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How to write comments on the article and why do it


The co-author of this article is Alexander Peterman. Alexander Peterman is a private tutor from Florida. Received a teacher diploma from the University of Florida in 2017.

The number of sources used in this article is 8. You will find a list of them at the bottom of the page.

In some situations, a person may need to write comments on a specific text. The ability to constructively analyze someone else's work is useful to a teacher, student, beginner critic or editor. There is no magic formula for the right comments. Your comment will depend on the material reviewed, motivation and your attitude to the text. Whatever you work on, a clear goal and logical arguments will help you write a successful comment.

How to write comments. Answer to the question

For a start it’s worth necessarily read the article. If you don’t read it, you don’t understand what it is about, you won’t write a good comment. This is especially worth doing when the topic is completely unfamiliar to you, and you really want to comment. Such a mood has appeared - commentatory.

After the article is read, it’s worth considering do you agree or disagree with the opinion of the author. And this consent - disagreement should be expressed in the comments. However, do not write like this: "I agree with the author" or "I do not agree with the author". This is not the case. If there is a general opinion, then write in what exactly it is expressed. If your vision of a particular issue is different from the opinion of the author, then be sure to write why you think that he is wrong.

Do not insult, smile or evil joke in the comments both over the author himself and over other people who left their comments. All your words should not offend the feelings of the author or other readers of the site. And no one will approve of your insulting comment, and if there is no comment, then people who visit the author’s site will not even know about your existence and, of course, will not go to look at the site of such an intelligent and logical commentator.

Yes, this is the next point of good comment. Additional traffic, that is, visitors, has not harmed anyone yet, but on the contrary, has only brought benefits. So there is a benefit in a good, full comment. And this must always be remembered.

I would like to talk about such an aspect as gravatar. What is gravatar? This is a picture that is “attached” to you and follows with its owner from comment to comment. Now you are not a faceless question, not just a standard picture. You are now almost a real person. After all gravatar with photo author of articles or comments is what inspires confidence. And if a person does not have such a person, it means that he definitely has something to hide. In addition, many people will remember your gravatar very well, and if they meet you on another site or on the third, they will definitely know who they are dealing with. By the way, gravatar can be registered on the website

What is a comment?

First of all, a comment is a certain text, a sentence, which is written by the user to some article or news, conveying the opinion of the reader. In turn, comments are involved in the so-called promotion of a site or resource. This is a kind of advertising. After the user has left a comment, an open link remains to it. Thus, the more comments, the more links remain on the site and thereby the traffic to this site may increase.

Commentary is not just a collection of words

We can say that earning money on comments is a whole science. Everything is much more complicated and serious, and those are so-a tyap. In order to have an idea of ​​how to write comments, you need to have a good understanding of what he will be about and how to write your statement. For a more successful process, you need to read the news or article that you want to comment on. This will be the beginning of a successful comment.

How to start?

To begin with, let's think about what the author of the news or article wrote. Do you agree with him? Analyze what you read, put your thoughts on the shelves. Are you ready to support the author or challenge? Further you can express your opinion. It should not be aggressive, not offensive, individual, and in no case should humiliate or offend the author of the article. Your review is the face of your thoughts, intellect and upbringing. If you want to inspire some respect and trust with your comment, then you can add a good picture of yourself to your profile on the site to make it more solid. This will mean that you are not a fake, provocateur and “balabol”, but a personality. Thanks to you, the site can cause more interest among users of the Internet space.

How to write a comment if nothing comes to mind?

Oh yes, that happens often. I read an article or news, interesting, a lot of emotions, but there is nothing to comment on. So what to write? You can ask a question logical to the author of the article. State your thoughts by completing the article. Perhaps the author missed something. Alternatively, you can find information on a topic on the Internet, read it and leave a comment based on the read.
Try to express your thoughts, do not be afraid to argue with the author, be open and have fun.

How to write comments correctly

But back to the comments. Sometimes it happens that a person simply has nothing to write, but you want to write. What to do in this case? There are several options.

First of all, you can ask a clarifying question to the author of the article, for example, about when an event occurred, how it ended, or what happened to the characters in the story further.

Secondly, try to find an explanation that you can supplement with your thoughts and write a review to it.

Thirdlyif you really don’t know anything about what is discussed in the article, then the information can be searched in the search engine. This "beast" will give a ton of information, and you just become a guru in the matter of discussion. And then boldly into battle!

And finally fourthly, before you write something, read everything that other readers of the article wrote and write a comment in which you see the solution to the problem or the answer to the question posed in a completely different color. This is very original, and most importantly - useful.

With good reasoning, you can leave a well-deserved link to your blog, which the site author will not delete. And it is very, very beneficial. And remember, comments are the face of your site or blog. Therefore, such replies as "Like», «I do not like»You need to delete without hesitation. Learn to comment correctly, and most importantly - do it with pleasure!

What is a comment

Commentmeans to interpret, reason, illuminate or explain. I have given synonyms so that you can more clearly understand the meaning of the word.

Commentator Is the author of the comment. It can be either an expert in a certain field or an ordinary person. However, here the number of experts is much larger. After all, you need to analyze and provide the facts.

In this genre of journalism, the author’s personality comes to the fore. You do not just inform about the event. And do not just show how they worked with the material and found this event.

You express your position in relation to this event. Your opinion and worldview. That is, what do you think about this.

In this case, we are not only telling what happened. It usually goes in the lead (administered) And then you try to understand why this happened. How it affects our lives. Do you make any conclusions about this.

Firstly, the author of the text should have some position on the question posed. Secondly, the reader should be interested in knowing his position.

For example, when you read a news feed, you see that the State Duma is discussing a ban on surrogate motherhood.

Do you have any thoughts about this? You either agree or disagree. Or you think that they are fools and they have nothing more to do. In general, you have any thoughts about this.

But usually, first thoughts are emotional.

If this is interesting, then you begin to delve into, think and reason. Also, you are most likely to be interested in not just bare facts, but people's opinions. Known or not, but smart on this topic.

For example, on the websites of many publications there is a genre such as commentary. When the observers of this newspaper write about what they think about this matter.

For example, on the site "Komsomol truth"There is a separate section"Columnists". There they give their assessment of these events. Online "Arguments and Facts"There is a section"Opinions».

Columnists in Komsomolskaya Pravda

In the magazine "Forbes"Also has a section"Opinions". There, for example, Kudrin comments on various economic issues. That is, what he thinks and how events will develop. What follows from this and why it happened.

All this is analytics!

Most of what bloggers write is comments.comments) This is when they publish a new post (material), in which they respond to an event.

Do not confuse news articles and comments!

Here on blogs, most often the main genre is a comment. That is, some kind of event happened, and the bloggers reacted to it.

There are bloggers who write about everything. But there are those who write only on one topic. For example, there are blogs about Sochi. For example, the Olympic flame arrived in Sochi and bloggers reacted to this.

But then again, they didn’t react in the news format, but in what they were thinking about. Why was the demonstration relay race of the Olympic flame and so on.

Are there any political desires under this? For example, demonstrate the power of the state. Or is it a national idea and an attempt to unite people?

In general, this is all an interpretation. Although I do not argue that subjective.

That is, if everyone agreed with you, like and leave, then this is bad. It will be good if the discussion flares up. Someone will agree with you, but someone will not. Here in this case, the work was a success!

Comment example

Let's now look at an example comment. It’s worth saying right away that this will be a bad option. We will specifically go through it in order to parse the errors.

The first paragraph, that after the headline is the lead. It gave the event itself. And then the comment itself went on.

When does vicious practice stop ...

Pretty inspired text. However, it contains a huge amount of errors.

Firstly, here is given too wide informational occasion. Yes, there are events. But the common theme is corruption.

What a disgrace. Corruption! How could they!

This is the worst option! Because you can write books on the topic of corruption. Moreover, both in political science and in psychology.

Secondly, the author’s comment should contain a non-trivial judgment on this matter. In our example, absolutely commonplace judgments.

Corruption is bad. They are completely insolent there! And we ourselves are to blame because we sleep and indulge. They steal because we give them.

There are no arguments. There are only emotions at the level "yes, how much can"And"what a nightmare". But everyone agrees with these statements. Yes, corruption is bad. Indeed, as much as you can!

Who cares? Yes, you agreed and that’s all. You are not interested in the reader.

This is a comment from a series when elderly people sit on a bench and discuss something. Moreover, they are discussing this on the Internet.

But this option doesn’t suit us!

The question arises. What to consider banal judgments and not banal?

As a rule, commonplace are those that come to the mind of most people. You sit down for a comment and think what to say about this. Usually the first thoughts that come to mind will be commonplace.

But the third thought, the fourth and so on will already be interesting. Then you will begin to move away from stereotypes and think more deeply. Below we will consider this with other examples.

So you first write out all the thoughts about it. And then from them you begin to choose the most appropriate.

How to comment

Let's look at how to write a comment on the problem. Here are the basic commenting rules that you must follow in journalism:

  • Do not tackle global topics
  • Logically reason on a stated topic
  • Give non-banal arguments
  • There must be a clear conclusion at the end.

It is also important that you have a logical and reasoned proof of position. That is, firstly, there should be a position on this issue.

They adopted an anti-tobacco law.

In your opinion, is it good or bad for society? Are you for or against? In your opinion, what consequences will this entail? What will happen to the country now? Is it a violation of the rights of one part of the population or is it a protection of the rights of another?

And from the point of view of state reality, what will it lead to?

Is there an increase in the number of bribes, unregistered fines by law enforcement agencies? Will the abuse of their powers by these employees increase? Could this lead to unauthorized smoking rooms?

That is, we try to reason further. Not just whether it's good or bad, but look a lot deeper.

And remember that we are not the ultimate truth. We express our subjective opinion, after which there can be a discussion. This is absolutely normal!

How to write a comment

Below I want to give you a diagram or plan of how the comment is written. Also, for the best assimilation, we will analyze a couple of examples.

First, an informational occasion is given. He goes in the lead (first paragraph) after the header. And then arguments have already gone.

Arguments 1, 2, 3, and so on, are commonplace that come to mind immediately. You then remove them from the text. Then come the non-banal arguments. Here we include them in the material.

And at the end is the conclusion.

Let's see how the work on your comment might look.

Let's say we have information occasion - Alla Pugacheva used the services of a surrogate mother.

This caused a lot of comments and articles. Although, it would seem, this is a purely personal matter. Why does anyone think they have the right to evaluate and comment on this?

But since she brought it to the public (she reported) so it all happened. The ethical question of whether to give you a comment on such topics, I leave for you. But let's look at just this example, which stirred up the community.

So, we have an informational occasion. We write it right after the headline. This will be an introduction.

What thoughts, arguments and opinions do we have on this issue? Let's write them in a draft.

Argument 1. “Buying” children for a million rubles is immoral! Here they are completely snickering. They have nowhere to give money. They do not know how to occupy themselves and promote. It’s just immoral people who scatter money.

This opinion has been repeatedly expressed in the press. And this is the first thing that comes to mind!

Argument 2. The Church does not approve of surrogacy! This is evil, wrong and not normal. All this is against our religion and faith. Where do we go with this corruption of society?

Argument 3. Why did she do this? Was it really PR? Hardly. This person definitely does not need popularity.

This is a person’s desire to become a mother consciously. All this from a great desire. In the end, she did it. This is a great happiness for a particular person. But why then are we indignant at this?

Argument 4. Let's think about the future of these children. They will certainly be provided. They will never have to face the need and lack of the most necessary things. For example, toys or education.

They have every opportunity to grow up as full members of society. They are likely to get the most out of their parents. And not only money, but also love and attention. After all, these are welcome children who appeared consciously.

Let's compare with random pregnancies of youngsters who are not responsible for their actions and do not want children. And even if they are saved, then then they begin to kick all the childhood of the child. After all, kids interfere with going to discos and having fun. They also pull out money that could be spent on a “fun life”.

In general, as you see, a very strong contrast is obtained.

Let's compare with children in families of alcoholics who do not want to engage in parenting. As a result, we get that a certain class of society resorts to surrogacy. This class is wealthy. So to speak, the nascent bourgeoisie, which is responsible for their actions.

Responsibility is the main quality that is inherent in such people!

Maybe this is not so bad. That is, we get even a slight increase in the birth rate. But this increase is due to the class of smart and wealthy people. This is better than increasing the birth rate due to an unwanted pregnancy.

What conclusion can be made in this case?

Conclusion. This is a great courage for a public person in a conservative society and at the same time a great responsibility. Because if you take into account the age of the mother, then she will have to think about the fact that you can not have time to raise children to an independent age.

In general, this is our conclusion.

Let's look at a second example of writing an original comment.

Information occasion — тренинги «Как выйти замуж» становятся все более популярными.

Вот это даже не событие, которое произошло сейчас и единовременно. Это тянущее событие, продолжающееся во времени. Но тем не менее, это тоже может стать информационным поводом.

What do we think about this? Let's think it over.

Argument 1. The first banal thought that comes to mind is the training for housewives, which are the same unmarried housemaids. And in general, this is one way of taking money from the population.

Argument 2. There will be no benefit from such trainings. This is a consolation for women. They go down to him there, pat, drown and dance together. They say we are beautiful, get married and everything will be wonderful.

But really, they won’t get any benefit. This cannot be taught. Or you can, but get a small percentage of people. In general, this is bad.

Argument 3. And why in the country these trainings are becoming more popular? What is the reason? After all, our reason was precisely that these trainings are gaining momentum. There are more and more of them.

Probably, they are in demand among the audience. No one will conduct many trainings on topics that are not interesting. They will try once and then leave this market.

If this is in demand, then why?

Is it a global shortage of men and a huge number of single women? How about in other countries? It is interesting to compare and see.

Or is it a matter of the mentality of a Russian woman? Since childhood, she already knows that she must marry. And if she does not, then her life will not succeed.

Argument 4. Is there a real desire to “get married” or is it imposed by society? That is, this is the desire of each particular woman or most of the female?

What percentage of those women who come to training came because they themselves wanted it? Or was it imposed on them? For example, a society and a mother who requires grandchildren. Maybe friends and a desire to be no worse than them?

Are there women who do not want to get married? Maybe not everyone wants just such a model (borsch -> children -> socks) Maybe someone wants something else.

In general, this is a topic for reflection.

Argument 5. What are taught at these trainings? How does this relate to marriage? What will they teach how to become a wife?

Do they teach borsch to cook in advance or is it right for men to get acquainted and dress? And what does it take to get married? What results should be from passing this training and what actually turn out?

Here is all this, an occasion for reflection. And most importantly, there should always be your opinion on this issue. Well, in the end, naturally, you conclude.


Now you know how to write a comment. To do this, we examined the basic rules of commenting, and also analyzed examples. As you can see, these are not simple statements that are left under posts on websites and social networks.

You can write material on any informational topic that interests you.

This may be news at the country or city level. For example, young people did not give way to the bus. Then you will have the following thoughts. But what happens in society? Why do we lose tradition and so on.

Or vice versa, you saw the opposite situation. Someone gave way and helped something. Think and write about it.

Or, for example, a friend called you and says that he was tortured by requisitions at school. You can write requisitions at school, it’s good or bad. Is this a necessary measure that teachers take or a way to make money?

Suppose you are just in the topic of women's training or happiness. Or someone in the subject of hamster breeding or the psychology of success. That is, there must be some news and an occasion in your sphere.

In general, you should always be driven by the question: “Why is this happening? What do I think of this? ”From my point of view, is it good or bad. And why.

Comment Volume here's how to get it. Less than 1000 characters cannot be.

In general, this is the genre of journalism that must be mastered. In content marketing, it is very in demand. Therefore, it is ideal for a blog.