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How to change ava in Tick Tok: instructions for beginners


Want to figure out how to change your nickname in Tick Tok, replace a unique identifier and stand out among other users? Then our review is for you - we will give a clear algorithm of actions that will allow you to change the name on the page in no time!

Step-by-step instruction: how to change nickname in Tick Tok

Note! You can change the username in Tick Tok once a month - the next change is possible only after thirty days. Think carefully before choosing the final version of the nickname.

  • Open the Tick-Tok app,
  • Click on the button in the form of a man in the lower panel in the right corner,
  • Click on the “Edit Profile” icon - it is located in the center of the screen,

  • In a new window you will see several lines - you need to find the field indicated by the man icon,

  • Enter the application on your phone and click on the far right icon on the bottom panel,

  • Select the "Edit Profile" icon to enter the settings,

  • You will see two round windows - for now, let's leave the video, we need to change the avatar,

  • Click on the circle, a small menu will appear,
  • Select "Choose from gallery",

  • Click “Allow” access to the camera if you have not previously granted the application access rights,

  • The film of the device will open - select the desired frame for Ava,
  • Move the window to change the display of the frame,
  • Click “Crop” to remove the excess part of the image,
  • After editing, click “Finish" in the lower right corner,

  • After the download is complete, click "Save" in the upper left. Done, you were able to figure out how to change ava in Tick Tok!

How to change the avatar in Tik Tok in a similar way we figured out - there is an analogue, you can take a shot this very minute, do without downloading!

How to take a photo from the application

If there is no suitable picture at hand - it doesn’t matter! You can take a new photo right in the program in a few minutes and change it.

  • Open the app,
  • Click on the icon in the form of a person - in the lower right corner,

  • Click on the “Edit Profile” button - it is located in the very center of the screen,

  • A new window will open - on top you will see the familiar round icons.

We are talking about how to take a photo in Tick Tok to change the current picture, so the following steps are as follows:

  • Click on the round Ava window, a small context menu will appear,
  • You need the item “Take a photo”,

  • You may need to give the application permission to use the camera - if you see a request information window, click "Allow",

  • The camera will boot automatically - you just have to select the main or front mode, line up the frame and click on the shooting button,
  • If you change your mind about shooting, click on the “Cancel” icon, after which you will automatically return to the main menu,
  • If everything worked out, the new ava will load automatically, and you just have to click on “Save” in the upper right corner.

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Cheat in Tick Tok free

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Win likes in Tick Tok online

All of the above services work online, so you can easily work with them from your phone. These services are available to you wherever there is internet.

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Tick ​​Token application for cheating

There are practically no separate programs for promotion to Tick Tok. Due to the fact that this social network does not have such an extensive functionality as the same Instagram - you can cheat online.

However, if you are more accustomed to working through a smartphone or portable gadgets, then such options are possible:

  • Using mobile versions of services. Almost all of the above sites allow you to use them through a browser,
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  • Add a link to the services on the desktop of your device.

Thanks to this approach You can completely do without a separate application.