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A commercial proposal should be such that it would be desirable to read it out completely and, if you do not immediately respond to it, then by all means keep contacts for the future.

The purpose of any commercial offer is sale. In this case, we are talking about finding customers for a particular service. On the one hand, a person who needs certain services is looking for those who can provide it, and on the other hand, having received an offer that suits him, he will not only solve his problem, but may also want to work with you in the future. So this document requires a serious approach.

We consider the features of compiling a commercial offer for the provision of various types of services. You can also get acquainted with specific examples of commercial offers of security, transport, legal, construction, repair services.

Next we use the abbreviation KP = Commercial offer

Do not forget about the basic requirements for KP

Any commercial offer, including commercial proposal for the provision of services, is first of all a “selling" text, therefore it should contain all the elements required for this type of presentation of information:

  • captivating headline
  • offer - a brief and succinctly stated essence of the proposal ("do this - get this"),
  • justification of benefits for a potential client,
  • call to action and contact information,
  • the use of graphic design elements: subtitles, lists, various fonts, possibly illustrations.

As in other KP, when offering services should be avoided:

  • a detailed description of your company with details, especially at the beginning of KP,
  • uninformative headings, the phrase “commercial proposal” will be the most ineffective
  • complex, confusing language in the presentation of the offer,
  • epithets that do not carry a semantic load and are not proven by facts, such as "highly qualified specialists", "high level of skill", "successful implementation",
  • phrases that extend the text that can easily be removed from it without changing the meaning, for example, “We will be very happy to cooperate with you”, “We will be happy to come to your aid”, etc.: business people will get to know your proposal and busy people who don’t need to waste precious time on “water” in commercial texts.

Features of KP “At your service”

What is the difference between commercial offers whose task is to encourage the use of a particular service? Consider their fundamental features.

  1. Purpose of the offer:
    • if a “cold” KP is compiled, that is, sent to all potentially interested customers, then its goal is to talk about an opportunity that might come in handy sometime, and it is better to satisfy this need with this particular company,
    • for “hot” personified CPs, the goal is to inform about the nuances and encourage cooperation, highlighting the most positive aspects and strengths of the interaction.
  2. The target audience: commercial proposals for the provision of services are laid on the table to managers and senior managers who make decisions about their organization and payment.
  3. KP style: business, without familiarity, rather restrained, preserving dignity.
  4. Additional points:
    • it is important that the CP is drawn up so that the client immediately understands that it seeks not only to sell the service, but also understands it thoroughly,
    • excellent, if the text of the KP focuses on solving pressing problems of the target audience or specifically the addressee,
    • a clear and concise identification of resources to solve the customer’s problems and the benefits of choosing your company.

Examples of texts of commercial offers

In these examples of KP, the provision of various types of services is focused on the content, the printing aspect (illustrative material, the use of color, fonts, etc.) is left to the discretion of the developer. Examples are conditional.

Commercial offer for the provision of security services

Remote control of any objects

You have unwanted guests, and they can be dangerous?

Unexpected trouble will never catch you off guard if your office or store is equipped with a panic button. No matter what happens, it will not take five minutes after you click how the quick response group will be with you and will immediately solve the problem of any complexity.

Security Agency Panther Plus organizes console security of trade, office, industrial premises, as well as apartments and private houses. We will provide:

  • round-the-clock monitoring of the object entrusted to us from a centralized console in the duty area,
  • upon receipt of the signal, the arrival of the armed group within 2-5 minutes.

At our disposal:

  • 15 manned groups on cars dispersed in different parts of the city,
  • more than 200 licensed employees aged 25 to 40, each of whom has undergone special training and has experience in the armed forces or law enforcement agencies,
  • service firearms approved for use in security organizations: PKSK and Izh-71 pistols,
  • special means for communication.

Additional services

By contacting the Panther-Plus manager or reading the information on the official website htpp: //, you can familiarize yourself with the full list of services provided by the security agency:

  • installation and maintenance of video surveillance systems,
  • installation of office and home intercoms,
  • all works related to security and fire alarms,
  • armed security facility
  • access control,
  • safety during events
  • information and advisory services regarding legal protection.

Call 555-55-55, and Petr Sergeevich Ivanenko, Client Relations Manager, will advise you on any issues of cooperation. You can also leave a request on the website htpp: //, and we will contact you.

The first 5 customers receive a 10% discount on the provision of services. Flexible discounts for regular customers.

Security Agency Panther Plus

Commercial offer for transport services

Cargo transportation without problems at anti-crisis rates

Your cargo in the right place without noise and dust

Your company does not need to spend time and effort in order to organize the delivery of goods to anywhere in the country. Contact the company Podorozhnik and entrust your care to professionals.

"Plantain" has been operating in the domestic market since 2003. We have successfully delivered over 150 million tons of various cargoes to all cities of our country. We do not need intermediaries: our own resources will fully ensure the safety of your cargo and its timely delivery.

Turning to us, you get:

  • the resources of our fleet, equipped with cars and trucks of various carrying capacities,
  • the ability to transport cargo from 1 centner to 60 tons to any region of the Russian Federation,
  • freight insurance
  • tracking cargo movement through a geolocation system.

Prices that please

Due to the use of internal resources and the absence of intermediaries, Podorozhnik has the ability to set minimum prices for its services. For our customers we have provided:

  • the ability to transport goods on credit,
  • providing cumulative discounts for regular customers and business partners,
  • the possibility of preferential rates for loading and unloading.

Attention, promotion! For the first 5 customers of January loading is free!

Your trust is dear to us

We are responsible for the professionalism of our employees. If our drivers delivered the goods late for more than 24 hours, you will be returned 30% of the cost of services.

Call, write, come

We will answer any of your questions by phone. 123-22-22.

We accept letters to the email address [email protected], we respond round the clock for two hours.

Come to our office at the address: Moscow, st. Guards, 93, we are open 7 days a week from 8:30 to 18:00.

Commercial offer for the provision of legal services

Pay a lawyer 20-40% less
Legal support of entrepreneurial activity

The salary of a full-time lawyer is a serious expense item for any entrepreneur. Meanwhile, competent legal support is a component of the success of any business.

Any tasks can be done by experienced professionals of Legolas LLC, who have been successfully operating in the legal field for more than 10 years.

Services for entrepreneurs:

  • quick registration or liquidation of an organization of any form of ownership,
  • changes in registration data,
  • full legal service of the company
  • financial statements,
  • lawsuits and challenging decisions,
  • information services in civil, tax, land law,
  • assistance in the preparation and execution of business documentation.

The customer is always right

10 years of experience and reviews of more than 1000 satisfied customers speak about our professionalism and ability to guess the wishes of the client. Devote time to developing your business, rather than studying regulations.

Transfer your legal questions to the shoulders of LLC Legolas and forget about them forever.

If as a result you are unsatisfied with our cooperation, we are ready to return up to 60% of the amount you have spent.

We cooperate with entrepreneurs of any region of the Russian Federation.

Flexible payment system

We provide discounts to regular business partners

For customers who have ordered more than 2 services, the third will be provided for half the cost.

A full list of services and prices is on our website htpp: //

Dial the number 222-33-44, and we will be happy to answer any of your questions.

We are waiting for you from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 18:00 in our office at the address: G. Moscow, ul. Cow Shaft, 9.

Commercial offer for construction services

Company "Archistroy" - we are building what you will be proud of!

Short deadlines, quality materials, few days

You need to build a building, and you do not know where to start? "Construction company" Archistroy "will fulfill all your expectations in the following areas:

  • designing the future construction,
  • a full cycle of construction services, from the foundation to the finish,
  • landscape design of the territory,
  • repair of premises of any complexity.

Why is it profitable for you to conclude an agreement with the company "Archistroy"?

  1. An absolute guarantee of compliance with deadlines, officially recorded. If the construction object is not ready by the appointed time, we will refund 30% of the amount as a penalty.
  2. Using only certified materials produced by European companies (we cooperate with manufacturers).
  3. Prices for supplies without an intermediary extra charge.
  4. The staff of specialists of all profiles with special education and trained and certified at the International School of Builder in Vienna (Austria).

It is convenient to cooperate with us!

  • Having entered into an agreement, you make an advance payment in the amount of a quarter of the amount, the rest is paid after the delivery of the object,
  • we purchase materials only with written approval or in the presence of the customer,
  • the possibility of payment by installments within 12 months after the conclusion of the contract,
  • We do not increase the estimate without a customer request.

Interested in collaboration?

Call 365-48-48 or leave a request by e-mail [email protected]

The director of work with clients Kotenko Sergey Eduardovich will advise you on any question that may arise.

For customers who said the code phrase when contacting: “Vivat,“ Archistroy ”, we offer a 12% discount.

We thank you for your attention!

OJSC "Archistroy"

Moscow, st. Avant-garde, 12

Commercial offer for the provision of repair services


In a few days you will enter a completely renovated room!

Have you moved into a new house or apartment?

Want to get started in a newly renovated office?

Need to refresh and renew the room, make a redevelopment?


The company "Master" is pleased to implement it for you!

All types of work - in one company!

We carry out:

  • repair and finishing work of any kind,
  • plumbing and electrical work,
  • installation of metal-plastic windows,
  • installation of air conditioners and ventilation systems,
  • garbage removal, cleaning of premises and territories,
  • assistance in the preparation and approval of project documentation for redevelopment,
  • technical supervision of all activities performed,
  • after-sales service.

At the request of the customer:

  • Additionally, the services of an interior designer can be provided,
  • assistance in delivering materials and bringing them to any floor,
  • full provision of materials with recognized brands is possible.

Our specialists have proven qualifications and experience in the relevant field for at least 5 years.

Your wallet will say thank you

You can familiarize yourself with the full price list of our services and the photo gallery of the work performed on

The pricing policy is flexible, we carry out an individual approach depending on the terms and wishes of the customer.

Purchased materials without extra charges directly from the manufacturer.

Departure of the master for the preparation of the repair estimate - is free!

Our warranties

For all types of work performed, we give a guarantee of 1 year. If during this time the quality ceases to suit you, we will fix the problem due to our fault free of charge. If even the guilt of the “Masterovy” specialists is not found in the problem that has arisen, during the warranty year we will eliminate the defects at a special discounted price.

Post warranty service of repair facilities with a 25% discount.


For a free call to a specialist for consultation and preliminary costing, call tel. 987-36-95, (099) 124-24-45. Kandyba Ivan Grigoryevich, Chief Engineer of OAO Masterovoy, will answer you. Call now!

Description of your offer Define your offer

Define your package offer of consulting services. Define your packaged consulting service offering. Focus on a fixed volume, fixed duration, pricing, price (or free offer), and primarily on pre-sale-oriented offers for an individual client. Focus on fixed scope, fixed duration, estimated fixed price (or free), and primarily presales-oriented offerings for a single customer. Choose the repeatable batch user engagement that has proven to be the most popular and effective for introducing new things for you. Select repeatable packaged engagements that are popular and effective at driving new business for you.

Create a new offer Create a new offer

To create a new offer, follow these steps: To create a new offer, follow these steps.

In the main menu on the Cloud Partner portal, select New offer (Create an offer). On the main menu of the Cloud Partner Portal, select New offer.

On the menu New offer (New offer) select Consulting Service (Consulting service). On the New offer menu, select Consulting service.

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Page New offer for a consulting service offer contains tabs and form fields that will be used to create a new offer. The New offer page for the consulting service offer type provides a set of tabs and form fields that you use to create a new offer. The following articles describe the use of tabs to determine offer options and online store information for a new offer. The following articles explain how to use the tab to define the offer settings and storefront details for your new offer: