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Connect TV in St. Petersburg


Cable signals are widely used today as a way to receive television signals. The signals come from the cable outlet mounted in the wall, not from the antenna. Cable output signals are provided by your local cable company. You can make or change the cabling at home to get many service placement options, including providing signal for multiple TVs. Read this article to learn how to connect cable TV.

Connect TV in St. Petersburg

Before you connect the television, you need to figure out which way to connect the television to choose.

Despite the prosperity of the age of digital technology and the availability of many programs and films to watch on the Internet, television still occupies an honorable place in the life of the population. However, many are faced with the problem - what type of service to connect to the TV - digital or analog, cable or satellite, or can even watch TV shows online on the Internet. Next, we will consider all types of television viewing, their features, as well as the pros and cons of such a connection.

Analog tv

This television broadcast system was previously used by almost all providers of television signals. The principle of operation is the reception of an analog electric signal by the TV, which transmits image and sound. To connect it, just hold the antenna in the room. Using analog television, you can watch up to 15 channels for free, depending on the location of the village.

The main disadvantage of analog television is the poor quality of the transmitted image, signal noise and inaccuracies in the digital palette are possible. In addition, most modern TVs are designed to receive a digital signal, which significantly increases the number of channels available for viewing, as well as image quality. In addition, the owners of analog television are not available to watch TV in 3D mode.

Digital television

This type of signal transmission has appeared relatively recently, but with its help most of the modern channels are broadcast. The essence of his work is that before broadcasting, the image and sound are transformed into a sequence of digital codes that are decrypted back on the TV. Encoding significantly improves the quality of transmission of image clarity, color palette, guarantees a clear sound.

In order to connect digital television, you need to know what signal the user's TV is designed for.

So, if this is a new TV, which is capable of receiving digital channels by its technical characteristics, then you can watch channels by manually searching for them in the device menu.

If the TV, by functional characteristics, is configured only to receive analog television, then to receive digital channels you will need a dvb t2 tuner, which you can buy from telecommunication service providers.

What is digital tv dvb t2

As mentioned earlier, you will need to buy a digital dvb t2 set-top box to connect digital television on models of old TVs. Digital television guarantees the user the reception of many domestic and foreign television channels, provides excellent sound and image quality.

The dvb t2 prefix, or as it is also called a TV tuner, or receiver, is designed to receive a digital signal, and its transformation into a signal that is understandable to old TVs. Thus, the purchase of a TV tuner is quite justified; without it, watching digital television will not work. In order to understand how to connect digital television to the TV, you must adhere to several rules:

• If your TV has a built-in TV tuner, simply tune digital TV channels correctly.
• If this is an older model of the TV, then the device is connected via an external port, and at the same time, it must be connected using an antenna cable.

To find out which digital set-top boxes are suitable for the TV, you need to check with the seller of the service equipment compatibility. At the same time, you will need to buy a digital set-top box only once, and also once to set it up. Subsequently, the device will independently receive a signal, and notify about a change in the number of possible channels.

How to set up digital TV channels

Of course, for each model of TVs, the procedure for setting up digital TV channels can vary significantly. In case of any difficulties, you can use the instructions for the TV, as well as look at the official website of the manufacturer's company. There are a few general guidelines that work with any TV model.

1. After connecting the TV tuner, you must go to the menu through the device’s remote control.
2. In the menu, the “Channel settings” section is selected, depending on the model of the device, this function has different names.
3. Next, the user must select the type of setting - automatic or manual. For the first setup, it is recommended that you select automatic to evaluate the capabilities of digital television.
4. The channels selected by the user will be added to the general list, which can subsequently be edited - add or delete channels, change the numbering and the order of their location.

From the above it follows that the procedure for setting up digital TV channels does not differ from the setting for analog television.

Cable TV

Today, this service is available for connecting analog and digital television. In this situation, an important difference from a simple package of free channels is the number of channels provided for viewing, as well as the fact that this service is paid.

The principle of connecting cable television is that the signal (digital or analog) is transmitted through a cable that connects to the TV. The user independently determines the package of channels necessary for him, and, accordingly, pays for their accessibility to viewing.

To date, the cost of servicing analog cable television ranges from 30 to 150 rubles per month. This price difference is due to the different number of channels available. The cost of providing digital cable television is from 180 to 250 rubles per month, also based on the availability of programs.

In order to connect cable television, it is necessary to conclude a contract with the provider of such services. Next, the wizard will connect the cable to the TV and independently configure the channels on it. Often there is a problem when there are several TVs in the house, and the question arises of how to connect cable television in this case. There can be several solutions to this situation:

1) If both televisions are in the old-fashioned house, then each one will have to purchase a digital TV tuner if the user wants to watch exclusively digital television. In the case of connecting analog cable television, additional equipment is not needed.
2) To connect a television in a house where one TV is digital and the other analog, you must inform the television service provider about this. The fact is that cable television has the ability to transmit a signal, both in digital form and in analog. Therefore, if desired, one TVs will broadcast different television signals.
3) If both TVs are modern and support digital television, in this case, there will be no problems installing cable TV.

To configure cable TV programs, you can use the automatic channel tuning function on the TV, or use the manual search. In this case, the selected TV channels are stored in the TV. Cable television offers users more than 500 television channels, among which you can set up broadcasts of football matches, melodramas, and children's programs. There is also access to foreign channels.

When using a digital cable television system, the client can independently choose the broadcast language, as well as control the image quality.

Satellite television

It is very popular in remote areas where the signal level of terrestrial television is very low. However, many install satellite TV in apartments in the city center. This popularity of this type of connection is due to the high image quality and excellent color reproduction. At the same time, the user is invited to view more than 1000 television channels in different languages ​​of the world.

Satellite television broadcasts programs from different parts of the world, it is possible to watch films and programs in the original language, if desired, using subtitles.

Satellite television, provides a signal using a satellite. Further, the signal is transmitted to the trap - a satellite dish located on the outside of the job, which, in turn, transmits the signal to the antenna of the TV. As a result, the client has excellent uninterrupted signal transmission quality, clear image, and high sound performance.

The cost of using this type of connection is from 29 to 75 rubles per month.

There are also disadvantages of such a connection - the high cost of related equipment (satellite dish and receiver). Therefore, in the presence of a low budget, it is recommended to use an alternative method of connection, in order to save. On the other hand, you need to pay for the connection only once, and in the future, you can enjoy the excellent quality of TV shows for a low monthly fee.

IPTV (Interactive Television)

One of the newest types of television connection. This view works on the principle of cable connection. The difference is that you will need to additionally purchase an IPTV set-top box on the TV through which the signal will be broadcast. Also, this cable runs home internet. Thus, the user solves the issue of cable television and home Internet with one connection.

The disadvantage of this connection is the high cost of consumables - installation of cable and IPTV set-top boxes. However, if in the house they use the Internet from the same operator, then the price will be significantly reduced, since in this case it will not be necessary to carry out an additional cable.

With this type of connection, the client, in addition to high image characteristics, is offered the opportunity to use many interactive functions - online games, the ability to stop and rewind a TV show, there is a service for recording your favorite program and its subsequent viewing.

The cost of using the IPTV service is from 100 to 300 rubles per month, depending on the number of channels available for viewing, as well as Internet speed.

Affordable Rates

Cable TV from Rostelecom is available in four different packages. They differ in the number of channels and additional services.

  1. Starting.
    The tariff involves a monthly payment of 320 rubles. The user gets access to 116 channels. Optionally, you can optionally connect the Internet at a discount.
  2. Optimal.
    This tariff provides access not only to the main channels, but also sports, children’s, music. A monthly fee will cost 100 rubles more.
  3. Advanced.
    The package provides access to cognitive channels. It will appeal to moviegoers, as there are several interesting broadcasts that comprehensively illuminate the world of cinema. As a result, for a payment of 520 rubles, the user will be able to view 172 channels.
  4. Maximum.
    Connecting cable television with this tariff is for those who want to have access to high-quality broadcasts. However, for viewing them you will need to pay 1,700 rubles.

By connecting Rostelecom TV to the TV, the subscriber provides access to certain additional options. For example, the multiscreen function allows you to watch broadcasts not only on the TV screen, but also using mobile devices or PCs. Another interesting option is the multiroom. Provides TV viewing on multiple TVs, and users can include different channels. All additional functionality is paid.

How to connect?

Connecting television to cable networks is as follows.

  1. Call the provider and find out about the technical characteristics of the connection at your address.
  2. Make a request for connection.
  3. Install and configure using the help of specialists or yourself.
  4. Pay a monthly fee.

You may need to purchase and install additional devices. For example, TV does not support wide resolution, so you need to buy and install a set-top box.

What does a TV user get?

  • access to different TV channels,
  • to watching a video,
  • to interactive applications: online games, exchange rates, etc.

The analog signal has SD quality: standard, as in conventional terrestrial TV, and the digital signal has HD quality and higher.

How to disable cable TV Rostelecom

Before, the connection and disconnection of cable television by Rostelecom took place exclusively in the office of the company. Now the situation has changed, now all the necessary manipulations can be carried out on the company's website or contact the operator by phone.

It should be noted that if the equipment was leased, then if you refuse the services, you will need to return it. In the event that the equipment is purchased, it is still required to inform the company of its desire to terminate cooperation in order to avoid accrual of monthly payment and subsequent problems with this.

Cable TV connection

You can connect and configure television in two ways:

  • By cable from the provider. This method is more common in a city. Each apartment is pulled a wire from the transfer case. You can install wi-fi, or you can manage without it. You need to pay for the service every month and you can enjoy exciting TV channels. For those who want to connect an interactive signal type, you need to include additional Internet services in the package.
  • By telephone wire. Actual for those who have a home phone. It is very convenient to use, as it is possible to communicate by phone and watch TV at the same time. A switch is installed in the telephone wire, from which one wire to the telephone leaves, the second is connected to a modem or decoder. The latter is connected to the TV using a cable.

Satellite TV connection

It is not as simple as a cable connection. In this regard, it is recommended to invite the master, as the process is more time-consuming. The user manual is difficult to understand. And one more nuance of the installation is that you need not only to connect the wires, as with a cable connection, but you also need to catch the correct signal from the satellite. That is, to direct the satellite in a certain way so that a connection appears.

Connection price and tariffs

The price for a set varies from 6,000 to 30,000 rubles. Depends on the operator, the quality of the satellite system and its diameter.

Calling a specialist at home will cost from about 1,500-2,000 rubles.

The most popular television network operators provide the ability to watch standard channels for free without a monthly fee. Additional channels and services will be about 150-400 rubles. monthly.

Which satellite TV is better to connect?

In some localities, only 1-2 companies catch a good signal. As for quality and communication, it is best to ask those who already use this type of connection. When connecting satellite TV, it is advisable to contact the provider of the services that are most popular. This has great benefits.

For example, you can at any time ask for technical support or advice on a free hotline, help from equipment installation specialists, and the ability to order a full set of equipment and connections at the same time.

How to connect digital TV?

  1. Make an application by contacting the company’s office through the official website on the Internet or simply by calling the provider.
  2. Ask him about the technical possibilities of connecting to his address.
  3. Clarify the time the wizard arrives to install and configure the program.
  4. Purchase a prefix. But today you can rent on a monthly basis, or arrange an installment plan for 1, 2 or 3 years, or buy immediately for the full price.
  5. Pay a monthly fee.

What does an interactive television user get?

  • the ability to watch various TV channels,
  • TV package
  • the ability to purchase and watch videos,
  • the ability to watch TV shows if you missed or did not have time to look in the recordings,
  • the ability to control TV channels using the pause or rewind button,
  • возможность ограничения доступа к просмотру определенных категорий каналов (актуально для тех, у кого есть дети),
  • подключение режима караоке,
  • совершение запросов онлайн по погоде, пробкам, валютному рынку,
  • содействие с социальными сетями,
  • multi-screen function (viewing on different devices),
  • selection of films according to the criteria and desire of the client.

Depending on the economic possibilities and scale of the user's TV, it ranges from regular SD to 3D and ultra HD.

Connecting Interactive TV

2 methods are used:

  1. By cable from the provider. This method is more common in a city. Each apartment is pulled a wire from the transfer case. You can install wi-fi, or you can manage without it. You need to pay for the service every month and you can enjoy exciting TV channels. For those who want, an interactive signal type should be included in the package “Additional Internet Services”.
  2. By telephone wire. Actual for those who have a home phone. It is very convenient to use, as it is possible to communicate by phone and watch TV at the same time. A switch is installed in the telephone wire, from which one wire to the telephone leaves, the second to the modem or decoder.

Service cost

Connection and installation varies from 0 to 500 rubles.

Payment is about 200-1500 rubles / month. It depends on the brand of the operator, the desired connection parameters and service package.

You can connect digital television with the Internet. In this case, the subscriber. the service fee will be 350-2000 rubles per month.

Annotation to users

When choosing a type of TV, you must be guided by the parameters of convenience and quality of television. In private homes of settlements, the priority will be the installation of satellite TV because of good and affordable communication at any time. And it will be more convenient for residents of apartment buildings to install cable TV, since it can also be installed independently, and the quality is not inferior to satellite broadcasting.

And unlike the latter, it does not require a balcony to the south. And the interactive TV model is the most worthy and modern alternative to the first two. Not much different in price, but it is more interesting and unique in its properties.