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How to use acne tea tree oil


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Tea tree oil can be used as a natural remedy for acne. It has natural antibacterial properties, due to which it is an excellent alternative to harsh synthetic chemicals. In addition, it does not deprive the skin of natural fats. Tea tree oil can be applied directly to a pimple or added as an ingredient to various skin care products. When you learn how to use tea tree oil, it will become an effective weapon in your fight against acne.

Tea tree oil for face

In case of skin problems, it is recommended to use tea tree oil to eliminate various skin irritations, rashes, unpleasant itching. There are several use cases and they all have a positive effect.

In its pure form, the oil should be used exclusively pointwise, applying only to the problem area (pimple, redness) and trying not to get on healthy skin: a large amount of oil on areas of the skin that do not require intervention can cause additional irritation, up to a burn. A similar precaution should be observed when using any essential oils because of their specific composition.

It is best to use oil diluted with water or mixed with other suitable medicines or cosmetics. Ready-made products with the addition of essential oil can be purchased at a pharmacy or in stores specializing in medical cosmetics. But such drugs can be made with your own hands, they will not differ greatly in either properties or quality.

Before you start using the essential oil, it is recommended to conduct a simple skin susceptibility test. Despite the fact that an allergy to tea tree is extremely rare, it is better to protect yourself. To do this, apply a small amount of oil to one of the most sensitive areas of the skin for half an hour. If after this time the skin does not turn red, unpleasant sensations do not appear, then there is no reason to be afraid of further use of tea tree oil for the skin.

Operating principle

The composition of the tool contains many useful components. Thanks to this, the product has a unique effect on the skin.

Thanks to the use of the product, it is possible to achieve the following effects:

  • clean pores, achieve self-regulating action,
  • cope with harmful microbes that provoke purulent processes,
  • to achieve an antihistamine effect - to reduce puffiness in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčlocalization of acne,
  • to start the process of regeneration and skin rejuvenation - this allows you to use the substance as an effective tool to combat acne and scars after them.

When bacterial microorganisms get on the face, a change in the structure of the epidermis is observed. This leads to increased production of sebum, clogging of pores, which leads to inflammatory processes.

These changes cause deep and superficial lesions - acne, acne, nodes, cysts. A similar mechanism is observed with fungal and viral lesions of the dermis.

When applied to the skin, it is possible to achieve an antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial effect.

It is worth considering that many bacteria are resistant to antibiotics, which are used to combat acne. But at the same time, they cannot resist the action of the ether.

Scope of application

The use of this product is justified in such situations:

  • acne eruptions,
  • boils,
  • acne
  • dermatitis,
  • seborrhea,
  • eczema,
  • dermatitis,
  • bruises
  • abrasions
  • warts.

How to use acne tea tree oil?

Many people are interested in how to use this product to eliminate acne. In order for acne tea tree oil to produce the desired result, certain recommendations must be followed.

These include the following:

  1. The substance is applied exclusively to problem areas. Covering the entire face is not recommended. Active antibacterial components help cleanse and open pores, cope with excess sebum, and dry acne.
  2. Before applying the therapeutic composition, the skin should be washed with ordinary soap and water and gently pat with a towel.
  3. You can apply the essential oil with a cotton pad, napkin or stick.
  4. Of no less importance is the shelf life of the product. If it is necessary to eliminate blackheads, you should use only a fresh and natural product without extraneous additives.
  5. To make the application of the composition more comfortable, it should be placed in a convenient container.

Product Application Methods

There are several effective methods of applying the composition to combat acne and black spots:

  1. Apply exclusively to problem areas. To do this, take a cotton swab and distribute the composition with point movements. Usually this technique is used before bedtime.
  2. Add a few drops to the finished cosmetic products - for example, in a cleansing lotion. It is recommended to use the product no more than 2 times a day. This is best done in the morning and evening.
  3. Owners of dry and combination skin should mix essential oil with other base oils.
  4. The tool can be used for the preparation of therapeutic masks.

Useful Tips

To avoid unwanted reactions of the body, when using the composition, certain recommendations must be observed:

  1. Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes. It is strictly forbidden to use the composition inside, since it has a toxic effect on the body.
  2. The product can not be applied to burns, eczema, charred skin.
  3. It is forbidden to use the substance before going out. It is best to apply the product in the evening.
  4. Owners of sensitive skin should check the reaction in a small area - for example, on the arm. This will help avoid unwanted allergic reactions.

How to remove spots after acne on the face? More details here.

Effective Lotions

The simplest lotion can be prepared from essential oil and cool boiled water. To do this, take a quarter glass of water to take 10 drops of oil. Before each use, the product must be shaken.

It is recommended to apply the composition 2 times a day. This must be done after washing and cleansing the dermis.

You can also prepare such acne remedies:

  1. Take half a glass of rose water, add a quarter cup of decoction of calendula or sage, as well as 15 drops of tea tree oil.
  2. Take 1 large spoon of alcohol and 50 ml of distilled water. Also add 10 drops of oil to the composition.
Regardless of the recipe for the lotion, it is worth considering that it must be stored in a plugged form. Shake thoroughly before each use.

With tomato

To get this remedy, you need to take jojoba oil and tomato. Tomato must be rinsed with boiling water, peeled and chop the pulp. Pass through a sieve, add 3 drops of melaleuka and 1 small spoon of jojoba oil.

All components must be mixed to obtain a uniform consistency. Cleanse the skin and apply the finished composition in an even layer. Leave on for 10 minutes, then wash with water and pat the skin with a towel.

With yogurt

Take a quarter cup of natural yogurt without additives and mix with 5 drops of melaleuki oil. Distribute the composition on clean skin and leave the product for 20 minutes. Then remove the mask with a cotton pad, dampening it in warm water.

With an oil shake and protein

Beat egg whites first to get a thick foam. Then pour 2 drops of melaleuka, lavender and rosemary oils into it. Mix well and spread the mask over clean skin. Leave on for 10 minutes, then wash with cool water.

In conclusion, the skin should be wiped with lotion. This product is ideal for owners of oily and combination dermis.

Peel the egg yolk from the film and beat. Add 4 drops of melaleuka, 2 drops of rosemary oil and 1 small spoon of olive oil. Mix well. Apply the composition to the affected areas for a quarter of an hour.

To make it, you need to take 1 tablespoon of milk thistle and add 2 drops of melaleuka. Mix the components well. Cleanse the skin, and then apply a thin layer of the prepared composition for half an hour.

Then the remaining oil must be washed off with warm water, and finally rinse your face with cold water. The mask has a very oily consistency, therefore it is better to use it for owners of dry or normal skin.

Contraindications and adverse reactions

This product is not recommended for use in such situations:

  • less than 3 years old
  • lactation,
  • pregnancy,
  • high sensitivity of the dermis.

Sometimes after using the drug, undesirable reactions occur:

  • allergic to the product - most often this reaction appears when using a low-quality product,
  • chemical burn - this side effect usually occurs when applying the product in its pure form,
  • skin irritations - the tool can provoke swelling, itching, severe hyperemia of the dermis.

To avoid the appearance of unwanted reactions, it is not recommended to apply the product on the areas around the eyes, since it has a high sensitivity. Also, experts prohibit the use of the composition inside, since it has toxic properties.

Acne Tea Tree Oil: Recipes

If you add a very small amount of oil to a special milk for cleansing and then treat the skin, the effect will be not only in eliminating pollution and bacteria, but also in eliminating inflammation. In addition, such a composition improves the regeneration of the skin. It is recommended to wipe face skin daily with a lotion that contains a little essential oil, such manipulations will help prevent rashes and inflammations, and subsequent use of the cream with the addition of oil will only improve the effect.

In order to prepare a medicinal lotion, you need to prepare a decoction of sage, mix with warm distilled water in a ratio of 1 to 2 (total volume 100 ml) and add no more than 10 drops of essential oil. The resulting composition is recommended to wipe clean, dry skin twice a day. After the lotion is absorbed, it is best to fix the effect with a cream.

There are no difficulties in preparing a special cream. To do this, you need the usual face cream, it should be mixed with tea tree oil: one teaspoon. Apply the cream best after lotion. After sleep, oil is best mixed with a day cream, at night - with a night cream.

If acne still appeared, then for the next three days you need to apply undiluted tea tree oil to the affected areas three times a day. On the fourth day, it is recommended to start washing with warm water with tea tree oil dissolved in it (no more than 10 drops per half glass) in the morning. For the evening, you need to prepare a slightly different composition: in warm distilled water (80-100 ml), dilute pure ethyl alcohol (no more than 10 ml) and about 40 drops of essential oil. This composition should simply be applied to the skin of the face. If traces of acne remain on the face after drying, the most ordinary money tree will help to remove them: a leaf of the plant needs to be cut in half and applied with pulp to the problem place.

If it became necessary to eliminate the black spots that appeared, you can make special lotions: mix a few drops of lavender, tea tree and oregano oils with calendula tincture for alcohol (100 ml). One spoonful of the resulting composition should be added to a glass of warm water. Next, you need gauze or a tissue napkin, dip it into the solution and cover it with your face for no more than 10 minutes, then moisten it again and repeat the procedure again. In order to permanently and permanently get rid of black dots, it is worth performing such manipulations at least 25 times (10 days - daily, then once every 2 days).

Among other things, it will help get rid of tea tree oil from acne on the back and hands, you can make a simple scrub consisting of essential oil and a couple of spoons of the most common oatmeal. After a hot shower, when the skin is steamed and soft, you need to apply the resulting mixture to problem areas and rub without pressure, then rinse with warm water.

Constituent components

The healing product obtained from the leaves of tea tree has a rich and unique composition, which includes more than a hundred complex compounds. It contains those substances that are not found anywhere else in nature.

Tea tree oil for acne is used due to the content of the following compounds:

All these natural substances are endowed with a powerful antibacterial effect. They prevent the further growth of bacteria that cause acne, reduce the production of sebum and cleanse it from excess on the skin. The active elements of a herbal remedy help relieve redness, so the use of an ether extract is important not only from existing inflamed rashes, but also from acne spots.

The drug product also promotes faster healing of areas on the skin where the inflammatory process is localized.

Precautionary measures

Tea tree oil for acne on the face in concentrated form is used by the local method, that is, it is applied pointwise, trying not to affect healthy areas of the skin.

Before using the essential product for its intended purpose, dermatologists and cosmetologists recommend a test for an allergic reaction. To do this, a couple of drops of the product are applied to particularly sensitive areas of the skin. These are the wrist and the inside of the elbow. If there is no reaction (itching, redness, burning), you can use acne tea tree.

The tool is not recommended for use in the daytime before going out. This can lead to burns of the integument as a result of the interaction of the ether product and ultraviolet rays. The ideal time for application is the evening after the washing procedure.

You can use the product for problem skin every time a new rash appears.

When it is forbidden to use an essential product

During pregnancy, doctors recommend that you refuse to use the product.

In some cases, the plant component is capable of provoking allergic reactions manifested by itching, redness and burning. In this case, the further use of tea tree oil for acne on the face is prohibited.

Types of homemade compounds with tea tree oil

There are several ways to use acne tea tree oil. The product is used externally:

  • in its pure form, added to moisturizers,
  • make lotions
  • make compresses and masks.

You can also buy a ready-made care product with an essential product against acne in the pharmacy.

Spot application

The herbal ethereal concentrate is applied pointwise. To smear the whole face is dangerous because you can get a severe burn.

In order not to harm healthy areas of the dermis, the drug is applied with a cotton swab. Perform the procedure after washing and completely drying the skin. A concentrated remedy helps not only reduce inflammation, but also relieve the discomfort that is characteristic of painful acne.

How to make lotion

With oily skin and multiple small rashes, a lotion is prepared for the face. For 100 ml of purified water you will need 10 drops of the essential product. You can replace the water with a decoction of chamomile, calendula or a string. Preparing a decoction at the rate of 1 filter bag or a tablespoon in a glass of boiling water. Brewing time - 15 minutes. The tool is filtered and allowed to cool completely.

Such a lotion is rubbed on the skin in the morning and in the evening after the washing procedure. After the face skin has completely dried, a non-comedogenic moisturizer can be applied.

It is recommended to store the finished product in the refrigerator for no more than 10 days.

Cooking cream

For the manufacture of home cosmetics, any non-comedogenic moisturizer is suitable. To do this, take the necessary amount of store product for a single application and add a drop of ether to it. Mixed components are distributed evenly on the face, capturing the neckline.

Such a cream helps not only reduce existing inflammations on the skin, but also prevent their reappearance.

You can also prepare a cream with an oil extract at home yourself. To do this, you need the following ingredients:

  • beeswax (2 tbsp. l.),
  • peach oil (2 tbsp. l.),
  • glycerol solution (1 tbsp. l.),
  • essential oil component (5 cap.).

The beeswax is melted in a water bath, after which the remaining components are attached to it and mixed thoroughly.

Such a home remedy is used in the morning and evening after cleansing the skin.The cream helps moisturize the skin, saturate it with the necessary vitamins, relieve inflammation and start the accelerated process of regeneration of damaged tissues. Can replace any store cream for spots after acne.

Making a compress

To make a compress, you will need a chamomile decoction, prepared at the rate of one tablespoon per glass of boiling water, and three drops of the ether component.

The broth is infused for a quarter of an hour, then decanted and allowed to cool to the temperature of fresh milk. From the resulting volume, you need 50 ml of decoction, which is shaken with the essential product in the above quantity.

A sterile napkin or gauze is moistened in the liquid, which is applied to the face, avoiding the skin area around the orbits. It is recommended to apply compression paper or parchment on top. Fifteen minutes later, the procedure can be completed.

For the best therapeutic effect, it is recommended to steam out the face first.

The procedure is contraindicated in the presence of purulent acne on the problem areas of the dermis.

Facial formulations

Tea tree oil against acne is widely used in medicinal masks. The products based on the ether component help to get rid of black spots, eliminate sebaceous plugs, get rid of acne marks, reduce redness and prevent the appearance of new blackheads.

Before applying tea tree oil for acne in the composition of the masks, it is also necessary to conduct an allergic reaction test.

For deep cleansing

A mask with the following ingredients will help to eliminate oily sheen and cleanse the skin.

  • brewed green tea,
  • oatmeal (2 tbsp. l.),
  • lemon juice (1 tsp),
  • essential product (2-3 cap.)

A teaspoon of green tea is brewed with boiling water in a volume of half a glass. After half an hour of insisting and cooling, the remaining ingredients are added to the resulting broth. At the same time, oat flakes are previously recommended to grind with a coffee grinder to a powder state.

The resulting mask is applied to cleansed skin, leaving to act for 20 minutes. It can be used up to 2-3 times a week.

From acne marks

The following recipe will help remove shallow marks and stains of acne.

  • cosmetic clay
  • tea tree essential extract,
  • 1% kefir.

For the preparation of a therapeutic mixture, white cosmetic clay, which has whitening properties, is best suited. For one serving, approximately 2 tbsp. Is enough. l powder ingredient, which is mixed with kefir. The fermented milk product is added in such an amount that a consistency of not very thick sour cream is obtained. A couple of drops of the ether product are added to the ingredients.

From open comedos

A mask based on the following ingredients helps to dissolve sebaceous plugs and eliminate black spots.

  • egg white,
  • cereals,
  • tea tree oil,
  • lemon juice.

One egg white will require a couple of drops of the essential extract, a teaspoon of lemon juice and a tablespoon of cereal, ground into flour.

Using a mask two to three times a week will help reduce the number of open comedones on your face, better known as black dots.

Shop care products

In specialized stores and pharmacies you can find a series of cosmetic acne treatments based on tea tree oil. The most popular are:

  • cream gel Sledotsid,
  • mask scrub BelKosmex,
  • Compliment No problem lotion.

Cream gel Sledotsid is an effective remedy for spots after acne. It is also used as a prophylaxis for skin prone to acne. The composition includes natural components, the main of which are essential oils of tea tree, orange, green tea extract, arnica oil extract, hyaluron, colloidal silver. The external drug relieves inflammation and promotes faster restoration of the skin without traces after acne. The tool is used up to 2-3 times a day.

BelKosmex scrub mask with tea tree extract has good cleansing properties. It allows you to eliminate dead particles of the epidermis, deeply cleanses pores from sebum, and reduces inflammation on the skin. Components such as lavender and coconut oil in combination with panthenol help soothe, soften and restore the dermis.

A scrub is applied to cleansed face skin with massaging movements. With a fatty and combined type of epidermis, the drug is used twice a week, with dry - once every seven days.

Compliment No problem lotion is intended for problematic skin, helps to eliminate blackheads and prevents the appearance of new ones. It cleans the pores well and normalizes the sebaceous glands. Suitable for all types of dermis, including sensitive skin, as it does not contain alcohol. You can use the lotion daily.

Tea Tree Oil Acne Reviews

Does tea tree oil help against acne, you can find out by reading the reviews using this tool.

I use tea tree oil at the first sign of pimple. It is enough to burn acne one or two evenings in a row, as there is absolutely no trace left of them.

Twice a week I use masks with tea tree essential oil. The skin after them acquires an even tone, becomes clean and well-groomed.

Every morning I apply homemade tea tree oil lotion. It helps to get rid of rashes that have already appeared.