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How to become better no matter what


Publication date December 26, 2014. Posted in Self-Development

When, if not on the eve of the New Year, do you want to change your life for the better? After all, you really want to finally lose weight, start making good money, spend more time with family, do what your soul is doing, travel more and just live differently than you used to. All changes must begin with you. Change you, change your thinking, your way of thinking, your environment and your life. But all great changes begin small - with your determination to change. In this article, we share with you tips that will help you change and become better.

10 tips to help you become better:

1. Sleep more. Despite the fact that in a dream a person spends a third of his life, these are very important 8-10 hours a day. The duration of your sleep should in no case be shorter! And falling asleep is best at 22-23 hours. Only having a full rest, you can fully work. Do not forget that before going to bed, it is best not to work, but to relax, so drink a glass of warm milk with honey, and read an interesting book.

2. Set goals. As long as a man has something to strive for, he has something to live for. Otherwise, you simply exist. Dream about something, desire, want, and act. Get a diary where you will record your long-term and short-term goals. Let your life become a movement from the realization of one dream to another.

3. Learn new things. Let every day open for you something new. Learn a few foreign words a day, study cooking, psychology, meditation, economics, everything that can ever come in handy in your life. Do not neglect attending seminars and trainings. You will never guess when and where the certificate received the day before will be useful to you. In the constant search for new information, you can find yourself, something that you really like.

4. Connect with successful people. Eliminate from your environment losers, those who blame all the troubles in their lives on the government, even without hitting a finger for the sake of changing their own lives. Do not communicate with those who constantly complain, and do not turn into such a person yourself. You can’t change anything with complaints. It is not words that change, but actions. Communicate with those who are accustomed to act without too much thought.

5. Get rid of trash. Even if it’s a pity, and I really want to leave, the old lamp and worn jeans have a place in the garbage. Until you make room for something new, you will be content with the past. Having got rid of everything unnecessary, you will immediately understand what exactly you are missing. Do not be afraid of change.

6. Lead an active lifestyle. Let there be no free minutes in your diary. Learn to do everything on the go. Read while listening to audio books. Watch training films while standing in traffic jam. Learn foreign languages ​​while jogging. Get a gym membership. No need to turn into a calorie calculator; do sports not only for the result, but also for pleasure. Enjoy how your body becomes strong and your will is unshakable.

7. Drink water. Avoid tea, coffee, sodas and alcohol. All this harms your body to one degree or another. It is water that is the source of human life. It removes toxins from the body. This will make you feel much better. A few days after regular use of clean water, you will notice how easy your gait has become, digestion problems will disappear, your skin will become cleaner, your hair will become silky, and extra pounds will go away by themselves.

8. Read more. We often mentioned earlier the need for reading, and for good reason. Books are a source of knowledge. Having the necessary information, you will always be the right person anywhere, wherever you are. You can support any conversation, solve any problem, take any position. You do not need much time to find the answer to the question, and you can always put a person in place. By reading, you will always be above the rest, you will control those who are enslaved to television

9. Give up social networks and computer games. They simply burn your time, which you could spend on something really important. Communicate with people close to you by phone or in person at a meeting. To do this, it is not necessary to spend several hours a day flipping through a news feed on the Web

10. Love. Open your heart to sincere feelings, allow yourself to love, and allow someone to love you. This will not only reward you with hormones of happiness, which will significantly improve your well-being, but also give you a reason to become better. In order for your loved one to be proud of you, you will turn mountains, and only this is required to change life for the better!

Living consciously

How to become better if you don’t give an account of thoughts and actions? We are not robots that live on autopilot. This is impossible, because blindly following the schedule erases the framework of the world. Awareness is the ability to understand everything and give it meaning.

Relationships in the family are not without meaning, a trip to observe the world is also not without meaning. So it’s important to back up daily affairs with connections to what we do it for. There is such a clever expression - causation. This is the law of the universe, which works between a person and the world around him.

Appreciate your and others' time

The phone call is delayed for 40 minutes, instead of the short “Hello, how are you, what's new?”. Friends are constantly late for any meeting, although they agreed at 17:00. Disrespect for one’s and others ’time lives in many people. Lack of punctuality, brevity in actions create other bad habits. Disrespect for time is a manifestation of incompetence, without which you will not go far in life. You can become better if you attach importance to each of your own and others' minutes.

Do not focus only on yourself

To a person is not disappointed in the world, it is important to pay attention to others. Not everything revolves around the person himself - there are so many things around that need attention. Compassion is the strength of the personality that many neglect. Charity and mutual assistance, support reveal inner potential.

No harm will be brought by financial assistance to orphans, a tree planting in the yard or a community work day in the park. It is also important to listen to the rest. The advice of experienced people can be of undeniable benefit to someone who is just starting development. The understanding of the people around is a philosophy of self-awareness.

Learning to be flexible in society

Criticism destroys self-esteem and morally oppresses? You can’t take everything to heart! It is normal that some do not agree with your opinion, dispute it, moreover, dissuade it. It is important to have your own opinion, which is not amenable to other people's judgments.

Heeding advice is one thing, but being plasticine in the wrong hands is not permissible. Not everything should go to the person’s account! People may just like to play with the emotions of others. If you show that this is not interesting, then with time they will lag behind.

Value yourself

How to become better when there is no feeling of self-love inside? Rejection of one’s life is a very strong decision, but rejection of oneself is pernicious. When a person has a love for his individuality, this feeling is reflected in his environment. After hard work, you can spend time with a light soul in the company. Go to the cinema, sing karaoke, spend time spa - rest and encouragement of their efforts give a strong motivation. It is worth saying to yourself: “You are the one who will be able to come to success, and I believe in you. You have strength in you and you are a great fellow! ” Such words aloud help to strengthen faith in oneself and not to lose ground.


What distinguishes a strong personality from an ordinary person is discipline. Regardless of one’s mood, motivation, external circumstances, family relationships, to do what is needed at a given time.

Learn to swim against the course of life circumstances, to educate yourself so that the internal state does not depend on what is happening around. It was very difficult and it didn’t work out right away, as there were breakdowns. But I went forward again and again with the support of my relatives and my inner desire to go this way at all costs.

Where can I start? From the morning ritual. Here is the simplest and most effective method for honing discipline: when you call the alarm clock, you get up immediately, wash, turn on the music, do exercises with strength exercises, then a contrast shower, a healthy breakfast (without fried and sweet) and reading a book (you can go to the office) .

So you need to do this until you can do it on the automatism and without forcing yourself. It took me 3 months, sometimes, of course, there were crashes, especially after busy days. I recommend to everyone who wants to change their lifestyle, develop their morning ritual.

One must learn to control oneself: one's speech, gait, eyes and gestures. Wherever you are, at home, at work, in the gym, you must radiate confidence and act without too much fuss. Remember the principle of feedback: even if you don’t feel like that, this feeling of confidence and discipline will come.

A very useful exercise for developing internal strength - despite all your natural fears, do not look away from the person you are talking to, or from people passing by who are looking into your eyes. I will not hide, I was helped in this by martial arts classes. But it is also good to look with a warm look, showing that you are well-disposed.

In order to educate myself, I learned to deny myself the pleasures: bars, alcohol, sweets, cigarettes, impulsive shopping, idleness, empty talk at work. This may not work out right away, but you have to think about it all the time, work in this direction. And once I said to myself: “Yes, I have not consumed alcohol for three months and have not eaten sweets for two months already.”

I attended sports classes or courses despite my mood, circumstances, weather, and my motivation. He made a schedule and carried it out, rejected all his favorite excuses. I liked to come to the gym when something stopped others and when there were like-minded people who were ready to support me in these endeavors.

And most importantly - you need to learn to control yourself when little is obtained, and a mess is going on around. Be an island of calm and cold endurance.

Get a financial magazine. Lead him for a month, a second, a third, and don’t stop. And do not just keep it, but analyze every month what and where it goes, why and how to fix it.

I had big expenses for coffee - 1,300 rubles a month. I realized that it was time to reduce its amount, and now the level of spending on coffee is 600 rubles a month. Coffee is my weakness, which I do not want to get rid of.

Many say that a magazine is a useless thing: “I already know how much I spend and earn.” And you try to conduct it for 1 year with accurate analysis and graphs and you will see the whole picture of your financial literacy or illiteracy.

Keep yourself in financial asceticism, stop buying what is not needed or is imposed by advertising and acquaintances. Most of our purchases are useless and not useful in life, and you can safely do without them.

Find additional income, even if it is small, but it motivates you to even greater achievements. Let it be an increased load at work, additional work (of any format), freelance, selling unnecessary things, training other people. The mistake of the majority - everyone wants a lot of money in the initial stages, but this does not happen. You do not immediately earn a lot at work, and in life everything is gradual.

This item applies more to men who did not find their soul mate or do not even want it, which I was. If you are alone and have a lot of time, develop the skill of dating girls. Register on dating sites, meet in a cafe and on the street, chat in the gym, ask friends about girls you know.

Try different communication strategies: gentleman, macho, modest, sports guy. Meet the girls smarter than you, admit it, conquer them.

In various situations, not everything will turn out: the wrong words, the wrong method, not your person, failure in bed. But you do not stop, it should temper you.

And over time, you will learn to understand the opposite sex, learn how to easily start a conversation, make beautiful compliments. Girls will often reciprocate, they will feel an interesting personality in you. But do not be self-confident, look for one that will evaluate your qualities “without cuts”, and be faithful and faithful to her.

If it's simple - love, suffer, conquer, diverge and start in a new way. Become the one with whom you want to spend time, with whom it will be comfortable in any situation, be able to understand and listen to another person. And remember that your soulmate can always leave you, so enjoy every moment together.

Start developing skills that you did not have before: for example, breaststroke, typography, contextual planning, contra-driving. Master them, find a mentor on the topic, take the training. Such achievements develop a personality, make it multifaceted.

You will also learn to intentionally leave your comfort zone and overcome fear, which will subsequently become your driving force. All great achievements begin with small victories over yourself.

Over the past 12 months, I have been doing something that I have never done before: heavy strength exercises, meditation, training with children, conducting trainings, austerities.


Define your values ​​in life, create your own internal and social rules, find your "I".

Finally, find the answer to the eternal question: “Why am I here? What is my mission? ”

How? Ask yourself important questions, don’t look at other people who are drifting like a boat in the ocean, become a reference point both for yourself and for others. Read spiritual books, visit spiritual places and, finally, create your own picture of the world order. This is very important, so you will become unshakable and you will have your own faith. Not the one that is shown in the media, but its own internal one.

Most people are afraid to ask themselves complex questions and are shut down by materialism, just like I did in my time, but this is a dead end branch of development. Things and household fuss cannot be closed, they will not give you that happiness that you will feel when you find something important inside that will lead you further.

Good habits

As you get rid of bad habits and change structurally, you will need other habits - and it’s better to be good.

For example, if you talk a lot, learn to be silent and listen to the interlocutor, even when your tongue is itchy - keep quiet.

If you eat a lot of sweets, replace them with nuts or dried fruits, do not eat so much chocolate and cookies, washed down with sweet tea.

From TV and Internet addiction books save perfectly. Just the brain no longer wants to "liquefy."

If you don’t have anything planned and everything just happens, get a notepad, write down all your tasks for the day, week, month. Write down the thoughts that come to you, fresh ideas, describe events and people. Keep track of and analyze your life.

If you smoke, quit and immediately bump into a sport, preferably in one where the lungs work the most to drive out all the pitches.

Algorithm for structural change in 12 months

  • Sports load every day. For a long time, decide on your sport, do it, no matter what, for a whole year.
  • Read a lot of books, 3-4 pieces a month. Write a summary of what you read.
  • Develop discipline. Deny yourself pleasures. Keep calm when it is "storming" around. Try to deny yourself something every month.
  • Develop financial literacy. Keep a financial journal and find additional income during the year.
  • If you are single - look for your soul mate and develop the skill of seduction. If you are not alone, fall in love again with your chosen one.
  • Learn new skills that you did not have before. Desirable - 1 skill in 2 months.
  • Find the answer, why are you here, even an approximate one - it will already be good. Spend as much time as you see fit.
  • Get good habits instead of bad ones. This is an everyday job.

Victory over oneself is the true success in life.

Change is difficult, but possible. The main thing is to want to set yourself interesting (and not so) goals and achieve them, no matter what. Everything will not work right away, there will be misfires, disruptions, but the motion vector must be preserved, and you will definitely break the barrier of your weakness.

If you think that this requires motivation or money, you are mistaken: you need only one pure desire to become better than you are, and time, which is already so short in our lives. But remember, there is no limit to perfection, it is a constant work on yourself, and it continues until the end of your days. Развитая личность живёт гораздо счастливее тех, кто слаб перед самим собой и отступает перед жизненными обстоятельствами.

Следите за своим влиянием на окружающих

Все, что мы творим или говорим, имеет последствия. Негативному влиянию подвергаются даже незнакомые люди. Например, если вы скандалите в общественных местах, изливаете злобу на продавца или громко сигналите в своей машине. People around then pour out their negativity on the following victims, which is why tension is growing. Over time, the overall stress turns into a snowball.

Try to be polite even to those who treat you badly. So you can not only change the attitude of others around you, but also do not give them the opportunity to demonstrate their negative qualities: who will pour out their anger if they are treated with respect.

Think before you say

Many people really suffer from unfair and offensive words. Is it really necessary to say something offensive to a child who has committed a child’s blunder? A colleague who has little experience? A husband who does not understand something simply because he is a man? What if they told you that? Many wise people were therefore considered wise because under the influence of strong emotions they didn’t tell anyone bad things. Appreciate and weigh each word, give yourself time to think.

Serve other people

Any help is simply good for those who need it. This will make you better, not only for those whom you have helped, but also for yourself. It’s just that over time you will feel like a good person.

Think of everyone who needs you. You can give old things and toys to the shelter, take part in an action aimed at collecting gifts or just give someone a good day.

Working on weaknesses

Excessive self-criticism is not good and generally indicates dislike for oneself. This, however, does not mean that you need to let your development drift and not work on your weakest places. You can ask relatives or friends what you should work on the most. But only if you are sure that you are not envied. You can create a plan to work on each of them with specific time frames.

Taking care of yourself

It is typical for women to forget about their needs, as they are absorbed in caring for the family. In addition, reluctance to take care of oneself often arises as a result of stress, low self-esteem, and family problems. You can not do it this way. And yet - if you pay attention to your own appearance and health, then you will have respect for the needs of loved ones.

Appreciate those around you

Do not take people and everything that they do for granted. Be grateful to the subordinates who work for you, the wife who daily prepares goodies, a friend who does not forget about your birthday, and indeed, to all the people who make your life much more convenient: these are cleaners, and hairdressers, and cooks. Thank these people with a compliment, a box of chocolates, a gift ...

No matter how trite, but read

Surely you made a list of those books that you wanted to read this year. Instead, probably spend free evenings playing computer games or at the bar. Still, reading will help more to become a better version of yourself.

Love yourself

Yes, as they are. You may not love your body or face, but think that if you didn’t have these hated liquid eyebrows, then it would not be you. This means that you need to please yourself and give yourself concessions: take holidays and weekends, travel, make a bath with aromatic oil, finally.

Find an example

But not in order to create an idol or imitate this person. It can be not only a movie star who made her dreams come true, but also just always a positively-minded neighbor, or a friend who manages everything. Think about how these people became just like that and move in that direction.

You probably live once. So just enjoy your experience - both positive and negative.

Speaking and doing are inseparable things

Mindlessly saying, “And I will have a big house, and I will have public recognition, and I will do this” is a stupid idea. This is familiar to many, and it is periodically traced in ourselves. Reliability is a feature of the person of the word who does not fall into the wind. Reliable people are often guided by others and put them as an example. It is important to develop a will and character that will speak of inner strength. It was said that the meeting will be held tomorrow, and then abruptly got too hot - it’s worth going and meeting with responsibility face to face. How long has it been about losing weight? Great reason to start it right now!

How to make yourself better

The desire to grow includes a reboot of the mind, which has long been in hibernation. “Life goes on” or “everything is fine with me”, and even more often “slowly” - this is what we hear every day from people around us. You look at such a person and it reflects all the pain, depression that has grown over the years. Of course, every day can not seem like a Disney fairy tale with a rainbow and cotton candy - anything can happen. If this always continues, then you need to include the Sherlock Holmes method. Why not become a detective in your own investigation?

How to become better by the method of a famous detective? Be attentive to details! Adhering to only two rules, a person can acquire that lacking skill - concentration. So what is the secret:

  • No need to spray on a lot. It is enough to pay attention to one thing. How do errors occur? If you do things in a hurry, as they say, it’s slack. It is difficult to keep important information in mind if you are in two bazaars (many will understand).
  • Emotions are our everything! How to become better if the nerves constantly rule the parade? Anxiety and many other negative phenomena break the whole picture of the world. To think creatively, it is more open to include the positive side of yourself. A pessimist always looks at the world worse than a positive attitude.

The ability to become better develops with only two components.: great desire and punching perseverance. Without them, changes will simply go around the door and not knock on them. Now you need to take a sheet of paper and a pen. For the solemnity of the process, they must be beautiful (this is not unimportant) - so the process will be official. It is important to write down the following points that you need to adhere to on the way to the new "I":

  1. Switch from non-serious goals to more important ones. At first, the mind will be a little shocked, but without it, nothing! Quit your job over the coming months to your dream job. Develop self-control - do not sit for hours at the TV, computer, and do yoga, reading literature. In general, what we have been thinking about for a long time.
  2. Carry out a deep analysis of reality. Write things that do not suit you and you need to end them. Near each - write ways to solve the problem, replacing "this" with "another."
  3. Write a step-by-step plan. Do not make a million in 3 years, but how to do it. Under big words there should be stages from execution. It is worth including as many resources as possible to fulfill your dreams.
  4. Work on the flaws. What kills time? Not a trip to the forest for mushrooms (this, on the contrary, is a plus), but thoughtless sitting out on the phone, playing console games until night, aimless shopping. It is important to eliminate the irritants that hypnotize us.
  5. Follow up on goals. Each result is important to write in a diary and compare with each other. How to become better if you don’t understand at what stage you are now? It is pleasant to realize that a month ago we were at the foot of the mountain, and today - almost at the ridge.

How to become better? Activate your consciousness to the maximum and do not let go of this desire until the end! The suggestions above will help you just get started, despite the obstacles. Surely, you will not apply all of them, but you certainly will not stay in the same place. If you liked the article, share it with your friends and begin a new phase of life together.