arrangements. Decorate the windows of the banquet hall with greenery, arrange flower baskets on the tables. In spring, place blossoming branches of apple, cherry and lilac in beautiful vases. In summer, combine peonies with rosehip branches, so that the composition acquires a special flavor.

Video: 10 steps to your dream wedding

In order to create the wedding celebration of your dreams and not get stressful when planning it, you need to think over a lot of decisions and suggestions regarding the organization of the holiday in advance. But this process will become more enjoyable if you immediately concentrate on the main points. Watch the video on how to plan a wedding in just 10 steps: