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How to remove stickers from a laptop?


To date, there is probably not a single new laptop in the store that does not have a couple of stickers (I am silent about Apple). These stickers usually characterize the internal stuffing of the laptop.

AMD wants to offer laptop companies not to advertise on products at all. Or make stickers on other material so that the laptop buyer can easily tear it down if he wants.

Today, the basis of advertising stickers on laptops is super strong adhesive, resistant to adverse physical and thermal conditions. Accordingly, such stickers are extremely difficult to remove from the surface without loss of beauty. But still possible ...

For example, the Samsung R710 laptop, which I bought almost two years ago, had 4 stickers. Three of them were about the installed Intel processor, the NVIDIA graphics card and the pre-installed Microsoft Windows Vista OS. The fourth sticker advertised the laptop in general: a full-fledged block of numeric keys, silver printing on the keyboard keys, a 17-inch screen and so on.

The first three stickers by themselves began to lag behind the case a couple of months ago. Then I just tore them off and the remaining tiny pieces of glue just wiped with a napkin.

The fourth is harder. Samsung did not spare the glue for advertising ALREADY PURCHASED (!) Product, and tearing it off is much more difficult than the previous three. But, as I said above, it is possible.

So, in order to remove advertising stickers from the laptop case, we need: a new blade, a glass cleaner (preferably alcohol) and a rag.

With a blade, carefully (from the corner), we begin to separate the sticker from the laptop case. This must be done VERY carefully so as not to cut the plastic of the case. I was lucky - I not only did not cut the paint on the laptop, but almost without a trace I removed the sticker. When you separate ads very slowly over a large area, the glue remains on it, and not on the plastic being cleaned.

Most people who tear off stickers have glue left on their laptops or it’s impossible to completely tear off ads. Then you have to act in parts.

When you rip off the culprit of the post - the manufacturer’s sticker - all that remains is to spray the glass cleaner abundantly onto the surface with the remnants of superglue and rub it roughly with a rag.

Vaul! It took me 5 minutes to do everything. I hope this will not be a big problem for you either. Good luck!

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  1. Make sure this laptop is not too old. The stickers will dry and eventually the adhesive will separate from the printed material. If you decide to remove the stickers, do it quickly. Stickers will not remain fresh for more than a year or two, depending on their quality. If your laptop is a relic, go to the last step to use the chemical removal method.
  2. Decide Which Stickers To Remove. Some stickers are useful, for example, OEM licensed stickers that will be removed upon removal. Others may include serial numbers, service tags, support information, or system specifications. Typically, stickers that advertise the Windows operating system (i.e., "Designed for Windows XP" and "Windows Vista Capable"), as well as stickers on Intel and AMD processors, are removed.
  3. Remember to do it slowly. If you hurry with this and try to remove everything at once, you risk tearing the sticker or peeling off the adhesive backing.
  4. Start from the edges. Use your nails, tweezers or a non-abrasive abrasive spatula. Be careful not to scratch or damage any plastic or aluminum surfaces in the process.
  5. Pull the sticker slowly from the edge you just started. Try to raise it at an angle of 45 to 90 degrees. Never bend the sticker back more than 90 degrees, as this will help to separate the adhesive backing and the printed material.

Clean surface. Some remnants of the sticker are easily erased, and some require additional assistance. As always, avoid surface scratches.

  1. First try to erase the remaining balance manually. Many forms of glue, even when mixed with a small amount of paper, curl over themselves when moving along the surface.
  2. Secondly, if rubbing does not help, try using masking tape or another very sticky tape to remove any remaining residue. Break or cut a piece of tape, apply it to the surface, then remove. Repeat this until all residue has been removed, and is instead attached to the tape.
  3. Third, if all previous attempts fail, use chemicals. A popular and extremely useful method is to use a citric acid based cleaner such as Goo-Gone. This type of cleaning agent will not harm the metal or hard plastics, but can dry the surface of softer plastics, leaving a white matte finish. First check this out on a small hidden area. Another liquid is alcohol. The other is WD-40, which does not damage the surface and can be cleaned from the surface of the computer with a dishcloth and a small amount of soap.
  • A product called Odor Assassin (lemon and lime scent) that sells for no more than a dollar and in discount stores instantly dissolves most adhesives and can be removed with a clean cotton cloth for the face.
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    How can I remove stickers?

    The surface from which the sticker has just been removed needs urgent treatment. Otherwise, a large amount of dust will stick to it, and washing this place will be much more difficult. Each thing is made of a certain material having its own structure and texture. Therefore, for any thing you need to use only certain substances and devices. The following substances can be used to clean different surfaces:

    Sunflower oil (or any vegetable that does not have color),
    Alcohol-containing substances
    Vegetable oil esters,
    Cleaning products containing a large amount of citrus
    Nail polish remover,
    Aviation gasoline, lighter fluid,
    Glass cleaner
    Special stick for cleaning sticky components,
    Hair dryer
    Melamine sponge,
    A piece of foam,
    Soft cloth
    Any unnecessary plastic card,
    Blank sheets of paper.

    Peeling off

    We will accept this method if the sticker is not firmly glued to the product. The main part is carefully removed, the residues are rolled up with small fingers into small twists, and removed from the surface. Try not to scratch the residues of the substance with your nails so as not to damage the product. If you could not get rid of the sticker in this way, go to the options described below.

    Vegetable oil

    For this purpose, take any vegetable oil. Perfectly suitable as a regular sunflower, and corn, olive or cotton. The method of using the tool is simple:

    Dip a piece of soft cotton cloth in the oil,
    Process the speck of the sticker
    Wait 10 minutes for the glue components to soak in oil,
    Scrape the remainder with a plastic card or with the back (blunt) side of the knife blade,
    Wipe the treated area with a cloth dampened in water.

    This method is great for products coated with a layer of paint or varnished wooden surfaces. Instead of vegetable oil, mayonnaise can be used.

    Essential oils

    Remarkably glue residues are removed with any essential oil. You can take castor oil, burdock, sea buckthorn or avocado oil, the result will be the same.

    So, the sequence of actions is as follows:

    Put ether on the stain of the stickers,
    Spread it across the soiled surface,
    Leave on for 10 minutes
    Using a soft cloth, roll the remains in zigzag movements,
    Take a paper towel, wipe the place of work,
    Finally, sprinkle this area with any glass cleaner and wipe dry.

    Before using these substances, be sure to conduct a test on the wrong side of the product to exclude the possibility of stains from substances.


    Each citrus-based product contains citric acid granules. They help to corrode the remains of glue and to easily remove it from a surface. It is better to use products in the form of gels or sprays.

    Apply the substance to the stain and leave for a few minutes,
    Wipe with a dry cloth or paper towel,
    Wipe with a small amount of detergent,
    Walk with a polish (if necessary).

    Alcohol (96%) medical

    It's no secret that this substance has wonderful cleaning properties. The same applies to alcohol-containing substances - colognes, perfumes, vodka, deodorants.

    Take a sponge
    Moisten it in the selected substance,
    Wipe the surface.

    Be sure to test the alcohol-containing substance on the back of the product. Alcohol can react with the coating of the product and leave spots on it.

    Using ordinary masking tape, you can quickly clean the remnants of stickers from flat surfaces. This method works especially well in the case of fresh spots:

    Remove the sticker,
    Apply a piece of masking tape with an adhesive surface on the remaining stain,
    Leave the “tail” of the tape in your hand so that you can grab hold of it,
    A sharp upward tear off the adhesive tape from the surface,
    Repeat if necessary with a new piece of tape.

    Remove glue with a damp cloth. Wipe with a dry cloth.

    Use regular food vinegar to remove labels from different surfaces.

    Take a piece of foam,
    Dip it in vinegar
    Apply to glue
    Leave on for 10 minutes
    Using a plastic card, remove glue residue from the surface of the product,
    Treat this area with a soft, damp rag,
    Dry with a cloth.

    Kerosene or lighter fluid

    Use these products with caution on acrylic and polished surfaces. Kerosene is an active solvent and you can ruin a thing.

    Dampen a soft cloth in a
    Remove glue from the product in a circular motion,
    Clean the area with a damp cloth and detergent,
    Wipe with a clean cloth dipped in water.
    Dry with a cloth.

    To clean the old soiled stain from the sticker, use a regular dryer for drying. From hot air, the remnants of the adhesive will melt, and you can remove them using a plastic card:

    Turn on the hair dryer at medium power,
    Bring to the spot at a distance of 10 centimeters,
    Gently heat the remaining glue,
    Scrap it off with a plastic card,
    Take a soft rag, soak it in any vegetable oil,
    Wipe off any remaining adhesive
    Treat the place with a cloth and soap
    Wipe with a dry cloth.

    This product must not be used on plastic surfaces. Under the influence of hot air, the thing is deformed or burst. In addition, thermal exposure is not recommended for varnished or glass surfaces.

    Nail polish remover (without acetone)

    To remove the price tag from a paper or cardboard surface, a solution for removing varnish and a hairdryer will help:

    Using a hair dryer, heat the area with adhesive residue,
    Scrape off the glue with a plastic card,
    Wipe the area with a sponge dipped in nail polish remover.

    On a cloth or sponge, you need to apply a little. Otherwise, you risk spoiling the box from the product.

    Malamine Sponge

    This tool remarkably cleans dirt from stickers from any surfaces. For example, from glass:

    Moisten the surface of the product with water,
    Press the corner of the sponge firmly against the surface of the product,
    Wipe the glue in a circular motion,
    Clean the surface of glue residue with vegetable oil,
    Wipe with a cloth dampened in soapy water,
    Dry with a cloth.

    Do not use this product to clean items in which food will be stored.

    Sticker Remover Spray

    Currently, there are special substances that are designed to remove adhesive residues from different surfaces. Before using this substance, you must carefully read the instructions for use. It indicates which surfaces it is intended for, contraindications for use and possible consequences.

    Hot water and laundry soap

    Soak the item (if the quality of the fabric allows) in hot water. Wash the label with soap and water. Leave to soak for half an hour. Wash the fabric, rinse with warm water. If necessary, repeat the procedure again.

    Collar quick wash spray

    Currently, in stores you can buy a special spray for quick dry cleaning of collars and cuffs. This tool is also suitable for cleaning the contaminated surface of the product. It is able to remove even an old stain from a sticker, while it does not affect the external characteristics of the product. With equal success, it works both on plain and colored fabrics.

    Prewash detergents

    There are a lot of tools that process clothes before washing. These substances also work well for removing adhesive residues from stickers. Immediately prior to washing, apply the substance to the stain. After 15 minutes, wash the item in any way convenient for you using detergent.

    Label remover

    These drugs can be found in hardware stores. They are called - "Tools for removing stickers from clothes." Use a brush to work. Apply the solution to the stain, hold for at least 10 minutes. Remove residual material with a damp cloth. Be sure to wash the item with detergent.

    This substance can only be used on tissues that do not lose their color. Be sure to conduct a preliminary test on an inconspicuous part of the thing.

    This method can be used on dense, non-fluffy tissue. Soft, thin, delicate canvases can be spoiled with tape:

    Stick a piece of tape on the stain
    With a sharp upward movement, tear off the strip, holding the fabric with your other hand,
    Repeat the process if desired.

    Removing labels with an iron

    Use this tool only on durable materials:

    Turn things inside out
    On a flat surface, lay a blank sheet of paper,
    Put the item on top so that the sticker hits the sheet,
    Take a hot iron from the inside,
    The glue will change from fabric to paper,
    Change the sheets and repeat the procedure until you completely get rid of the remnants of glue.

    This method is one of the most effective and simple. Moisten the cloth with alcohol, leave it for a while, and remove the stain with water and detergent.